Monday, December 31, 2018

Sherry did you know?

          Happy New Year’s Eve
There should be something profound here, but tonight I can only think of how lucky I am to still have the Love of my life and the key to my joy. She finds it hard to believe that when I look at her now, I still see that gorgeous 17 year old girl with whom I fell in love.

In our 60+ years together we have attended prayer vigils, parties and quiet New Year’s Eves together.
I mentioned that, only to say that every new year’s eve that I have known her as my ‘STEADY,’ (except one when we were separated by thousands of miles) I have held her tight; being thankful for another year in this dream I have known as life. Like many younger people at New Year’s, we were up most times to hear and even make some fireworks, but in the last few years we have been asleep as the New Year rolled in, tonight on the banks of the Peace River, will probably be no exception.

But since I am writing this in the daylight, I get excited and think we will see fireworks at midnight, but, BUT probably not. LOL

She just poured us a cup of coffee and we said almost together, no matter the circumstances of the year, when we finish it together, t’was a good year. Glancing in the rearview mirror of life is okay, I can handle it. But in 17 days I will be officially old, the 80 mark, and as long as this beauty is my future, LIFE IS GOOD.
I learned something that many never learn about their life. Life is truly mysterious, dangerous at best. We travel a fine line, one heart beat between life and death. My sweetheart has made ALL the difference.
SHERRY DID YOU KNOW? You would one day take a 16 year old drop out and form him into a successful business man?
  (Deano sang, "Kisses sweeter than wine! and I didn't know he even knew Sherry!")

DID YOU KNOW you would someday be my ‘rudder’ guiding me thru the many ‘lives’ I would choose?  You would be my anchor during many ‘Havens of Rest’? My guiding star when I was lost? IT WOULD HAVE been impossible for that ‘little grinning ‘mill hill girl’ on that goat wagon’ to know how important she would be; or how happy she would make someone during their lives. 

As we enter another year together I want you and the world to know, “Sherry Lucille Harris” YOU ARE THE BEST (always have been)!                                
               HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Nite Shipslog

Automobile’s of Art:
 1956 the year we were married, Above the Dodge, below the Ford.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Nothing ain't worth Nothing, But it is free!

******** Automobile’s of Art:
 I am not sure if you can make it out, but this is our front tire of the motor home when we were caught in  a late winter storm in Montana I think. They closed the roads. The ice was standing out on the wheel lugs like beards.
The here and now:
 Happy New Year
It has been a long time since I have been completely blank. I can’t remember as a kid ever having that problem. A kid’s mind was always cooking up something. Going to see someone, a game to play, just talking to my dog or trying to learn something.

I remember learning to plait three strips of leather. Shirley taught me to plait 3 ends, like mama plaited her hair. I was proud of myself when I learned to plait 4 ends.
I cut small leather strips and made lanyards and necklaces. Of course back then boys did not wear necklace or bracelets.
Funny how that paid off because growing up I could splice rope and lines.
Speaking of plaiting hair a few lines ago. I enjoy watching a mama or beautician (not in the beauty shop) but quickly make a ‘knot’ or some ‘tie’ on top of a daughters head and in seconds it looks neat. While home Sherece (who is a great beautician) noticed Stella’s hair was loose and blowing and in just a few seconds it was secure on top of her head. Then yesterday here in the park I saw something similar. I guess some girls and mothers have that knack.
A knot is not the right terminology I am sure, but that is what it appears to a boy. LOL
I am sitting here thinking and looked up at a little sign that DIL Corrine gave us that says:
Of course that is in reference to our ‘wanderlust’. But tonight as my mind wanders, Imma thinking….You are LOST dude!
Thank you for stopping by to exercise your brain. I hope it worked.

Nite Shipslog

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Let me tell you about Christmas day at our motor home.

Automobiles of Art

 My first work truck, '50 Chevy
Today: Happy New Year

Sherry gave me a Big Merry Christmas kiss, you knew that, didn’t you? I promised to do breakfast and supper. (I am the omelet chef after watching the dudes’ on one cruise ship do it.)
I prepared my omelet ingredients the night before: Ham, tomato, cheese, onion and carrots. I precooked the carrots night before. I always use Mrs. Dash since I know NOTHING of herbs and spices, so some of ‘em gotta be right. My ‘mainest’ job every night is to set up our Mr. Coffee. Sherry turned on the coffee.
I buttered the pan, sprayed it with the ‘this ain’t never gonna stick stuff’, and sautéed the onions. When the onions were about done, I threw the cold carrots in to warm them up. Everything is going great. I whipped up 4 eggs, sprayed the pan again and egged it. I made two heaping spoons of grits.
Then I heard 
Sherry say, “It is just water.”  I looked and immediately realized I had not put coffee grounds in the pot. We had a good laugh and Sherry dumped the water and fixed it.
I continued my masterpiece adding all the ingredients as the eggs congealed or hardened, whatever. I grated mild cheddar. 
It all looked great, now the ‘chef thing’. I slid that dude out and flipped the last half onto the first, sealing the deal. Perfect, I did it without a missed heartbeat. The omelet was perfect. I took a note from a chef’s book and saved a hand full of ingredients to spread across the top, it was pretty. Now we had coffee. I had thawed two biscuits Sherry had frozen and heated them in the toaster oven.
We had jelly and butter to go with the omelet. It was a great Christmas breakfast, with the best of company!
For supper (dinner) I pressured chicken quarters in broth, made rice and gravy. We usually have peas, but alas I could find no peas, so I had to substitute mixed veggies. That doesn’t work as well, I usually have peas with onion and carrots, I add a little stevia (for the carrots) and garlic of course. I also serve candied Cranberry sauce.
I serve the Thigh over rice. We keep the legs and mix all leftovers for soup the next day.
Nite Shipslog
I was reminded of this because we just ate the left over soup, it had been frozen. We  added peas, it was perfect!
 Same work truck, Nephew Ted, a hero, painted it for me.