Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Surprises (1)The joys of home ownership, (2).. StormyD.

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This Studebaker was laughed at by many, But this Hawk turned heads:

For Wednesday:

The American dream (one of them) is, owning your own home. We have always WANTED to own, so when we got the chance we bought. WE paid extra on the principal every chance we got. Many folk are able to accept the house payment as normal and it doesn’t bear on their minds. We on the other hand let debts bother us. We have done without the extras many times to remain debt free. That has been our policy since our 40s.

There are people who pay their house off, and then are shocked at the amount in taxes and insurance they must plan on. Some never took into account their loan payment handled that head ache for them for 20-30 years, now it is theirs.

I cannot imagine paying for home repairs, since I usually did them. BUT as I age I am going to learn and that is why many of us as we age go into assisted living, lease or rent. I can understand that.

This all came up because when we came home Monday noon, I was hit with a problem I never expected, our water heater had developed a leak at the drain cock and our basement was flooded. The repair was actually pretty simple, parts were less than $15 and it was repaired in a couple hours..

My play house in the basement is carpeted. So I have spent Monday and Tuesday trying to dry the carpet. Using my Wet/VAC I picked up 20+ gallons.

Then when setting up the coach here, I ran into an electrical problem getting power back into the coach. And YEP, the grass needed cutting.

Sherry worries about me working, but I actually enjoy being able to FIX-IT. Probably just showing off but as long as a repair can be done, most of the time I can take it in stride.

WAIT… a Surprise. Neighbor Michelle comes out to welcome us in. We talked for a minute she said, “Guess what I learned from Stormy D?”


“She came to the door and talked to me, (She is like Rick she talks to animals). She convinced me she needed help, so I followed her…… To SEVEN healthy kitties (She and I had only seen one), Stormy needed some help. I have been carrying extra food over to Jim’s back porch!”

No wonder Stormy was getting smaller and smaller. She was glad to see me. The kittens are several colors, with 3 black. I will try to get pictures if I can.


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betty said...

Wow 7 kitties!!! Now the hard part of keeping them alive!! Good you are so handy with repairs, Jack, but know your limits and listen to Sherry if she thinks you need to bring in extra hands to help!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to own my now house but now ai rent. I annnot do all the things you can do and love having the landlord responsible for any repairs that need done. I do still have to mow my own lawn, but enjoy the exercise. You are right about it being easier when we get older. I'm glad Stormy finally let you know she had 7 kittens and needed help. She knows where to go when help is needed

Mevely317 said...

Congrats to Stormy D … and both her midwives!
I can't take credit -- but doing like y'all, my son and DIL were able to pay off one home a few years ago and are paying extra principle on their current home. Wise beyond their years.
Ugh on coming home to that leak! I, too, worry when Tom gets to over-doing (my opinion) ...but he's easily offended if I suggest hiring someone to do it.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so sorry about your basement - glad you got back when you did!
And thank God someone helped old Stormy!
When Andy graduates we will be moving - the house is too big. But I love it.

Woody said...

Sorry to hear of your issues with the water and Electric, is a bummer to find when you get home, we had that in our place in Okeechobee, we got back one afternoon to find the hot water connection under the sink had blown loose, it was that grey plastic pipe, what a sauna it was, lucky it must have happened as we were driving in the driveway as it wasn't a bad mess to clean up, just lots of towels!!!! Glad to hear good news about Stormy ! You 2 take care and sending down Love and Blessings ! Gary an Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

I had a feels that Stormy was up to something:)
Also, I love it when I can fix stuff that breaks.
Some times I can but some times it’s above my skill set.

Lisa said...

Ahhh the joys of owning a home. I’m glad you came home when you did. I hope the water did not cause any damages.
Congrats to the Stormy crew. Can’t wait to see pictures.

From sea level

Glenda said...

As you know I'm traveling to MO and yesterday was one of those days like y'all had, OMG. Superhighway was under construction, I nearly freaked out when a super big car hauler and another semi sandwiched me. Then the low tire signal came on and what should have been a one day trip turned into three. On the other hand, Mama opened her eyes, smiled when she heard "Glenda is coming to see you". There's a product I get at Home Depot called ODOBAN kills germs and helps control mold and mildew, I use it for hand sanitizer, air freshener, laundry, clean bathrooms etc. You may want to vacuum your carpet, spray it with Odoban as a precaution. My favorite is the lavender, also comes in citrus and eucalyptus. Warm hugs and best wishes...Mom used to say "Rome wasn't built in a day", take it easy Jack :)