Sunday, November 30, 2008

More explainations of blame.

Shirl sent this to me via e-mail. I could not llget the cute pics to come up but I though it fit with my last entry.


Let's see if I understand how the world works lately... If a man cuts his finger off while slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant.

If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, your family blames the tobacco company.

If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender.If your grandchildren are brats without manners, you blame television.

And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, and the passengers kill him instead, the mother of the crazed deceased blames the airline.

I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore.
So, if I die while my old, wrinkled ass is parked in front of this computer, I want all of you to blame Bill Gates. okay?


Here they are, The girl I have had the longest, and the newest one Elsie Mae.
This is Ben, Elsie's dad, yeah, all grown up! One of the good guys.

I was sitting here thinking and Elsie Mae was staring at me and smiling from the screen. I wasn't going to put a picture on, but I thought of this one of Ben & I in our pool. He is a good kid, Elsie's dad!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys who come by to read this drivel. Thanks. You know there are a lot of educated and informed people who Blog. There are a lot of great ideas out there of how to get us out of the economic mess we are in. I don’t know if our new President will hear them or not.

If you are a person who has been trained by the government to BLAME someone, Forget It! There is enough blame to go around. BLAME does not fix a thing. BE REAL, we have had a congress up there that is supposed to be smart. THEY are supposed to oversee and correct a president if he is wrong. Neither branch of government has been doing it’s job, FOR YEARS!

I have enough sense that everything I say here is light weight. The problems that face us are of gigantic proportions. Can we get out of it? Yes we can! This Nation came out of the GREAT DEPRESSION. We are survivors. Every day I wonder how bad is it really? How will it affect my family?

My parents lived through the great depression, it was no fun as they described it. We should be better prepared than they were. Are we? I don’t know.

One thing that they had going for them, they did not have a lot going into the depression, so they did not expect a lot.

Today it is MUCH worse on that level, we have folks who still expect to have every convenience, and not have a job. I read here on AOL,” with no jobs we still want our toys!” WE are silly to the extreme! We may find out we will be happy to eat.

I am no genius but I can fish to eat. There are enough squirrels to feed our family. WE will survive, but what about the inner city. There is no fishing, no hunting. Could it get down to the survival of the fittest? I certainly hope not.

Join with me, say a prayer for our president and the congress. Right now is no time to BLAME. It is time to FIX.

I hope we come through this as one large family, the USA!

God Bless our Country, from the bottom of my heart, God Bless our country.

Nite Shipslog
This situation is serious.

There are intelligent people who can PROVE this whole problem is BUSH’s!

There are intelligent people who can PROVE this problem can be laid at BILL CLINTON’s feet.

There are other educators who can PROVE this problem we face is every bit Ronald Reagan’s fault!

There are still others who can PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt it is Jimmy Carter’s fault.

Still there are a few that BLAME Johnson & the GREAT SOCIETY!

Others that can PROVE it is the JEW who has brought us to this!

If you are a Democrat you can easily BLAME the Republicans.

If you happen to be a died in the wool Republican you can blame the Democrats.




Saturday, November 29, 2008


This was a trip to Bardstown. This is where Stephen Foster wrote 'My Old Kentucky Home.' This was a most interesting visit and the Outside Musical is worth the trip.
This is us a few years ago picking Tomatoes. That bucket full cost $5.

This is us a few years ago in an Orange Grove.
Now Today's entry:

NOW, we can think about Christmas. My most favorite time of the year. This is when even I can sing along, as long as it is the old traditional carols. Like ‘I saw mama kissing Santa Claus’, lol just joking.

I cannot help it when I smell oranges and tangerines, I think of Christmas. When I was small at our churches we gave out what was called treats. Everyone attending church the Sunday before Christmas got a paper poke (bag) with a couple oranges, apples, a tangerine and some hard candy. I can’t remember getting oranges any other time of the year. I have always loved to peel mine and break the sections apart. I always ate seeds and all, I don’t know if there was seedless citrus then.
Anyway, the oranges are in, here in Florida. Yesterday we bought a half bushel of mixed oranges. Navels, Hamlins and tangelos the half bushel cost $5. Today at the flea market we found delicious seedless grapes for $1 a pound. We had Red Delicious apples at home along with fresh Georgia pecans.

So I couldn’t resist, I made a big fruit salad.
I cut the oranges into 8ths and hull them with my big knife, then squeeze then squeeze the rind with my hand to get the last of the juice. Apples are cut into about 16 pieces with the peel left on for health and looks. Dump a couple handfuls of pecan halves and grapes in. It is about half deep in orange juice because the oranges are so juicy, stir and voila! A delicious snack, and snack, and snack, and snack. I love fruit.

Have a great day

Thanks for coming this way. It is that time again in Northern NEW YORK!! If you have never seen Snow snorkeling click on Woody’s journal, his Honey got a picture of him on his first try this year. Of course the sport scares us here in Florida.

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Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers.
Marvin Gaye --- Heard It Through the Grape Nuts.

Leo Sayer --- Yo u Make Me Feel Like Napping.

The Temptations --- Papa's Got a Kidney Stone.

Tony Orlando --- Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall.

Helen Reddy --- I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore.

Leslie Gore--- It's My Procedure, and I'll Cry If I Want To.

And Last but NOT least :

Willie Nelson ---
On the Commode Again

Friday, November 28, 2008

REFERENCE my entry of Nov. 9th...

I did not forget to be thankful for my lovely, wonderful, amazing, good-natured, sweet, etc, Sister She falls under FAMILY!!! LOL
BTW: She is now at the Hospital, she just called Sherry and let Vernon talk to his sister for a few minutes.

Today's entry... .... .... ..... ....

Back on November 9, I posted an entry entitled:

Can a Black President keep his promises?

The gist of the entry was: so far in this Republic NO ONE has been able to?

Now sources within the President-elect’s team leak the following, under anonymity, of course say:

a. The Bush tax cuts will stay in place until they die in 2011.
b. The stimulus package instead of $175 or $275 billion as promised will be closer to $500 to $700 Billion.

Now I am not upset, I am not picking on the upcoming administration. As I said Nov 9th No one has kept all their promises yet FROM EITHER PARTY. They promise the moon then say: We won’t be able to do this because….

What I said was: nothing has changed, the economic outlook is the same. Problem is, once elected it is now time for someone to put up or tell why not. The political excuses are already coming in.

I did like one statement by Axelrod. “The Big Three exec’s flew in, in their corporate jets to ask for money and they left empty handed. I hope they fly in commercial with a different plan after Jan 20th.” I agree whole heartedly!

We the public are tired of CEO’s getting OUTRAGEOUS bonuses while their companies lose money.
WE are tired of high priced parties at tax payer’s expense.

When we are asked to tighten our belts, we expect everyone to (Including politicians and CEO’s).

I said it here, I hope President Obama is the best president we have ever had. I hope the changes are not to give the farm away or kill the goose that lays the golden egg. But as in the past, we will just have to wait and see, huh?

By the way, I have not been invited to the inaugural have you? That is a joke, I don’t like crowds I may watch on TV.

Take care, God Bless America and God Bless the VET!

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WHAT IS A GRANDPARENT? (Taken from papers written by a class of 8-year-olds)

When they take us for walks, they slow down past things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.

They show us and talk to us about the colors of the flowers and also why we shouldn't step on 'cracks.'

They don't say, 'Hurry up.'

Usually grandmothers are fat but not too fat to tie your shoes.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best Wishes to y'all

Best Wishes Partners, you all, y’all, you guys and youse guys.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
This is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for:
My family.
Possessions I have been blessed with.
a. These gadgets that allow me to express my feelings.
b. A comfortable dry place to live.
***I am thankful for a life where I can wear jeans and T shirts without an inspection.
***I am thankful that any color shirt and shoes match jeans.
***I am thankful I have a girl who will tolerate and love me.
***I am thankful that there was sex after 50, 60 (keeping my fingers crossed for 70).
***So I must repeat myself, I am thankful I have a girl who will tolerate me. LOL
I am thankful that I have been awarded the trophy for being the happiest and luckiest man in the world.

(Every day when I wake up I become THE master of ceremonies. And with that authority, I award the trophy to MYSELF!)

Thanks for coming by the Shipslog.

Nite Shipslog

These sentences ( with all the BLOOPERS ) actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services:
The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.
(Now I don't know for sure, but that one must have come from Woody's church....)
The sermon this morning: "Jesus Walks on the Water." The sermon tonight: "Searching for Jesus."
Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile
at someone who is hard to love. Say "Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes we do not WANT TO BE Thankful

Sister Shirl and little Elsie Mae on our family Utah trip.
Four generations of the Jack Darnell's. Jack SR., Jack Jr., Ben, & Elsie Mae., Yes I am thankful.

Our family together in Utah. A wonderful time, I will always be thankful for.

More of the folks in Utah. Ben, Ashley (Elsie Mae's mother, Jack, Elsie, Me and Corey.

Thankful, you bet! We have so much to be thankful for.

If you cannot find something to be thankful for, you really DO have a problem and I SYMPATHIZE with you. To be honest there is probably very little that can be done for you in your present state. I hope one day you have a lot to be thankful for.

I remember when my dad passed away, I heard so many folks say, he is much happier now and so much better off. You know what, I didn’t care, I wanted him back. I wasn’t thankful for the time I had with him, I was thinking of the present, and he was gone. The rock that I had leaned on, the stable force of common sense that was always there, was lying in a casket. I saw my brothers and sisters hurt, my mother was devastated. Thankful? NO! Not at that time. There have been other times I was not thankful. I was wrong, but I was not thankful.

Not everyone is like Job, from the Old Testament. You have to admire that guy and I do. But I am sure he was special, he stood head and shoulders above the rest of us, he was a special man.

The majority of us are not that special or strong. There are times that we are not thankful. I was reading a novel once where a lady’s son had been kidnapped, mistreated terribly and killed. The mother was confessing to her priest, that she had sinned terribly. She had railed against God. His answer was “Go your way, God has large shoulders he can take it, and always remember, you are still in his arms.”
I realize that was a fiction writer, but I think the writer was on the right track.
There are times when even in America it is hard to be thankful. When you find your teen age daughter is pregnant, when you find your child is deep into drugs. I can’t even imagine losing a mate. Yes the list can go on and on. Folks can point out the things you have to be thankful for, but somehow there are times that they do not count.

So I hope you are as thankful as I am and are a blessed. If not one day you will be, hang in there.

Thanks for coming this way, I am thankful for that…

Nite Shipslog
Those Kentucky girls......

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.

The first man had married a Woman from Wyoming and had told her that she was going to do dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple days, but on the third day he came home to a clean house and dishes washed and put away.

The second man had married a woman from Colorado . He had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the cooking. The first day he didn't see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge dinner on the table.

The third man had married a girl from Kentucky. He told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, and the second day he didn't see anything, but by the third day some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, enough to fix himself a bite to eat and load the dishwasher.

The other guys were Thankful!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Appalachian Trail

If you are around us long you will know we hiked a lot of miles on the Appalachian Trail. WE met a lot of wonderful folks out there walking. My friend Tuck is into rough outdoor stuff, such as skiing, four wheeling, back woods hunting. etc. We were talking once about living in the woods and walking the trail. He said, “Jack I know you all can do it, but why would you want to?”

Since then I have asked myself the same thing, I still do not know exactly why, but I have a few ideas. Number one reason is because my wife said we were going to hike the trail. You could have pushed me over with a feather when she said that. Of course I thought she was joking. But when she fitted me with a pack I got the feeling she was serious. First thing she did was buy the book by Bryson, “A walk in the Woods”.
I thought I could nip this idea in the bud, so I said, “Honey there is a three day hike near Standing Indian Mountain. We can start at Standing Indian and come right back out just a half mile up the road. If we can do that, we can try really backpacking.”
“okay” the lady said.
If I ever told the truth, this is it and she will back me up. WE started off early in the morning, we got lost right away. Sometime later we found the trail. About half way up Standing Indian Mountain, I threw my pack down, fell on the ground and said for all the animals to hear, “WE HAVE DONE SOME DUMB THINGS IN OUR LIVES, BUT THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE DUMBEST!”
Three days later and more subdued after climbing three or four mountains including ‘Fat Albert’, we emerged from the hike, I just knew she would now give up; we were sweaty, dirty, tired and stinky.
I said, “WELL?”
She said, “let’s go take a bath and clean up. Then we can talk about when we are really going to start our hike!”

“Oh Crap! The AT has created a monster.”

So that is reason number one.(with that reason, there is no reason for more)

The other reasons are more elusive. You meet another culture in the woods. You meet adventurous souls. There are people from all over the world who come to hike the Appalachian trail. We met folks from three or four countries. People in their teens to the oldest, Pilgrim, who as he put it was Three score and ten.

There are people who get hooked on the allure of the Appalachians and spend their lives walking and working on it.

It was an adventure, I would like to complete it, we need to cover 350 miles more. I think one of the reasons is for bragging rights for another thing.

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A Polish immigrant went to the DMV to apply for a driver's license. First, of course, he had to take an eye sight test The optician showed him a card with the letters 'C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.' 'Can you read this?' the optician asked. 'Read it?' the Polish guy replied, 'I know the guy.'

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vernon Gomez Harris 1932---- to

A lot of family fellowship at Vernon's

The giant tire swing, a challenge for everyone at the reunions, or any visit. Kids loved it. Sherry went on it even.

Jam sessions were always the rule of the day.

Vernon Gomez Harris
Sherry’s brother ( the favorite of all three sisters I think) has been a hero to the family. He is a decorated green beret war hero. One of the many boys who joined the military at 14, 15 & 16, and was discovered and sent back to mama and daddy until they were old enough to join legally.

Vernon was always sort of a with-drawn person, had his own personal bouts with memories and adapting. One thing was for sure, he is a health nut. Always looking for something to keep him alive and moving. Vernon & his wife Janet bought a nice home that was run down,with a very small brook on it. He had a job as Boiler tender at the mill on the mid shift, and he used his daylight hours to learn landscaping and tree trimming. He concreted alarge area where the brook was and dammed it, creating a nice pond. He had me to build him a large gazebo by the pond. They started entertaining family there, all the reunions and special events were there. He put a loosely knit band together of old, very good musicians and they entertained there. This grew and he became the center of the entertainment.

He & Janet sold their beautiful garden spot and moved into a low maintenance area. He was too busy to keep it up. His local entertainment had grown to nursing homes and Holy Angels the local Catholic run care facility. He retired from the mill and took up tree trimming as a past time. No tree was too big for him to tackle. I have seen him climb a tree with two chain saws running and hanging from his belt. He constantly fights arthritis, he has a pouch full of toys and candy for any child he runs into. He will sometimes be on the floor in a fast food restaurant playing jack rocks (remember that). His favorite toy is the yo yo.

For years now we have all been after Vernon to quit climbing trees. The allure was just too great. He had grown to love the attention. Folks gathered to watch him scamper up a tree like a monkey. He made it look easy and like fun.

That came to an end (we hope) Saturday when he fell coming down from trimming a large oak. As of now we do not know the medical diagnosis, but we have been told he has a separated pelvis and all the ligaments torn from his right arm. If you speak to the Lord, mention Vernon he is truly one of the good guys. The seniors will miss his jokes and antics until he is back on his feet again, which I have no doubt he will be. The band will continue at Holy Angels, Shirl and the cast will keep the ball rolling until he gets back. He is 76 and getting younger. His education now will have reached the masters level in free fall. His parachute jumps from thousands of feet were nothing like the short free fall of 15 or 20 feet.

Vernon has received a truck load of awards for his volunteer service.
That is Vernon!
NIte Shipslog

Recipe for Living:
To your enemy - Forgiveness;
To an opponent - Tolerance;
To a friend - Your heart ;
To a customer - Service;
To all men - Charity;
To every child -A good good example ;
To yourself - Respect

Three things God requires of us:

Have Mercy –
Do Justly
Walk Humbly

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A philosophy of Life

Sunday is a special day in the Christian world. I do not know about the other religions. I know that it was set up for the Jewish People and transferred or passed on to the Christians. I don’t know who, over the centuries, has kept up with ‘The first day of the Week’ or if we actually know for sure. I do not think it makes a lot of difference, just so you allow for a day set aside for your Religious observance.

The same goes for Jesus’s Birthday being the 25th of December. Was there a December when He was Born? I try not to ARGUE politics or religion. I don’t mind stating my position, but I will not ARGUE the point.

WE all are different. We all have differing views of the world, society, religion and politics. If we are talking and you are interested in my views on politics and religion I will gladly tell you. If you ask to know more I will not hesitate to go deeper, but to try to convince someone I am right when they do not think so, NO WAY!
In all my years of living I have really learned two philosophical things that are prominent in my mind:


(I heard that in a church class, Judy Cloninger was repeating what a teacher taught her, Judy passed away this year.)

The first statement has saved me a lot of arguments and wasted breath, and the second has gotten Sherry and me through some of the darkest and roughest times of our lives.

If you can keep in mind it is great to be alive. It is wonderful to Love and/or be loved, you can accept the changes, I say accept, because most of the major changes in our lives we have NO CONTROL over.

Accept the cycle of this life. Mom & Dad will not always be here. Husband or Wife will not be here always. Life goes on and we cannot forget them. We should not.

Autumn/Winter marriages are very seldom perfect, but Our Sister Kat was so strait forward you had to love her. She married Elmer, both had lost wonderful mates. Over the period of their short marriage (Kat died), they were honest with each other. Kat had a way about her, it was impossible to be mad with my sister Kat.
Kat had been married (50+yrs) to Dick, Elmer had been married to Lennie(50+yrs). Kat said she once asked Elmer , “Do you miss Lennie so much sometime you can hardly stand it?”
Elmer answered with tears in his eyes, “YES”.
She said, “I miss Dick like that too!”

They were able to cry in each other’s arms.

That cannot happen in most cases. Jealousy, even of memories, still exists in some of us who are OLD, and you will not change it! I think most folks know better than to try, and leave well enough alone.

Nite Shipslog
WHAT IS A GRANDPARENT? (Taken from papers written by a class of 8-year-olds)

Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little children of their own. They like other people's.

A grandfather is a man & a grandmother is a lady!

Grandparents don't have to do anything except be there when we come to see them.

They are so old they shouldn't play hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the shops and give us money.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have had some serious stuff on here for the last couple days.
Dr. Jim Page DD MM with a masters in BS sent this.
My entire entry. GREAT clean fun, if you do not laugh you do not have a funny bone! You do not even need to know the language.
I copied and pasted this address I hope it works....

Thanks for coming by the Shipslog
If I have a check returned now a days, that is stamped insufficient funds, I am not sure if it is ME or THEM!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Detroit pays what?

Dr. Mark J. Perry, a professor of economics and finance at the U of Michigan, has done a study comparing the compensation packages of UAW workers against that of those of college professors, and, well, you can guess the results... .

Question..If we are paying our Auto workers so much, why don't we have a car that is twice better than the Rolls, Mercedes, BMW or even the Honda?

I hope I have the graft above. When I read the results of my search I was astounded. Thanks UAW for sinking the greatest industry I the world, founded in part in the USA. Workers earning more than a Doctor or teacher? No doubt they appreciate it, but is it reasonable? Should an auto worker earn more than a farmer or rancher who works from sun up to sunset? Should an auto worker earn more than a scientist that puts a man on the moon? I don't think so. I read the other day the UAW said no more concessions. So drive the country into a recession. Even Toyota is paying a ridiculous amount. Come on now, do you think that just because a person can put a fender on, or a dash in place deserves more than your young doctor who just completed 8 years of school. That school that he or someone sacrificed to pay for?

More than an engineer?

More than a Policeman?

More than a Fireman?

More than the skipper of a Navy ship or Submarine commander?

Crap! Now the country is being asked to provide money to get the once largest corporations in the world out of trouble. Common sense tells you that if we bail them out, they will be back in the hole in a few months or years paying those wages. The Union killed the steel industry, they killed the textile industry, now they have killed the Auto industry. And they talk about corporate America's greed. There is enough blame to go around. Someone should talk with some sense.

Please reopen the steel mills, please reopen the textile mills we need jobs in America other than paper pushing jobs for imports. I hope some wise person with the where withal to spread the word is thinking this. Surely they are.

I wish I hadn't got mad, I had a funny to put on here.

Thanks for coming, come back when I am not so mad.

Nite Shipslog


Who was it said, "Look what a mess you have got us into____?" (Ollie?)

Speculators who bought houses raised the price 20% & put it back on the market to cover what they were losing on the Stock Market are also to blame.

The building industry who went from 10 – 20% profit margin to 40% helped fuel the fall also.

Not the least was people who could not afford it, fell sucker to the creative financing and bought over their heads to be up with the Jones'.

The above are my opinions, if you disagree, you are free to express that here.

I am behind the times, but I KNOW you cannot build a house, stay in business, and pay those wages above.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It is the JOBS stupid!

It happened years ago. Jobs started leaving the good old USA. A sort of work ethic started failing. It was a combination of a desire for higher profits by manufacturers and a demand for higher wages by the workers. I have never belonged to a union, so I can only talk from an outsiders view. Since I never employed more than six men directly in my life, everything I know is on a very small scale. When I had employees I paid wages that would get the house built also produce me a profit. My profit margin was in the low teens (11-13%). Not one person working for me was informed enough to tell me what I could afford to pay them, so how could they DEMAND more pay?

I have at times tried to explain to a carpenter what my position was. If I lost on two houses in a row, then I would be in competition with him on the next job, looking for work. I have been there, working for the other guy until I could put together enough to buy another lot and try again. If I were to lose the ability to hire someone, they just went down the street and applied for another job. But I had to worry about losing my home and savings which were in trust for the construction loan on the house. In other words I was investing everything we owned and my time for my job, the carpenter (employee) was investing his time.

If my name was on the construction loan, I could not get disgusted and quit. When an employee gets a better offer he can walk off and loses nothing, for the owner it is a different story. Don’t get me wrong I am not crying you can earn more when you take more chances and they work out well.

When you see a real entrepreneur appear to fail, don’t gloat and say he/she bit off more than they could chew. No, it is furthering an education for that investor. They will be back. There are others who realize once they are the Boss, where the buck stops, that is not what they want. They will go back to being the employee and make a very good employee because they understand what the person is going through to write their paycheck. The other guy bides his time and when the opportunity is right he starts again. That is what makes America great.

Now, what we need in this country is JOBS. We need to build/make/create something. We need the far-sighted (WEALTHY) entrepreneur. WE need someone who can figure how to make steel at a reasonable price, someone who can figure out how to make a BUTTON, a shoe, plastic, aluminum, squeeze Oranges, spin yarn, make clothe, make carpet, a ship, make clothes, light bulbs, paper, etc.
If BMW, SATURN, TOYOTA etc can build a factory in this country and make a profit, why can’t GM & Ford? Is it tax breaks or wages? Some smart guy should be able to figure it out! If Obama brings jobs back, he has my apology for not trusting his policies. The Farmer and the Rancher have done and are doing his/her part, but they have worked their butts off to do it. WE AMERICANS do not mind work, if the unions demand too much, then management and union should talk, really talk (Most of the time it is like the DEms & Repl. They don’t want to talk unless they win).

Obama needs Ross Perot as his Sec. of Commerce!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I believe this is the Monument to Audie Murphy, he was killed near the AT in Virginia.
These are wild ponies in the Mountains of Virginia.

If you have a minute, click below, you can see your Thanksgiving Pie being made!

Today's entry:

I honestly don’t care! It amazes me that folks want to know.

Why do we care what kind of chewing gum the president chews?

I truly don’t care if the president has a mongrel, or expensive breed, or a cat! Is it a requirement that the president have a dog? Is there a place for one on the cabinet?

It must be important and I don’t realize it, knowing where the President gets his suits and what he pays for them. He can afford it. He is wealthy.

I do have enough sense to know that he will pay more for his suits than I will. As a matter of fact, you could replace my entire wardrobe with what most politicians pay for one suit, believe me I really don’t care.

I am anxious to see how the economy is handled.

I want to know how local and international terrorism will be faced.

My concern is that all this money WE are spending for Banks, Auto makers, etc. (In a bail out) is somehow tied into a repayment plan when the economy gets well. Let ME KNOW that our tax money is not just paying for nice expensive parties, but it is going to return to the STATE treasury!!!

Maybe this trivial stuff is just a fill in. It is amazing with the terrible things happening in the world we want to know what color some actresses undies are? Or where President elect Obama gets his hair cut.

Of course I have always been odd, just can’t help it. Rubs me the wrong way to see folks complain about having a hard time with their finances, then go buy $90 sneakers, or a $40,000 SUV. Confuses the heck out of me when priorities are skewed to the ridiculous.

CLARIFICATION: I am glad people can dress well, I am glad they get their hair cut, I am even glad if they want a dog, but that is their business, it is personal and NONE of my business.

WE have a president, it is our business whether or not he represents our country’s best interest AND ITS citizens. It is no bodies business how many times he goes to the Toilet!

It is too bad that there are people who can actually make a living prying into some celebrity's personal life.


Nite Shipslog


On top of all my griping, Don tells me that a UAW member gets $71 an hour in detroit!

Can that be true? The exec. gets ungodly bonuses from a sinking co., that pays workers hi hourly wages to sell to folks who make $20 or less an hour. Go figure? I must have something wrong.

(old one) Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, 'I must tell you all something. We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent.' 'Thank God,' said an elderly nun at the back. 'I'm so tired of chardonay. **************************************
(BAD ONE) Fifty-one years ago, Herman James, a North Carolina mountain man, was drafted by the Army. On his first day in basic training, the Army issued him a comb. That afternoon the Army barber sheared off all his hair. On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon the Army dentist yanked seven of his teeth. On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap. The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Me at Gate Two!

Now how could you get mad at such a good looking sailor?
(even though he had left once to join the Marines, well he also left to join the Airforce, at least this time it was sensible, he had joind the Navy)

It was one of those times I took off and left Sherry behind, this time I had joined the Navy. I had been gone a few weeks and I knew I had a weekend liberty coming, so at the end of the conversation on the phone she had agreed to come up on Saturday morning. WE would spend the day talking in a motel room go out and eat and come back and talk some more. Sounded like a great weekend liberty. This time she was driving, it was usually me going to her. My last words were “Don't forget, Meet me at Gate two”.

The rest of the week I could hardly wait for Saturday. WOW, what a day that was going to be. WE had agreed to ten o’clock (I think). Saturday morning 0900, I stood outside Gate two NOB (Naval Operating Base) Norfolk. I was in Dress canvas, shoes shined and Dixie cup sitting on my head in a rake. Man I was cooler than the other 100,000 sailors around. I was salty, a hash mark seaman (Naval expression). LOL 1000 hrs. no Sherry, No problem traffic etc. 1030 hrs. no Sherry. What is happening? No way to contact anyone, she is transient, I am standing outside. Afraid to leave wanting to call NC to see if they had heard anything, but did not want to upset anyone there. Where could she be? 1100 hrs, 1130 hrs., I think it was around 1200, She drove up!



“NO MA’M BUT I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW?” says a very unnerved military man.


She was so frustrated I had to perform the "Hind-Lick Maneuver" on her!

Well it was all very unfortunate. But the girl really DOES love me. WE finally did get to talk! (I think). LOL

Nite Shipslog

Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband.

A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs, 'Honey, pack your bags. I won the lottery!' The husband said, 'Oh my God! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?' 'Doesn't matter,' she said. 'Just get out.'

Monday, November 17, 2008

BANGOR, MAINE, Largest wooden statue of Baul Bunyan in the World.

To begin: Sticky is out only a couple weeks, He has his first review. By whom? (Big drum roll…!...,.!)
...!!...!! Lindie! !! !!
Wonderful, she was the first person to comment on my journal and now the first person to review the book. Thanks Lindie..That was great!

Today’s entry:

I am reading headlines.. “The man who was going to govern from the middle is picking some sharp partisan elbows”

“The Man who was going to bring in folks that were not part of the establishment, is hiring the establishment left and right.”

“New Administration Looks like the Clinton Administration.”

Lord help us, they need a story and will make one whether there is one or not. Am looking at a honey moon gone sour already?

I hear the First Dog bit a Reporter, good for him.

A reporter down here in Florida quoted a black woman: “I don’t have to worry about gas now, Obama gonna get me some gas, I won’t have to pay the rent, he is gonna pay that too.” Now is that quote worthy of print? NO! It is divisive. And the statement is ignorant. I did not like it.

What I am trying to say is, let’s try to use some common sense on what you hear and read. Keep listening. Sometimes they are just a step above Jerry Springer, they need something to bleed, so they will find someone to cut. The highest profile makes the best target. You know the media axiom “If it bleeds it leads!”

They won’t beat the corpse too long, before they will look for new targets. Obama’s administration is next. I remember reading some Hillary fans on their blogs say Obama is a fake, unpatriotic. I would stay home before I would vote for him. One of those bloggers now says Obama is the Saviour and it would take a nut not to give him a chance.

On the other side during the primaries I read on a forum: “McCain is a misfit, a liar and pro abortion, I am a lifelong Republican, but if McCain is the Nominee I will vote for Ron Paul.” Later I read the same man say, “If you don’t vote for McCain you cannot be a Christian!”

WE find it hard to keep our mouths shut sometimes. Most folks knew if Hillary lost they would back Obama. On the other hand folks knew if Huckabee (or whoever) did not win they would back who ever the nominee was. Why do we feel we have to be so nasty?

I have never known a time I was not proud to be an American. A couple times I was ashamed of my president and some congressmen (from both parties), but NEVER have I been ashamed to say I am an American!

Folks this is the greatest country in the world….God Bless America!

Nite Shipslog

Now that I have said that, two days after the election was my steady’s birthday. I had the rare privilege to see some movies of her from 1985-86, I married a beautiful lady. I got a little mad though, I was there, I had hair and a black beard back then. Ha!

Perks of reaching 50 or being over 60 and heading towards 70!.

Things you buy now won't wear out..

You can eat supper at 4 pm. .

You can live without sex(?) but not your glasses.

You get into heated arguments about pension plans.

You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

placing a review on AMAZON!

I have asked for reviews on If you are familiar with Amazon and have ordered from there you will have no problem making a review, however if you have a problem making a review, I understand and appreciate the thought. I received the following information from an author in California:

Jack -In order to post a review on any product, the person must have an customer account and must have purchased at least one item from doesn't have to be your book, nor any specific book for that matter. They can buy an MP3 download for $.99 to meet the requirement.Once they've got an active account, they can enter reviews on any product Amazon sells, not just products they have purchased from Amazon.
Regards April..

So that is it. I received an e-mail saying they could not get in leave a review. So the above is what I found out, FYI! For you that have tried, thanks.

Sherry has found a couple more mistakes I missed but she says the book still makes her want Sticky Buns & Evelyn wants coffee. Evelyn and Don have made a trip back to NC for a funeral of a dear friend. The Yard Sale here lasted thirty minutes, rain came and we closed up and went to the Waffle House for a Pecan Waffle. Then we went to have the oil changed at WAlmart, where a young lady did it. The sun came out and we stopped by a yard sale or two and I found a David Baldacci, ‘The Camel Club’ new hardback, $1.

Thanks for reading this stuff.

Nite ShipsLog

Two Kentuckians walk into a bar. While having a shot of whisky, they talk about their moonshine operation.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. And, after a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress.
One of the hillbillies looks at her and says, 'Kin ya swallar?'
The woman shakes her head no.
Then he asks, 'Kin ya breathe?'
The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.
The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue. The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar.

His partner says, 'Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver' but I ain't niver seed nobody do it!'

Lot of surprises in Kentucky!

The book "Sticky", is still available for $11.00 inc. shipping.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sherry the mean Landlordess!!

Once we all got to Gitmo the boys got into MotoCross racing and it became a big part of our lives. Upper pic is Mark flying.
#44 was Jack sliding around a turn. WE had a great time once Sherry took care of the Stateside problems , and came on down.

The boys on the Gitmo ferry headed for a race on Leeward Point.
Now today's entry:

I mentioned in an earlier post that when I went to Cuba, I left Sherry the job of evicting a tenant who was behind 8 months. (Now you understand why I could never be a land lord. Nobody in their right mind allows someone to get that far behind). I had orders to Guantanamo Bay, Sherry and the boys were not allowed to travel until I had housing and that would be three months minimum.

I left and Sherry called the Sheriff to have Mrs. Chambers evicted. She was a lady with children well known around town. She was most well know for going to the various grocery stores, allowing the cashier to ring up the groceries and bag them, and then say I left my purse in the car. I will push the groceries out to the car and bring the money right back in. Then of course she would drive off. She did this at the laundry also, and at gas stations.

Well Sherry’s sister lived just up the hill, when the sheriff came to move her stuff out, she said she was pregnant and they could not do that. The Sheriff said that is what you have said at everyplace I have evicted you from. Sherry was sitting on her sister’s porch and wearing sun glasses. Mrs. Chambers yelled at her and said, “Sit up there Mz. Hollywood all high and mighty, I’ll come up there and drag you up and down this road by your hair.” It scared Mark our son who was in second grade. But it did not scare Sherry, Lennie was right beside her, and Lennie was a rough and tumble kind of girl.

You notice I have used the woman’s name, nothing can defame her. Thirty years later her son Steve (a child at the time) engineered the Big Loomis Fargo robbery.

The Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery of 1997 was the $17.3 million cash robbery of the Charlotte, North Carolina regional office vault of Loomis Fargo and Company on the evening of October 4, 1997 by armored car driver and vault supervisor David Scott Ghantt. An FBI criminal investigation (which became international in scope) ultimately resulted in the arrest and conviction of eight people directly involved in the heist, as well as 16 others who had indirectly helped them, and the recovery of approximately 95% of the stolen money.

The boy was raised right, his mother was helping him laundry the money while they planned to Kill David Ghantt, to keep him from implicating them. So Mrs. Chambers was convicted also and spent some time inside. So her life went. They called it the ‘Hill Billy Heist’. It is the third largest robbery in the USA.

When caught by the FBI, Steve true to form, turned state’s evidence and ratted out all his gang of employees. He was released from prison in 2006.
That is kind of folks I left my wife to evict.
WOW. But my girl did it.

Thanks for reading

Nite Shipslog

Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers.

Roberta Flack--- The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face.

Johnny Nash --- I Can't See Clearly Now.

Paul Simon--- Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver

The Commodores --- Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yard Sale plus the DENVER BOOT & DC

This is one of my favorite snapshots of Shirl. (This shows she has a tender side)
The above is Shirl when she was sweet (Note the handmade chair)

One of my favorite photo types, AT SEA, sails full.

This RV park has announced the enactment of Third Saturday Yard sales. Now I can put the TV out. I can go thru and get stuff I have carried and accumulated thru three RV’s. I have extra light bulbs for each RV. I have several adaptors and some books. I can dig up some more stuff I am sure. (Sherry is donating clothes& coffeepot +)

(BTW we are taking the preacher out to lunch and Shirl is paying (From NC))

I tell a lot of things that are unbelievable, my wife calls them lies. My preacher says it is my Blog, my stories (he is diplomatic). This one is true:

Are you familiar with the Denver Boot? It is a clamp of sorts that fits over a tire on a vehicle to prevent its being moved. A violinist in the Denver Orchestra designed it. It was first used in Denver to crack down on habitually illegally parked cars. Now the story.

A friend asked me if I would like to attend a city auction of impounded vehicles. This was in DC. For the fun of it I went one Saturday morning. There were over a hundred cars. As the cars were auctioned a locksmith was available to make keys for the cars at a price once they were bought. Most went for a hundred dollars or less because you are buying a ‘pig in a poke’. You cannot look at the vehicle to see if it has an engine or start it to see if it runs. They are just moving the vehicles out. There were three obvious ‘Pimp Mobiles’, fuzzy interiors, gangsta white walls, continental kits etc. My friend said watch one of those guys over there in the long fancy coats buy this one. One did for $75. The locksmith made a motion to make a key the guy smiled showing a mouth full of gold, and held up the keys he had taken from his pocket. Got in started the car and drove off.

Do you understand that? I didn’t. My Friend explains. You can run up 2 and 3 thousand dollars in parking tickets in this town. Once you owe so much the police put a Denver Boot on the vehicle. If the owner does not contact them in a day or so, they tow it in, and after the appointed time it becomes DC property to sell. The men in the know get another ride until their car is auctioned, they buy it for $75. They have their car back and the tickets are wiped out. After being told that, I watched as several people did the very same thing. Amazing!

Gotta know the system, to save money.

Nite Shipslog


"All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer

‘Sticky’ the book, is still available at $11 inc. shipping. On this Blog, you can see the review at:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sherry & I miss the steak!

The entrance to the Wood Shed
Sonny & Collette at the Alamo, San Antonio. (Red Barn pic would not upload.)

Our needs are small and wants are also small (Sherry says mine are not). We live very simply on the road. Our stomach says Steak & Lobster! My pocketbook & cholesterol says beans, chicken and oats! I wonder about the wisdom and truth associated with red meat. I have two favorite steak houses over the years. One is in Stanley, NC called the ‘Woodshed’ the other in San Antonio, known as the 'Little Red Barn'. I don’t have a steak often but when we do I LOVE it. (LRB has a menu they bring to the table (2ft. by 4ft) even I can read, and the waitresses wear 44’s (pistols) so you don’t complain HA!)

It is very seldom we eat steak anymore. We eat beans twice a week and Sherry uses the left over beans to make Soy chili. I do love chicken fixed about any way. I seldom have my favorite , chicken and dumplings because of the bread, but I do eat it. That is one chicken meal that can disappoint you, it is according to how the dumplings are made and seasoned. Sherry fixes chicken a-la-king, I love it.
I have even started eating egg-beaters about as often as I eat eggs. We eat out for breakfast a couple times a week. I think I have figured out why I like to eat out, I love to sit across from my girl and just enjoy our conversation and think how wonderful she has been through the years.

We have become more alike in our thinking over the past 52+ years. I really try to make it up to her for the times I was away on deployment, Duty, TDY, TAD & schools. I know it is impossible, but I try. I think of how she had to go to the laundry mat and drag two boys with her. She had to take care of all the bills and the car. Once I left her to evict a lazy non-paying renter from our little rental house (she was living with the boys in our trailer. The renter was only behind 8 months). She had to pack the household goods, have them shipped to Cuba, keep enough clothes for her and the boys and drive the 250 miles to Norfolk, arrange to ship our car. Find a motel, get a taxi to the MAC terminal dragging two boys and bags. BUT SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE STEPPED OFF THAT PLANE!!!

Maybe I will tell some more of her ADVENTURES later.
Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog
Some of the artists of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers.

They include:

Bobby Darin --- Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash.

Herman's Hermits --- Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker.

Ringo Starr --- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends.

The Bee Gees --- How Can You Mend a Broken Hip.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How do you say Thank you?

I had an incident happen that I will relate in a little while. But first, how are you at receiving gifts or compliments? We are givers, both Sherry and I. I like to give with no strings attached. I once gave a preacher I knew a gift. He said, “Thank you brother, the Lord will reward you for your thoughtfulness.”
My response was, “You are right Reverend, His reward to me is the smile on your face!”

This is no brag, just fact (as Will Sonnet would say!) but one year (when we were rich, LOL) we gave more money away than we made the year before. God has blessed us, we have worked hard and long, but hold this Biblical truth to be self evident, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I have also been given gifts. Don & Evelyn our friends and now neighbors, loaned the machine to transfer our VHS to DVD & furnished the DVD’s. They would not even let us replace the DVD’s. It is hard for me to know how to accept. I get in a quandary.

I have developed a habit of looking around in a restaurant for anyone in uniform. If I spot a uniform I pay their check if possible. I do appreciate young men and women who volunteer for our armed forces.

Shirl’s husband Jim (who served as a Lt. in the Army), made it a habit as he traveled to shake every military man’s hand he could, to thank him for his service. That habit even extended to me. It always embarrassed me because he had served his country also. So I always returned the compliment.

In all my years of service Jim was the only man who actually voiced that view. I never expected it, because I was doing what I wanted to do, serve this country. It was my dream from age four, so I was living my dream. I did not expect a thank you. But I think it is nice for folks to express it to other Vets and Service men and women. Women find it easier or are more thoughtful, this year I could add more ladies to that, right off the top there are Terri, Debbie, Betty and Glendy, so here is a thanks for the Thanks. “THANKS”. One note here; it was mentioned in a comment about my Sherry, she does deserve appreciation. Military wives and families experience more anxiety I think, than the troops themselves, my respect for them is VERY HIGH.

Now to what I alluded to at the beginning of this entry the following e-mail brought tears to my eyes, I could not read it to Grandma for crying (here I go again):

Hey Grandpa, I just thought I would send you an e-mail thanking you for your service to this country. I don't know if I have ever told you that before. I hope that you are having a good day today and that it is still warm in Florida. You have been an awesome grandpa, and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you chose to do with many years of your life, serving your country; even while you were raising children and being a husband, you chose to continue serving in the armed forces. I love you and grandma,

(Josh is a Senior at UNCC, either the head of his class or close to it.)

Last year his Twin Stephen told us he was on the Dean’s list (Mars Hill College), I asked Josh if he made the Deans list, He said no Grandpa. (I immediately felt bad for asking), Then he sorta smiled and said I am on the Chancellors’ list. Since I know everything I congratulated him, and privately asked someone what is that?

What can I say? What a tribute.

Nite Shipslog

It is near impossible to type and cry at the same time.,,,,

I came back and can type now. I think I am normal (?LOL), but I just wanted to ask a question what have you received thanks for that made you uncomfortable