Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Living on a Florida lake

Cars of beauty:

 1969 GTO, the Judge!

Entry for Wednesday (Posted early because we hope to be on the road first thing in the AM):

I thought I wanted to live on a lake. A few years we went searching for a place. We found a nice senior community in Tavares Florida and we bought a Trailer on Lake Dora.

WE had a 70ft (socket) pier. A socket is a U shape at the end that allows disembarking either side of your boat.

Son Mark brought his boat down for us to use until we got what we wanted, and later bought. It was an older pontoon boat.

Florida lakes I am familiar with are fairly shallow from 4 feet to 20 feet on average. I didn’t realize that allows for large waves quick in the wind.

At times I thought this one would jump out of the water.

After a few months I felt sorry for the boat, it was getting beat. The HOA did not allow lifts and boat houses saying it deprived the interior residents of a lake view. I watched the boats do this, pulling against lines and wearing the boat ties. I signed on knowing the HOA rules, so I did not complain, just hurt for the boats.  The HOA also did not allow for renting or leasing your property, so we sold when we decided we had more fun on the road. LOL

I am thinking it would be better to be on a canal rather than on the lake proper, in Florida. Not that we will be looking at either this time.

Now I did enjoy the sunrises and Morhens that shared our pier and boat.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

PACKING! and We’re coming with you!..

Our rolling love nests.
Our first motor home to see if we could live like this. We learned we could, so we started looking for something larger.

NOTE: It is embarrassing when I make a mistake, I seldom do!!!!  LOL LOL. But Rick caught a BADLY placed year on  the T-Bird a couple blogs past, IT DEFINITELY WAS NOT A '56 it is a 63 dolled up some.  Thanks Rick... My face is red.  I changed it, I would not want that to stand uncorrected. LOL 

For Tuesday’s stuff:
Sherry came in from the deck last night and said that there were two kitties, one black and one striped on the motorhome step, looking sorta like they want to go with us tomorrow. LOL
Until last year, for the previous 20 years we have seldom packed for a trip. It was nice to move around and take everything with you. We actually forgot the convenience of having our refrigerator, stove, cookware, closets, bath and bed on wheels. Leaving was a matter of unplugging shore connections, securing loose chairs and the few loose things. Then hit a button, pull the step in and raise the jacks. We didn’t even have to lower the TV antennae since we seldom raised it. Then start the engine, hook up our tow vehicle and head out. Knowing we had what we need.

Our first real rolling home, a 38' Overland Coach. I painted sort of a gawdy bra for her.
I said all that to say it ain’t as much fun to take trips when you have to ask yourself, “Do we have everything we need?”

Our last and resent coach is a 38.5' Diplomat with two it has been good to us.

I do not have to move any clothes, I have enough left in the coach that doesn’t concern me. But you ladies know you must take ‘certain pants, blouses, and maybe a dress or two. Maybe you should take several of each just in case. I understand that. Men can live with slip over shirts and jeans. That is why as a rule men fit better in the military they don’t mind wearing the same style of uniform daily.

We have a friend Don, he spent so much time on submarines he can live with a white t-shirt and jeans. His lady, Evelyn is having a tough time retraining him, but she has only been trying for 55-65 years now, she thinks there is still hope.
Anyway, for us, this is packing and prep day.
Son Mark has his house in New Port Richey remodeled and ready to sell, we want to see it and look around for ourselves. It will be a short trip.
The long trip a few weeks later has many possibilities, Michigan, Dakotas, Utah and Oregon. Maybe swing back thru Las Vegas.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our USA, our lives..What happened? What will Happen?

Cars of beauty:
 1985 AMC Eagle
Entry for Monday:
I have a couple grand children who can work from home. Some of my family works courier service and construction, there is no stopping their work. But what happens to those who cannot go to work and there is no way their job can be done from home?  That hurts, that rankles.
Today and tomorrow will be spent getting ready for another short trip. The short trip is driven by the fact we just might take a long trip a little later. They are connected in a way.
We are looking for a place for the winter in Florida and our age is driving ideas. We know that even if our health holds out, it would be best not to be driving the coach (26,000 pounds of vehicle) on busy highways after 86 yrs. of age, at the latest. For our remaining time if we have good health after mid 80s, we hope to still winter in Florida. We could then fly down, or hire one of the Grands to drive us down and come back after us, Etc.

Let me ask a question. Is there anyone  buried now, that you just KNEW that they would attend your funeral?

In the past few years I have attended funerals of friends and family that due to their family history, their health and stamina, I KNEW THEY WOULD OUTLIVE ME, but they haven’t.

Of course we cannot predict life, we all know that, but we feel we should still plan.

We have lived our lives the best we know how, I think everyone does. I want to leave this old world doing something I love or pass away in my sleep, BUT, but I remember a quote attributed to Minnie Pearl:

  “IF you want to make God smile, tell HIM your plans.”
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Saturday, June 27, 2020

In keeping with our Nature

 Cars of beauty:
 1963+ Thunderbird the T-Bird
For Sunday’s stuff:
We have been sitting here in this house for months, with only a week in the mountains. This is the longest we have set for a while.
SOOOOO, yesterday Sherry said, “I want to go to Florida for a few days.” I didn’t say too much but hoped she was serious. Just after Vernon’s Memorial service we were around the table with JJ and she said I again.  I got a calendar and said , “Give me the dates and I will make reservations.”
She did, I did, so we are taking a week over the fourth. I will cut the grass and tell Stormy and the kids Michelle will be feeding them I guess.
Michelle came over to see our mural. During the visit she told me that her daughter Brook had covered a three story building in Hickory NC with a mural. The pay helped with her tuition.
After painting an 8x14 I cannot imagine how someone can paint a building and keep it all in perspective.
Y’all be careful and safe. We will be getting ready to take our bed to Florida….

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