Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just looking

Cars of beauty and art:
 This is a 1931 Graham

“Yesterday I learned that Alabama folk know how to say Co-cola.”
On Saturday we took off on about a 280 mile adventure to look at the two coaches I thought we might like.

Our practice in vehicle purchasing is to make a reasonable offer and stay with it. I cannot remember if we ever traded a car.  I know in the last 20-30 years we have given our cars to the kids and bought our next one. In our car purchases we have actually bought two NEW vehicles, the rest have been used.

Of course used has been true of RV’s, there is no way we would pay as much for an RV as we would a house. And that is what you do when you purchase a new diesel motor home. We have also never traded an RV in, but sold the one we owned after buying another one.

This time I was wanting to trade this coach. BUT then, (cheap me), when I heard the ‘bottom line’ we were again, ‘almost’ giving a dealer our vehicle and buying his. LOL not even recovering the big repair bill on the engine a few weeks ago.

I am still thinking.  Those coaches are not in ‘top shape’ but I liked them.  The last one did not have a washer/dryer so that puts it on the back burner. It costs about $2,000 to put the washer in a coach. Our ‘Diplomat’ is a 2000 model with two slide-outs. Both these coaches are only 4-5 years newer than ours with 3 slideouts. These are ‘Country Coaches’ and near the top of the line in production coaches.

Decisions. We can get everything needed done to this coach at a reasonable cost. I would say I can do it, but my Sherry will poo-poo that. She is sure I am too danged old. BUT to her own admission, ‘I ain’t even 80 years old yet!’  Heck I am still a kid.

She says, “Do what you feel is best about the RVs.”  Really she is a sweetie, and I know she means it. But I also know she doesn’t want to switch our belongings to another coach. LOL

Sooooo, yep I am still thinking. Actually buying another one and selling this one isn’t a big deal. We can put this one  on a consignment lot and wait for it to sell, No problem.

But she is still leaving it up to me. I haven’t put this to her yet, about upgrading this coach. We shall see. No matter, life is good and we are gonna be happy either way. As another blogger said lately, we will use/spend our time wisely!

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PS: In the beginning I lied about trading, I just remembered once I made a stupid trade. I traded a 1955 Ford for a '55 Nash Rambler and paid boot.


NanaDiana said...

Decisions,Decisions, Decisions!!!! You will come to that crossroad and make the right decision. Once it is made you will feel fine about it.

I don't like being in limbo but sometimes that is necessary while we figure out our new plans.

I love that Sherry trusts you to make the right decision for both of you but--that can be a double edged sword, too. lol

Travel safe! Hugs- Diana

Lisa said...

Yall have time now to think about it. She trust you will make a good decision. Home buying is a big decision to make. Its fun to look around at them though. If you both are serious about getting another one, then the right one will come along that you both will swoooh over.
I love looking at campers. We got a good buy on ours. It was used only twice. Never smoked in or had pets in it. Just an older lady never had time or want to use it. It has one big slide but We get aggrivated at the whole lay out. We plan to start looking for a another one after the first of the year. We do not think we need two bedrooms anymore.


betty said...

Its neat that Sherry trusts you'll make the right decision about the possible purchase of a new to you motor home. I'm sure you will weigh all the pros and cons before you wisely decide what to do :) Good luck with the decision process! It will be interesting to see what you decide to do.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes I'd say having your washer and dryer would be a must since you live in and just don't travel in your home on wheels. That was a biggie for me when I downsized. There were plenty of places I could live but a lot of them meant a trip out for laundry. What ever you decide to do,. I know it'll be the right choice. Only the two of you know what you need to make you happy.

Dar said...

Laundry duty in your own home would be a deal breaker when it's where you practically live there full-time. Personally, if you have to do ' work ' on it right out the door, I'd put it on the back burner too. You'll know the right one when the time comes. I love what you said~~~life is good and you're going to be happy either way. Yes, life is good. Carry on soldiers !
love n' hugs from up north where life also goes onward and upward. It's been another fair-weather day. Likin' it!

Mevely317 said...

So, I was telling my hair 'guru' this morning about your dilemma. :) She and her hubby are looking to unload theirs, but come to find out it's a 40' fifth wheel. Guess I'm really behind the times, because I think she said it even has a fireplace.

PS - Props to Sherry! I love my Tom, but there's no way I could keep my big trap shut. Ha!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I know nothing about this - nor do I know your financial situation - we could not do it - BUT if we could -knowing what I know now - I would sell first then buy. Just my advice. lol. sandie