Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Feeling good

Historical Photo:
(The last photo of the Titanic before she sank in 1912)

Now, here I sit!
I am sitting here with several thoughts going thru my mind, but nothing grabs me.  We haven’t eaten out a lot in the last few weeks. So when son Jack called us up a week ago and asked if we would like to burn some steaks, his treat, we said YES.

I lit the charcoal and it was almost ready when he arrived. He was carrying 4 fillet Mignon and two center cut sirloin steaks.  Sherry had corn and green beans ready. I must tell you it was the best steak I have ever eaten. The extra steaks were cooked for him to take home, he is on some kind of diet where he heats these up along with eggs.

Just a day or so ago Sherry asked Jack if he would like some fish. He was okay with that so we took him out to the ‘Captain’s Cap’. Our waitress was Ruby, the wife of one of my painters many years ago. Have you ever felt like it was time to do something ‘nice’ for some one?  Well if so, you know how I felt. We tipped our waitress well, she deserved it. 

During the meal we were in a booth where I was facing a lady who was in a very friendly conversation with two ladies with their backs to me. This lady was one who exuded happiness in her smile. On impulse as we were leaving I just had to tell the lady how nice it was to see that smile as I enjoyed my meal. As I told her I noticed her check so I gathered all three checks, saying I would get the tip also.

They girls explained they were childhood friends but had been separated now for years, this was their time to get together and share their lives. Ruby was also their waitress, so she got another generous tip. I have felt so good about being fortunate enough to be able to do that.

I am still going thru Shirl’s things. I am mostly looking for an extra set of keys for her car. I did not see any keys, but I ran across a $350 payment to a vet? Shirl did not have a pet.  I looked closer and it was for a vet in Nebraska. I have lost contact with the blogger who is older than I, with a beagle named Spunky. They lived in Nebraska with Joe. You might remember her. I don’t think she reads the blog anymore. I saw her last on FB.

I don’t mean this to be a boast, we have been very successful in life. God has been good to us. Financially we have always been conservative. Just like most, we have cut corners in our lives. Once I had to borrow $60 for six months at the bank to get our car repaired. NOW, we are blessed to have and enjoy about what we want. So of course at this time in our lives we have all we need. It is nice to share.

Nite Shipslog

 If you were a kid of the 50's you  had to loved the old coupes.  top is '37 Plymouth. lower is the Packard coupe.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Collections, STUFF

Historical Photo:
 Washington DC

Collections, does everyone have one, or a few? I am learning that the hard way. When Shirl’s husband Jim passed away we spent over a month, full time, erasing his ‘collections!’ He collected hubcaps (thousands, not an exaggeration) He collected cars (12-14). He collected computers (about a hundred). He collected car parts (three large buildings). He collected toys (piles of them).

Just after most of the collections were dispersed.  Shirl vowed no one would have to go through her stuff, she would get rid of it first. Guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, that did not happen. 

I was working on a bathroom once just after a close friend died. The son was storming thru the house, looking for insurance papers. I heard him make this statement, "Daddy thought he was going to live forever!" 

I don't think I said it, but I wanted to ask, "When do you plan on dying, is your date set?"  The father died fast & unexpected, just like Shirl, TOO FAST!

Of course no lady thinks she has too many shoes, sweaters, pants or tops. No one thinks they have too many suit cases, bags, purses and gift bags. 

Anyway it has been an education how much one can obtain in 82 years. LOL

Shirl loved lamps, she had a collection that is for sure. We have given much away. For a while after she moved into our ‘condo’ she entertained. Once she got involved with a band, they jammed a lot at her place. I think she must have table clothes and place settings for every occasion and then some.

She was a yard and craft person. She had enough planter pots to start a nursery. She has some beautiful craft supplies and much fabric.  Her crafts were pretty dated, but there are many spools of ribbons, string, cloth tape, doodads, gift bags etc. I cannot throw the craft stuff away, but it is not my type of crafting. I thought of quilters and crafters. Lisa and Mary Ann come to mind but this stuff might not be down their alley. 

There is a full set of Christmons lovingly packed that the local Methodist church cannot use, they have their own. I have some Elvis ornaments, Two souvenir Whitehouse tree ornaments designed especially for the USA Christmas tree. I even have the trees to hang this stuff on.

Anyone local who reads this, please contact me. I just want it used, Shirl would have liked that. 

Nite Shipslog

 This was my 1948 Chevy Convertible
Just for the fun of it I priced one this evening. the prices ranged from $42,000 to $72,000.  Dad paid $450 for it and sold it for $300 .

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Implants, not transplants

Historical Photo:
 This is on the flight deck of the CVA62 , The USS Independence
 I served aboard many years ago, She is in mothballs now, so these pictures are historical.  hahaha
 A plane about to return aboard.

 I am thinking.....
Implants I have two Cochlear implants. They allow me to understand speech. They also DO NOT give a true impression of one’s voice. The one that bothered me the most was not hearing ‘the Sherry’ I have heard for over 61 years.  I am learning to recognize her voice because basically we are with each other 24/7. So in my case, implants are a plus, the negatives I can live with.
But this post is not about my implants, but about ‘teeth implants.’ Our sons have always had dental problems. Their teeth were not too good. Now son-Mark wants an entire mouth of implants. I have tried to read up on them. I am learning a little. The one thing you do learn is they are expensive.  I mean ‘new car’ price expensive.

Do you have, or do you know of anyone who has multiple implants, and how practical and satisfactory are they?
There are some “permanent dentures” that use maybe 6 implants to hold the plate in place.  Some that have two implants and hold less permanent dentures in place.
NOW the toss of the dice. Teeth implants are a choice. Men and women have dealt fairly well with dentures over the years at ‘relatively reasonable’ costs. If one gets a bad fitting set of dentures they can keep going back to have them ‘adjusted’. I am not sure that is an option with implants
I am just hoping to get some information from here as well as from the net.
The first question in my mind, is Mexico a good alternative. Mark mentions going to the Dominican Republic.  We have never visited there. The DomRep shares the Eastern end of the same body of land Haiti does. I haven’t checked air fare to there nor looked for comments of folks who have had implants there. Imma do that.
Just tossing it out there, what do you think?
Nite Shipslog
 It was called 'customizing'. The rage in the 50-60s. One feature of this one "It is shaved", meaning the only protrusions would be the mirror and a spot light. No door handles nor hood ornaments.