Saturday, July 14, 2018

So, I may be a Doctor after all

Historical Photo:
 I love these old pictures, This is my Uncle Sam & Aunt Janie Fulbright!

I feel old. I don’t know exactly what that means but I have had a tough rash for over a week now, it resides mainly on my forearms.  It started off as little bumps under the skin, hundreds of them. They started festering (is that a good word?). I mean they came to small heads (like a boil), but most were very small. No! I did not consult a doctor, I am not at the point of trusting them yet. LOL
So I did the doctor. I thought of the term ‘sun-poison’ I am not sure if that is even a diagnosis.   I went on-line, self-diagnosis.  Seemed like psoriasis to me. Could be eczema (dermatitis).
So I bought two tubes of ‘salve’. One for psoriasis the other for “skin rashes’ the producer promised a miracle).  We already had calamine lotion. I first tried Calamine for a couple days. Then switched to the salves. Not sure which (if either did it), it seems to be going way, and Sherry will kiss me more!  LOL
I am a believer that most of our bodies will fight and win when attacked.  But I still want to help it.  LOL

Shucks, I am happy any time she kisses me more. Now to be honest with you guys, I thought when I was very young, i.e. 40-60, old people (70-80 range) would not need a kiss (or even need more intimacy).  Boy was I WRONG. That girl’s kisses mean more to me than when I was 16!

So now that my uninvited rash is disappearing, my expectations are rising!  ;-)  .
Enough of this senior silliness, grandson Ben and daughter Elsie Mae fly out on Sunday morn. This has been a great visit and brought the family together for some great fellowship.  Very needed after Aunt Shirley’s death. It was sweet hearing thoughts of Shirley. She did love her step kids, but being so close, she had adopted my family, since she never had children of her own.
Thanks for taking the time to read this scattered group of thoughts,..
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Lisa said...

Ive anly needed a doctor once really bad for an answer and I think I found more answers on Google search. I lost a lot of trust in doctors at this point. However, I will not say they are all the same..Just yet.
I honestly think we are our best doctor. No one knows our body like we do.

Glad the rash is going away.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found a good remedy for that itch and it's going away! Sometimes I'm my own doctor too. Thanks to today's technology we can often do that. It's when we cannot find a fix we really do need a real doctor. I would think having family near at this time of your life would be good medicine too. What a blessing to have a good visit. You are Sherry are blessed to have each other too. Being in love never grows old.

betty said...

That is a cool picture of your aunt and uncle! I don't trust doctors and I listen to them all day, LOL :) Glad you found the remedy for making the rash go away. Could also be stress induced. I'm sure you did enjoy your visit with Ben and his daughter!


Jackie said...

Dr. Jack...
Looks like you have the skin condition well under control. Now, control Sherry so that she doesn’t kiss the skin off of you. You should be fine!
I’m so glad that your Grandson and family were there with you all. Those rays of sunshine on cloudy days bring immense joy and healing.
Sending love to you and Sherry...,

Dar said...

I also have lost faith in most doctors.....ya win some, ya loose some. I agree with Betty that your rash could have been stress related. That's, at least, what Dr. Mama would say. Glad you had a nice long visit with Ben and Elsie Mae. You have been blessed with family which is good medicine. All those kisses had to do a lot for you too., I just know it.
loven'hugs to you and Sweet Sherry from up north where it's still hot, hot, hot. We leave for the campground to swim with the grandsons soon. That'll cool us off. Andy's boys are sure a busy, lovable quad.

Chatty Crone said...

I do go to doctors - I am not always happy - but I go.

I don't know what you had - but I do know why your skin erupted.

S T R E S S !

I know that for a fact - been there many, many times.

I am glad that you are getting better.


Mevely317 said...

I have to agree with those to suggested STRESS was the likely culprit behind your rash. Lawdy, it can manifest itself so many ways. (Glad it wasn't your heart!)

Isn't Google a great resource? A few years ago I heard 'med' types hated when people ran to the internet to diagnose themselves. Then, I mentioned something to one of Tom's oncology nurses and she said, "I do the same thing!"

Y'all keep right on necking … and setting a great example for those grands!


i self diagnose too. glad the rash is going away.

Paula said...

Hope your rash is completely gone by now. Reminds me when I had one when I was young and Mama took me to the doctor in Poteet, Texas. He was out (probably delivering a baby) so we waited and waited until Daddy got aggravated. We went home and the rash went away.