Saturday, October 31, 2020

Myra said…..

  Interesting Cars:

A little late, but a touch of automotive Halloween!


For today:

No matter if it is a comment or a blog entry, many times I read something that sticks with me. I enjoy the logic and wit of the folks who read and comment on my blog.

I have been beat the last couple days.  Since we are not in anyone place year round, we do not have cable or wired internet. We do NOT watch TV as a rule, so we try to make do with just the ‘flat’ modern day ‘Rabbit Ears’.


Here in Leesburg we are just ‘out of range’ for that little flat antenna, so I ordered an outside antenna. I installed it today. WE raised a 22 foot steel antenna.  I say we, I tried by myself but could not raise it. I asked my girl and with her help, it is up.

I buried the cable. I had to remove some underpinning to get access to run the wire.  I was so surprised when I slid under the trailer to look to my left and there was Lucy up on one of the pillars that support the motor home. She was just 4 feet from me and never moved. I talked to her most of the time while under there. She never ran off.

WE show 79 channels; plenty of TV, LOL. I did notice GRIT. Son Mark counts on that when visiting, he loves ‘em old cowboy movies.

As I sat down to write this I thought of what Myra said yesterday. “Something  about In the past thinking we were ‘BULLET-PROOF’,” immune to the maladies that had hit so many others.  YEAH, I am guilty.  I am learning I am not ‘Bullet-proof’, old age removes some of the shields that protected me, evidently youth might have been one of them. LOL

And to y'all that read, thank you for taking the time to stop by our house.  Life is good.

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PS Cats eating on two levels! Lucy gave me 'THE EYE."

It was always someone else!

 Early interesting Cars:


Well, it is halloween  tonight!

For today:

For years I have heard friends and relatives mention stuff like:

….. I am so tired

….. My muscles ache

….. I get up all during the night to pee.

….. I keep forgetting things, some of them important.

….. It seems like a lot of people mumble when the talk.

….. My arm isn’t long enough for me to read anymore.

…… What day is it?

…… Did someone ask the blessing before we started eating?

…… I left my grocery list at home again!



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PS: AND…..Halloween used to be so much fun! Even before trick or treating. When I was a kid we never heard of trick or treating…..  LOL BUT, but this year I do have a mask!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

And then there was Pauline

   Cowgirl Truck:

Paula drove a pickup truck...

For today:

If I miss one, please tell me. I have lost some GOOD friends. Rick (Life 101), Fred, Bonnie, Chuck (Dribbles by Chuck), Gary (hubby of Debbie (KY)), Just Bill (Colorado), The Farmer (?), Rose, Jimmy and the sweet Jean of OPP. Now I learn we have lost OUR Sweet Pauline of Texas, the Cowgirl who loved to ride the country roads.

Paula became close to us thru the Blog. Her tales of the backroads she and John traveled were always interesting. Mysteries she would raise about strange buildings, gates, ‘graves in odd places’ and objects that they spied

That lady conversed with cows, rabbits and turtles. A land turtle lived behind her house once. She called it Toby, she fed and talked to him often..

WE met Paula and John at a BBQ place in Pleasanton, TX.

She was a natural poet. She wrote some ‘silly’ poems also. They caught my interest and we talked about it.  She was sweet enough to give me permission to use a few of them in a Children’s book “Toby’s Tales.”

Paula had three daughters she loved dearly, and it was easy to see in her conversations, they loved her also.

I hate saying goodbye to anyone. This media has allowed me to learn a lot. We ‘meet’ many people on the internet we will never see. A few we got to see in our travels. Some disappear and we never hear from them again; that leaves us wondering. I do so appreciate Paula’s daughter allowing us some closure by informing her readers of her passing.  Rest in Peace Pauline and tell Mel hello for us and we too appreciate his service in the Army as you waited for him.


I will always "REMEMBER PAULA" when I see or think of the Alamo.

Nite Shipslog


Please mention someone if I missed them. Or tell someone you miss. Some people were very special, Jean of OPP and Pauline are unforgettable.

I am guilty of searching OBITS in areas where I know someone was from, i.e. Lucy. Joe & Spunky. I still wonder about Lucy, I found Joe's obit and put it on a blog once.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I lied, but I didn’t meant to.

 Early interesting Cars:

 If I said, "This is MY 2016 RollsRoyce Sports car, I would be LYING!"

For today:

I have related this before, but here it is again. A ‘dry-wall finisher’ who was my  subcontractor in that area called me one morning. “Mr. Darnell, I apologize but something very important has come up and I can’t finish the drywall today.”

“William you know I need that job done, but we will work around it. I hope everything works out ok!”

That afternoon William’s truck pulls up towing his boat. I went out.......

 “Now Mr. Darnell I know I lied to you this morning, but you have got to see this Bass I got.” He had a beautiful 14lb largemouth Bass.

My response, “William I don’t know whether to fire you, kiss you or kill you!”

“I know, but I just had a gut feeling this bass was waiting for me.”

I thought of an old joke at the time. A priest looked out and it was a beautiful 'GOLF' day, but he had a service and Mass that day. He called an assistant and said, “I am too sick to serve today, you will have to fill in.”

That day God was watching and allowed the priest a hole-in-one. St. Peter asked, “God why did you do that?”

God smiled, “WHO can he tell?”

OK, we voted, but it did not count. We got a call and the caller informed us that checking their records, we no longer lived in Volusia County, so our votes were void. We should go to Lake County and vote.

We figured since they had sent us the ballots months after we had moved, that it would be a normal thing, BUT it wasn’t.

We checked here for early voting and headed out to check the lines.


Found it was Tavares, actually less than a half mile from where we once lived on Lake Dora. 

Only 2 or 3 people in line.


And now we have honestly finished voting,  fed the ballots into the machine and trusted it to know how to count. LOL They gave us a pen and  the Stickers saying YEP we voted (this time).



Nite Shipslog

PS: I did make this entry shorter.  And Again I wanted to say, with no disrespect to your state, I think the volunteers and paid state workers here in Florida are  a cut above.  The Valushia Co. worker could have just voided our votes, but instead took time to call and tell us to vote in Lake County.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Vote! Your right, YOUR choice

Early interesting Cars:


                               Woody's Car in NY on voting day!

For today:

I am a middle of the road type guy. I am odd also. I have said that when I listened to a Political ad, and it was over, “that guy makes sense.” Then a minute later another ad appears and I would listen.  “Wow,” I would think,  “that dude is right.” It was two different parties. LOL

Ever notice no matter what party is talking they are promising ‘exactly’ what they think you want to hear.

I’m reminded of a story about two third graders running for class president. One makes a good speech, logical and level headed. The other gets up and says, “Vote for me and you can come to my house for free ice cream tonight.”

We all make up our minds, as we should, and vote for the person “WE CONSIDER” the most qualified. If you don’t see it my way, that is your RIGHT. I tell you one thing if a friend (or kin) votes other than I do, I ain’t gonna be ‘ANGRY’, that is their right.

I had a conversation with a stranger at the gas pumps on the way back to Florida. He was adamant about the man he supported. His cousin was supporting the opposing candidate, so he told me “I will never speak to him again. I have blocked him on my phone and deleted him on Facebook, HE IS STUPID!”

Folks that ain’t me. I have strong opinions about finances. I despise politicians who think they can spend more than the country takes in. AND SAYING THAT I am saying so far in the last several administrations, spending has not slowed down “NOTICIABLY.”

This writer is an American. I love this country. I hope I voted for the next president. BUT if he doesn’t, one leader CANNOT ruin this country.  WE have many career politicians in Congress, some corrupt, but we have enough with level heads to prevent ONE person from destroying this country.

I have not watched political ads in years. I know most of them are saying ‘what it takes’ to get my vote. Most voters are doing what they think is right. Of course they are ‘ignorant’ if they don’t see things my way (LOL), but if the election goes against me, I am an American, I will respect the man in office that the USA has elected.

It is too bad that a common man such as ‘Harry Truman’ cannot run and win today.  It is also too bad that we voters at times ‘hold our noses and vote’; or that we are casting a ballot ‘against’ a contender rather than voting FOR someone.

I had two BILs that always voted opposite me, but I sure did not get upset at them. They were my best friends. Sherry & I usually think alike, but once she voted opposite me, I definitely didn’t get mad at her. LOL

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Dem Crazy cats

 Early interesting Cars:

                               1982 Dodge Aries

For today:

On the trip to NC of course I was looking forward to seeing the cats. Four remain.  Granddaughter Stella took one black Tom and Michelle next door found a home for one. One of the multi colored cats is very skiddish. But three are playful and will allow me to hold them and pet them.

With nothing else to do after the plumbing episodes, I started straightening the basement. I sorted all the hiking gear we accumulated hiking the Appalachian Trail. WE covered over 1850 miles of it. There is still a glimmer of hope to hike it one more time and make it all the way. Of course being 82 this spring slows the idea down. LOL

 I covered a buffet piece and a huge china hutch with sheets. The cats loved that also, pulling the sheets off about as fast as I spread them. The black Tom jumped up about 4 feet and hooked his claws in a couple. But mostly they played around the bottoms.

Three of them wrestling
Above is Tiger Tom

                                        these are Tiger Two

What they realy loved was this 6.5 ft lighted Christmas tree. I found it and moved it out into the floor. The cats loved it.

Tiger Tom in the tree
Above is Tiger Three (seldom seen inside, pic is blurred in a hurry to get a shot) and Black Tom.

Below is my Christmas present I guess. LOL

Black Tom also climbed but I missed it. The two Toms are VERY friendly. Tiger Two is fair, but there is a Tiger Three and she is too skiddish to pet.

Anyway I did enjoy the time with the cats…. Along with getting my NC playhouse straightened out enough to walk around in.

Nite Shipslog

Sunday, October 25, 2020

All things work together for good….

 Early interesting Cars:

 This Maxwell was new when friend Daisy was born.

For today:

That title continues with, 'for those who love the Lord.’  Well I really do, I am not a great testimony of that fact, but my girl is, so when things work out for her, I get some runoff.’ ;-)

Our trip home was a ‘bust’. WE were supposed to attend a closing for our Granddaughter.  It was delayed. We did get to sign some paperwork that will let the process go smoother.

BUT, the feral kitties were glad to see me. The first evening I went out to see them I petted three of them. When I headed back into the basement I noticed I had left ‘wet foot prints’ leaving the basement. No way.

YES way! I had not noticed wet carpet outside the bathroom I had installed awhile back. I checked the carpet and about 6 sq yards was soaked. I had a leak in the new lavatory. Since I was the plumber I could blame no one but me. I shut off the water. Used the wet-vac. Then put fans around to dry the carpet. I fixed the leak, but if we had not made the trip  home the leak would have continued until Spring, OUCH!

A funny thing happened. Ann B. a sweet friend of 93 yrs young was talking to Sherry thinking we were still in Florida. “I sure wish Jack was up here, I could use him. My sink is stopped and will not drain.”

Ann’s sister Daisy (95 yrs young) was in the hospital with Covid 19, and Ann was waiting for the tests to see if she was Positive. 

Sherry said, “I will send Jack right over.”

“WHAT? You are HERE in town?”

“Yes and Jack will be glad to fix the drain.”

Before I went over Ann received the call she was negative, she was ecstatic.  When I walked in she had a list, “Jack, before I called Sherry I had made a list of things that needed to be done here, for my daughter Brenda, in case I am not around come Christmas. But since I do not have that Covid, I can tear it up can’t I?”

“Yes and I will burn it for you!”

After a part of 2 days I did get the drain fixed (It was old cast iron plumbing). She always insists on paying me, but I could NEVER take anything from her or Daisy, They are SHINING LIGHTS. Before we left to come back, Daisy was released from the hospital, getting over the Covid and not contagious. Those TOUGH sisters live together now and are SWEET. Both their minds sharp as a tack

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Tomorrow some about the NC cats

Back in Florida and Sunday breakfast

 Early interesting Cars:

This car, the 1954 Buick Skylark, was brand new the year I first saw Sherry!


For today:

A few days ago when shopping I picked up a back of thin sliced pork-chops.

Sherry has always told me that their ‘traditional breakfast’ on Sunday morning in her youth was : Rice, eggs, coffee gravy, biscuits and pork chops.

This morning, on our first morning back she fixed it.  Even allowed me to take a picture of her, a very rare occasion.

We topped the feast off with butter and honey from Nephew Steve’s ‘Beezy-Bee’ honey bee hives. DELICIOUS!

As I stated we are back, I thought this system would speed up with some REST, but it hasn’t. I hope I have good news about the RV and it is coming home soon. It contains all my purchased ‘apps’ and their ‘owners code or proof of purchase’ info  that the rebuilt computer keeps calling for.

WE brought back a load of stuff, much of it for my playhouse so I am in the midst of unloading and storing it.

WE did not get to complete our mission for a ‘closing’ because the attorney did not get my e-mail containing the ‘sellers info package.’  So we did sign some papers, but not all the closing documents. The rest we will sign over the internet.

More details of that trip and the good things that were waiting at home, tomorrow.

I have missed you guys….

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For Fun:

Friend, Buddy S. sent this to me along with more funnies. Sometimes you just need to smile.

Thanks Buddy.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Alarms and alarm clocks

Early interesting Cars:

 1965 Chevy Caprice 4 DR Hardtop

For today:

It seems everything today has an alarm. Leave your keys in the ignition, leave your head lights on, have a door ajar on the car and YOU GET AN ALARM or reminder.

The microwave tells you when your time is up.  Some things you buy at the retailer has a little ‘dogadget’ built in that if the clerk does not erase it, it will ALARM as you go out the door.

Our clothes dryer yells when it stops.

Sherry sets an alarm clock when we need to get up at a certain time. Most times she is awake and turns it off before it shouts “WAKE UP!”

I mention this because ‘business’ calls us back to NC for a closing and we will be leave in the morrow. So most likely she will ‘Set an Alarm.’ (and not use it)

I do not think an alarm clock was ever used at our house growing up. My mama had a built in alarm clock in her head. While living at home if I needed to be up at some special time, mama would ask me what time I wanted to be called. That lady’s internal alarm NEVER failed.

I don’t know how we got one, but Shirley and I had an old wind up alarm clock in our room. Remember those? Shirl would use it sometimes.

There have been occasions I woke up when I needed to like Sherry does, and did not need the alarm, but I am not consistent enough to TRUST my clock. LOL

What about you?  Are YOU an alarm clock?


We will be away from these ‘confusing computers’ for a few days.  See you soon. Let’s take a ride!

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