Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Refrigerator Adventures, my face is red!

Cars of beauty and art:
1935 Duesenburg  

Now: Being tricked is My Halloween
Last night after some late night smooching, I tucked my girl in. and walking by the refer, decided to check. We stopped by the store and bought some ‘cooler’ stuff. Chicken, HB meat etc today. I checked the first thermometer in the refer, 48 degrees (OUCH). I quickly checked the freezer 33 and climbing.

SOOOOOO, four loads later the major stuff was moved BACK into the house refrigerator.

There was only one more thing I could try. So I replaced the ‘Thermistor’. That is a combination of a Thermometer and resister used by the Norcold Corporation to control the refer temp. I had ordered one just in case. It is a simple repair, takes about 5-10 minutes. So I did it.

Today the refer is ABOUT BACK TO NORMAL. I question myself: Did I jump too soon, before it got stable enough to make ice?

Did we over load the refer with too much to cool at one time?

Was the ‘thermistor’ bad?

I do not know. The only adjustment for the thermistor is the correct fin and the position on the ‘cooling’ fin. There is NO AGREEMENT among RVers of which is coldest, top or bottom of the fin. The Norcold repairman says it makes no difference, but RVer’s will SWEAR there is. I did  find a picture saying NORCOLD says this is where it should be.

What hurts in trouble-shooting is the time involved. It is sorta like ‘waiting’ to see if a teenager will make the right choices and you teach the right things?  Or me guessing if a watermelon is ripe or not. (Funny, but not haha funny)

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PS:  I am back to looking for a residential refrigerator today!  BUT, heck, life is good we have not lost any more food as of today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Refrigerator report

Cars of beauty and art:
1967 Pontiac GTO 

I was waiting for a completed ice cycle before I updated the refrig, but here I am tonight awaiting the new ice maker to function.

The liner of the icemaker bed was breaking down and pieces of the liner were breaking off so I thought since we have the refrig empty, why not replace it? So yesterday I did replace it. Now it is wait 48-72 hours for it to produce. I am assuming it will make ice, and we are now using the refrigerator. It is about 40 degrees in the box and varying from 14 down to 0 in the freezer. It must be below 14 to make ice.

Smell? Ehhh, well a little smell holding on inside one door but it is negligible. Opening the other three doors my girls nose doesn’t wrinkle. LOL The RV refrigerators are noted for odd behavior and effected by outside temps. In the scheme of things most RV’s are used from a week to 6 weeks a year where we use this one 52 weeks a year.

One reason for a change in Motor homes was to locate one with a residential refrig.  I defrost this one bi-weekly, it is not a major task, but each time it is defrosted you must wait 48-72 hours to make ice. Now that might not mean much to you but my girl loves to ‘eat’ ice and she is constantly refilling a glass.  I have to admit, eating ice is better than potato chips. LOL.

But all in all, we think the refrigerator will pass the smell test.  Now to replace the chicken and beef.  We already have the fish.

I just tucked my girl in for the night, one of my favorite times of a day. She is still the most beautiful woman in the world. Who would have thunk it? At 80 she is just as wonderful and gorgeous as when I dated her and she was 17. My heart sang that song of the day, “Seventeen, Seventeen, prettiest girl I ever seen, etc”  Boyd Bennett in 1955!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Gary Elverd, the man’s man.

Cars of beauty and art:
 Gary would have loved this 1956 Ford Custom.

I knew Gary Elverd for only a few hours of one day. He was only 3 months older than our son Mark. I knew him ‘secondhandedly’ much longer thru his wife Debbie (Boondocks, flapdoodle and Beyond) ex-blogger. (I miss her).

Sherry called my attention to FB and Terri Lashbrook (Memories and Sweet Serenity).  Terri was saying that Gary (dad) had passed over.

I am smiling as I remember mentioning once on the blog, that I peeked at times when Sherry was taking a shower, Debbie’s comment was, “Yeah, Gary does that here also!” 

We were in South Kentucky and they drove down from North Kentucky and we met. WE ate, visited and then went to the motor home. I was proudly (Amateurishly) showing Gary my tools in the basement. He (a real mechanic) was acting as if I was showing him tools to work on a space craft.

 The tools I have are child’s play to what he used every day, but he, being the gentleman he was, never hinted I was an amateur or a bore. Those few hours learning a little about him, were a joy.

Once I e-mailed for advice about our Honda, Debbie checked with him and sent me the answer.  Such a non-assuming man.  Terri had a poem on her FB that truly described him. 

 He passed yesterday, and I have no doubt of the man’s destination.

I have told many people about Gary. He is the guy who, when asked, “Gary do you have your pocket knife?”

Replied, “Got my pants on don’t I?”  I have used that in the last few days.  I have also used the line a hundred times since Debbie relayed that, always giving Gary credit!

This is a sad, but sweet time. I met Gary thru Debbie on the internet. If not for the internet I would have missed a very important time in my life, I listed it as simply meeting a common man, who was truly UNCOMMON!  Rest easy my friend.

Remember Debbie and Terri in your prayers. We love these girls.

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