Saturday, June 27, 2020

In keeping with our Nature

 Cars of beauty:
 1963+ Thunderbird the T-Bird
For Sunday’s stuff:
We have been sitting here in this house for months, with only a week in the mountains. This is the longest we have set for a while.
SOOOOO, yesterday Sherry said, “I want to go to Florida for a few days.” I didn’t say too much but hoped she was serious. Just after Vernon’s Memorial service we were around the table with JJ and she said I again.  I got a calendar and said , “Give me the dates and I will make reservations.”
She did, I did, so we are taking a week over the fourth. I will cut the grass and tell Stormy and the kids Michelle will be feeding them I guess.
Michelle came over to see our mural. During the visit she told me that her daughter Brook had covered a three story building in Hickory NC with a mural. The pay helped with her tuition.
After painting an 8x14 I cannot imagine how someone can paint a building and keep it all in perspective.
Y’all be careful and safe. We will be getting ready to take our bed to Florida….

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bobbie said...

Safe travels, you two!!

Mevely317 said...

How exciting … I'd love to do the same, but must be content for the time being to only go as far as UAB. Safe travels!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only imagine that the want to go to Florida is about seeing some friends there. No matter they say when entering the state you have to quarenteen for 14 days. Hope you are planning on staying awhile. I know it's not your normal to stay put for any length of time and I 'm wishing you safe and happy travels.

betty said...

Stay safe and enjoy your Florida trip!! Heard it is really hot down there in certain parts (and not with the virus but the heat) so drink plenty of fluids!!

I too can't imagine painting a mural on that size of a building! The amount of time it must have taken!


Susie said...

Be extra safe in Florida. But have fun and just enjoy the road trip. I am dreaming of a vacation one of these years. It's been a long time since we have had a great vacation. Stay safe, Blessings, xoxo, Susie

yaya said...

Have fun, travel safe and enjoy! I hope Stormy is healing well. Take care!

Lisa said...

How fun it would be to get away a while. I would love to visit Florida. I have been twice on business but never saw the ocean. If I could get Nick to go, Im sure he would love it and we would have a good time.
It don’t look like anything will be happening around here on the fourth so you have picked a good time.

Safe travels

Dar said...

I know you will travel safe, but stay healthy too. Enjoy your time with family and friends as I also know you will do. It'll be a hot time. We've even been bombarded with the heat, a few short showers is all and the creek is just a trickle. We spent my birthday today, just as I'd wished., on the deck relaxing while watching the hay makers and the bluebirds. My guy did ribeye steaks on the grill to end our day perfectly.
loven'hugs from our hot northcentral WI where we're in for more. Safe travels, our dear friends from afar.

Rick Watson said...

Be safe when you go to Florida. Their COVID numbers are still very high.
Also, I think that Tbird in the picture is a 1958.