Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Mayflower and more

(This is the first Motor home, the one we were in on our first trip to Cape Cod)

scan1993-94 003

After bringing to mind Cape Cod and Buzzard’s bay, I cannot get the song ‘Old Cape Cod’ off my mind.

scan1993-94 008

Looking back, that first trip to the North East was one of our best, I love the feeling of adventure I get going somewhere new.  It wasn't just Cape Cod it was the area. Plymouth Rock and an imagination gone wild. An early American mock-up village. The whole thing.

scan1993-94 011

I was amazed at the Mayflower, and the unique presentation. The sailors and women aboard dressed as the Pilgrims were. Using the English language from that day, made the whole visit sorta historical in one’s mind. The stories about the goats and cows aboard and open fire for preparing meals. I never thought about the ships having cows and chickens aboard to produce food during the voyage.

scan1993-94 010

Then a drive thru Boston to see where the Tea Party happened. Naturally one cannot get all of an area in one visit so, we have had to return several times. Always great.

Of course we had to drive by the Kennedy estates and take a ferry over to the very unique Island of Martha’s Vineyard. The Island is about 87 sq. miles and has a year round population of 15,000, but of course swells to 75K during the summer with summer residents and loolee loos like us. The older houses and business are painted light colors, if I remember right.

No one actually knows where the name comes from, but many speculate it may be named after  an explorers  wife. The first deaf colony was there and created their own sign language labeled MVSL.

All in all, it is the feeling you get of going back in time, in a modern setting. If you haven’t been, you should go if you can. Rose, of ‘Roses are Read’ fame here in blogsville, makes no bones about it she wants to return to live, but is trapped in a beautiful body and condo in Florida.

Oh yeah, of course New England is known for sea food, so the ‘lobsta’ is a plus.

scan1993-94 012

(cheating a little, this is in Kennebunk on another trip north, Nunan’s Lobster Hut)

Shucks, we had to head back home, but weren’t thru sightseeing, Sherry said she wanted to see Woodstock, NY. So we drove thru there on our way back home. What we remember the most was the older hippies still walking the streets and the selling of tie-died clothes. Along with two of the best t-bone steaks we ever ate, that we bought from a meat market there.

Thanks for traveling with us and looking at the log.

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Forgiveness is the economy of the heart….. Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, and the waste of spirits.

Hannah More



All 1969 Vehicles, the year of the famous Woodstock Concert.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lindie, is it a dance?

Some may have noticed a few comments lately by Lindie.  She is my sweetheart, and yes, Sherry knows!

I have said it here before,  when I started a journal I never expected anyone to comment, I was writing for the fun of it and hoping the family would keep up with us on the road. I did get one comment as we were traveling thru Illinois with Colette and Sonny by our sides. It was from ‘Very Big Ears’. later found out it was my oldest Son.  Then one day, out of the blue I was notified ‘you have a comment’. It was from ‘Lindie’, saying, ‘I agree with you!’

Since then I have received random comments from her, and am very happy with each one. She has even read my books and rated them on Amazon. Of course I would think she is special. So today, just out of the blue I decided to search ‘Lindie’ on the net, I found the following Definition:

An absolutely beautiful, charming girl. Her looks only being matched by her personality. She will often times be the most caring person you know.

I believe that fits her to a ‘T’. I would also add, ‘a bit mysterious’ ha!

I remember some of the comments, one from many years ago. Sherry and I were at the entrance to Cape Cod for our first time. We were so thrilled. WE were in a small Toyota Camper. Parked on a high hill over looking Buzzard’s Bay. Singing the chorus to Patti Page’s song, Old Cape Cod:

If you spend an evening, you'll want to stay
Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod
You're sure to fall in love,
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod

I mentioned that and Lindie commented: From where you were, you could see the area where many times I pushed our child in a stroller,that also carried our laundry, to the Laundromat, we were so poor back then.

I might have the comment a little wrong, but that was the gist of it. She is also a Missouri girl, you gotta love them.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment, and especially to Lindie who started it all and encouraged me as I typed.

Nite Shipslog


Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.

-- Douglas Casey, Georgetown University



Lindie would have loved this 1934 Buick Roaster!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Morning, People watching

For a good bit of this winter our Sunday morning has started at a McDonalds near the North end of the Florida Turnpike (aka Florida's Main Street). I find a seat, and Sherry picks up our customary one biscuit, two jellies and two coffees.


I have time to observe the folks coming and going. Today it is raining.    Most sites are entertaining. A young couple  obviously in love (or heat), sat at a center table and as they ate he had his hand and fingers in and out of all the holes in her jeans, playing with her legs.  (idea: get some ragged jeans for Sherry!)

ragged jeansragged jeans 222

McDonalds is a public rest room also. Many folk come in & head straight for the toilets. Today a cute young lady came in wearing white short shorts and black furry boots. Took her young son to the toilet and then left. I have done that a few time but mostly I feel obligated to buy something, and I NEVER have on white shorts and fur boots. 

I got a big internal smile when a young man came in in bright blue shorts, bright orange shirt, blue hat on sideways and a big plastic orange watch.

One daddy came in got his order to go, ran out the door in the rain. Seconds later he is running back, he forgot the napkins and straws, (obviously, mama sent him back,  if it had been just boys, they’d wiped their hands on their jeans and drank from the cup!).

As I said earlier most of the observations are fun and entertaining, BUT there can be exceptions. One old man, as old as I, got up from the table, took his coffee and walked out the door, leaving his elderly wife. She slowly got up, really bent over and started hobbling for the door, carrying her coffee. Then I see the old man coming back, I figure maybe bringing an umbrella, I had judged him wrong.

He walked in, met her about ten feet from the door, where she had stopped to lean on a table. He took her coffee, turned around and left, he went back to the car. There he sat, waiting until she made her way slowly across the parking lot in the rain.

I sat there like an idiot, I thought (too late) about getting the umbrella and helping her. She was soaked by the time she got to the car. That action ruined my people watching. What a crap head!

Thanks for coming by the log,

Nite Shipslog

PS: (that old man reminded me of an old saying I have heard)

Everyone has an enemy. It's why God gave us baseball bats. Well, He gave us trees, but we knew what He meant.



You gotta admit this 1956 Austin Healey looks like a fun car.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I do not know, When we settle down.

I am a know-it-all type person, or a ‘I want to know it all’ type  person. Being of that mind has caused me to jump from one thing to another and seldom concentrate on one specific thing. I have all these plans:

When we settle down I am going to college and learn to paint, I mean really paint, I mean good, like Michelangelo, Mel, Dar or Cher.


When we settle down I am also going to take a course in English and learn when to use: was, were, go, gone etc. Get to know  past and present participles and stuff, right.

When we settle down, I am going to concentrate on some new magic and ventriloquism.


(Edgar Bergin and Charlie McCarthy)

When we settle down I am going back to school and learn how to repair these PC’s. (or will they be gone by then?)

When we settle down I want to learn to dance, I mean really dance maybe like Fred Astaire, Rose, Paula or Jimmy. I worry about Jimmy, He said he and one of his lady friends were dancing, at least, he said, I thought we were dancing, until someone stepped on my hand. (But  he can dance I hear)

Shucks, If I could talk my girl into it, we could build us a retirement home with a pool and dance floor. Have a few extra efficiencies to rent out to seniors who can dance and they could teach us.  We have a beautiful piece of land for it.

Of course, that is when we settle down. Yep when we settle down, I have a lot more to learn.

Oh, I just forgot, there is an old 1918 truck of some kind, just 30 feet off our property line, buried in vines and weeds. The spoke wheels have long since rotted, there are no bullet holes in the body. I want to get that and try to rebuilt it, that is, when we settle down.

Thanks for coming by the log,

Nite Shipslog


In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.

-- John Adams


Louis is a Packard man (Have you noticed that guy ‘Louis’ knows cars), this is for him.


I do not remember seeing this 1958 Packard Hawk. I love this style used in the Studebaker also.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have you noticed? Gas is going up!

Around here Diesel Fuel is $4.05 a gallon and Reg. gas is headed up, now at $3.70.  I have not been much at government regulations, but I think it is time to regulate the price of gas.

I understand that people in other countries are paying more, but they should regulate also. And NO, of course I do not know the inner workings of the Oil industry, but having had two successful small businesses, I know profit and loss statements. The Oil industries made an increase of 46% to 72% last quarter of last year. meaning billions were made.

I also know that means many folk USA folk who invested in oil made some good profits. but I also know that a trucker who fills his tanks at $550 each, must pass that cost on to us, the consumer, or he will go broke. There are more consumers who must drive to work and cut down on their own groceries and other essentials.

From what I hear, gas will be $5 a gallon by July 4th holiday driving time. I sure hope not.

As we travel the roads of the USA, I see often on a tractor and trailer truck this fact, “If you use it, enjoy it, drink it and eat it, remember it came to you by TRUCK!” Now that is a fact, and if it costs the trucker more to get it there, it is gonna cost you more to buy it.

So, since I am not smart enough to understand it, somebody should be. I hope to see some good  explanations and reason coming from the White house and Congress SOON! This rise in Gas prices CAN be controlled, so…………SOMEBODY UP THERE DO IT!

Well I guess that solves that problem, hahahaha!

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog

PS: I know you have been asked before, but

Why is bra singular, And panties plural?



1955 Packard Clipper.. I knew a guy who was arrested for riding spread eagled on top of one like this as the car war driven thru J-ville, NC in April of 1956. It was a powerful car, on the base, they called it the TANK!

Friday, February 24, 2012

If you could travel to anyplace in the world……

Where would you go? What would you want to do?

Our options are not world wide,  we areScanoldpic9 039  limited. However, right now, there are places that have hit the bottom of the list due to political and religious unrest. The only place in the Eastern Mediterranean I would like to go again is Athens . I would like to walk up the Acropolis and sit with Sherry as she sees the Parthenon, then over to the amphitheater. Of course there are so much there to see.  I am sure she would love to travel across to Corinth. We now have two friends who live in Athens, the new one, Robert, and the OLD one, Tommy C, from Belmont, NC.

But we do hope to visit England and Ireland.

I want to return to Alaska via the ALCAN again. OH YES,We must go back to San Antonio, the Alamo means so much to me.  Of course the River Walk is tops.

There is a magnet in Utah, that seems to draw us there.  Surely ONE MORE TIME!!!

We gotta see ‘the real Jack Darnell’ again over in Coker Creek. While there will have to see Fred and George C.  Maybe our friend Smoky Woods.

scan1996-97 074

(Home of Gorton Seafoods, Gloucester, Mass. )

scan1996-97 0741

(Kennebunkport, Maine.  Barbara Bush’s home in the back ground, Sonny & Colette on the point)

We will see the North East again ( if we live), and eat some Lobsta.

When there is nothing else to do, I plan a trip!!!

So, where would you like to go?

Thanks for coming by the Log.

NIte Shipslog

PS:  I just read this today, do you think that is true?

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

I thought the ocean was in there. Or at least the wind echoing there.



Ah ha, Six big ones on this truck. This must be early 1950’s, could be Packard's.

Corfu is “THE PLACE”   …


I have dreamed of taking my Sherry to the Greek Island of Corfu, A beautiful place.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We moved again, yeah I know, what is new?

Well for one thing, this year we have been close to good friends a couple weeks out of every month.  That is new. Usually we do not know anyone in the RV Park. So when we arrived, Evelyn came over and invited us over for supper. I have mentioned Evelyn and Don several times, they are from our town of Belmont. Sherry and Evelyn graduated in the same class.

When they get together the HS Year books come out and they start saying do you remember so and so.  At our age they have lost several of their class mates. They go thru the obits and usually know someone from Belmont every month.


(Pictures are from a Turkish Flea Market)

One of our favorite pastimes here in Florida is flea markets or yard sales. Plenty of times I have found just what I needed. When I started working for Sadie, I knew I would need a tile saw, or at least a tile cutter. So I had hoped to run across a cheap one. When Sadie said she would also like to have a grab bar, I said I would need some wood for backing to secure the bar. So Sadie’s daughter took me to the scrap pile and we found an old broken wooden ironing board, perfect for the backing. I looked down and there on the ground rusting was a tile cutter. I knew I could clean it up enough to use. It worked.


(Nuts for sale)

There is something sorta divine, about a thing like that, what are the odds of finding a tool, exactly what you need, lying in a scrap pile rusting? It is not an expensive tool, but necessary when working with ceramic tile. Every thing fell in place for the job.


(All flea mkts have food!)

Anyway I got off subject for a moment. We plan to go to Webster with Don and Evelyn, a flea market famous for having over 4,000 vendors, I haven’t made my wish list yet, but I am thinking haha!


I have been to flea markets in Jamaica, Haiti, Italy and Spain.  My first Flea market ever was in Istanbul, Turkey (1957).  I believe that is the one that gave flea Markets their name. HA!


(My meerschaum pipe bought at the flea market, yeah, I quit smoking and lost my hair, mmmm)

Thanks for stopping by the Log.

Nite Shipslog


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and used against you.


1954 Kaiser Manhattan


If I am not mistaken, Kaiser left the Automotive industry and went Medical. My Brother owned one and liked it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soap Dish and the ‘RIFA’!

Funny thing happened while completing the tile job for Sadie. I was fat dumb and happy, flipping tiles against the wall and got them all placed. Stepped back to admire the job and saw nothing wrong.

Sherry says,”When does the soap dish go up?” When? Right now or a little while ago preferably. I took two tiles out, then cut another tile in half to make room for the Soap dish. Sherry said Sadie asked you earlier (however, I did not hear or understand one or the other.).

I am glad I was reminded at that step, later would have been a little more complicated. So thanks to the girls for keeping me straight. LOL


Yesterday’s picture, Fire ants! Fire ants have taken over the South East. A very common site in Florida along the roads. Most folks in the South have seen them, Sheila hit it on the head.

They are called Red Imported Fire Ants(RIFA). There must be 10 Billion hills in Florida alone!

From what I understand they were introduced into the USA in Mobile ALA in 1930.They are actually dangerous and can kill a lizard in less than a minute.

Fini the tub! 007

This was taken at a school near our campground.

Fini the tub! 008 - Copy

In the SE USA it is estimated the Fire Ant is responsible for $5 Billion in medical expense, human and stock. I remember Paula saying they could cause harm to cattle.

Fini the tub! 009

In Florida you cannot drive a tenth of a mile without seeing hundreds of colonies, or hills. All the roads in Florida are lined like this, the fields sometimes are spotted for acres with one every 7 or 8 feet. The theory is they are moved by vehicles up and down the highways.

Fini the tub! 010

Approx. 12 million people are stung annually.

The queen can live 7 yrs. and produce 3500 eggs a day. The other ants live from 4 days to 30 days.

It is said that Lizards have  in the 70 yrs the ants have been aboard, grown longer legs to move faster once attacked.

Anyway these buggers are tough and aggravating. Don & Evelyn carry fire ant killer  in their motor home, and we have started carrying some to kill the nests in our sites.

I was just reminded of these ants as we traveled back and forth to Sadie’s house.

Thanks for coming this way. I know you have other things you could be doing, so thanks.

NIte Shipslog


Learn from your parents' mistakes. Use birth control.   LOL


1933 Ford

I did love this 1933  Ford

We had a friend who bought one of these. I saw him 3 weeks later and he had sold it. I asked why? He said, I forgot how hard they were to drive. He had traded it of a Modified ‘33 with power steering and automatic trans. LSurprised smileL

(If I ever settle down, I will get one of these old cars!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Job is finished, we have a friend!

Well, it has been fun, but all good things come to an end. There are some wonderful folk in this world and Sadie is one more we have met. Today was a short day. Just a little clean up and then seal the tile grout. Wipe down and prepare for the grab bar.

The grab bar is anchored into the wall  thru the tile.  The back up is wood behind the tile board. It should stay forever. The faucets are Moen and warranted for life and the tub is steel, also good for  a long time, should last at least 50 years. Me’n Sadie ‘n sherry will be long gone!!!

Here is the Tub,(does that shine or what?):

Fini the tub! 001

Here is my payday, worth every minute and penny spent on the job.
We cannot say enough about this sweet lady.

Fini the tub! 003 

Okay we are back at Rainbow Springs. We went down and fed the fish some then walked a couple miles. Life is good.

Next entry: Do you recognize the little white mounds in this photo?Fini the tub! 010

Tomorrow is moving day, someone told the bill collectors where we were, time to move!! LOL

my nose

funny sayings pics 002

Thanks for coming this way, I appreciate it.

Nite Shipslog


I don't suffer from insanity--I enjoy every minute of it.


In the way to Sadie’s house this morning, I went crazy yelling and waving as about twenty of these as they


Passed us going to a rally I guess. I was gawking and blowing the horn. I would have loved to be riding in one of them.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday with Sadie

We are gonna miss our daily trips to Sadie’s house. She is such a sweet lady.  Today she fixed dinner for us (lunch for you other folk, LOL). Day before yesterday she fixed Egg  and Salmon salad sandwiches. Delicious. I had never had  Salmon salad. So today was another great meal , one of my favorites, Chicken with rice, butter beans and molasses and butter with home made biscuits.

WE got the tile in, and grouted. Installed the handles and tub spout. done a little clean up.

Monday with Sadie 003

We were about ready for a shower, so I invited Sadie in. I forgot, we cannot turn on the water yet, I still have to seal the grout tomorrow.

Monday with Sadie 002

Then of course Sherry needed a dry shower also.

Monday with Sadie 001

Tomorrow is the last day. Seal the grout and mount the grab bar, do some clean up and we are finished in time to leave Rainbow Springs State Park.

Tomorrow we will have a picture with it empty!!!!

It has been a fun job, but I think I am getting old, it gets harder to get up and down. OUCH!!!!

Thanks for joining us on another type of Odyssey, helping and having fun too.

Nite Shipslog


. We are brought into this world cold, weak, and helpless. Then it gets worse



1931 Buick, what a beauty!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday with Sadie

We ate with the Colonel today. then came home for an hour. We gave Sadie time to have dinner and get eveything done.

We started a bout 3 and quit at 7.

SURPRISE! As in most remodel or repair jobs there is always the unexpected. Today was no exception. The newly manufactured wall tiles are 1/8” smaller than the original tiles. This causes a slight problem, the grout lines do not line up, so it looks like a ‘bad’ tile job if I continue as normal. It also leaves 5/8” gap in the tile. Which means you need a tile saw which I do not have.

today take 007

(I didn’t think about taking a picture until after Sherry and I had filled the tub with tools.Also in the picture is my other birthday present, the wet/dry vac, the red Milwaukee is there too.)

I have jury rigged my Makita saw with an abrasive blade to cut for the faucet set and short pieces at the end of the runs.

Anyway I decided to go with a 5/8” gap BETWEEN the tiles, there fore breaking up the fact that the vertical grout lines do not match.

We will put some kind of color or decorative strip there.

So it is done, faucets and drain installed, 99% of tile in and nearly ready for grout.

I am tired.

Hope you have a good evening and thanks for coming buy the LOG.

Nite Shipslog


When in doubt, do it.


scan1982-84 033 - Copy

My first work truck. 1953 Chev p/u  I do not remember why the truck is backed into the woods for a picture. Maybe that little pine had fallen on it. I loved the old truck. It hauled me and Grandsons Ben and Corey around a lot.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Iron in the water

I am not sure if you have ever experienced it, but it is rough when you do not have beautiful clear water.  We are at Rainbow Springs. Every day 490 million gallons or crystal clear and safe water flows from the Rainbow Springs. Our new friend Sadie lives a scant 15 miles from here, and has a well that pumps tinted (red) water.  It is not fun to live with this.

There are many buildings and fences in Florida, that sprinklers are too close, therefore stain the buildings and fences red.

The tub itself would have cleaned up, but there was a whole rested nearly thru here and some wood damage. If not for this space here, The tub could not have been replaced with a 5 ft. tub.

tub replacement 002

You will notice in the photo, the red stains on the tile and tub. Now these things can be kept clean, but it is an every day task. Once it gets ahead of you, it is tough.

tub replacement 005 - Copy

Since I was not going to remove all the tiles, I took time to scrub, bleach and clean the tiles before I removed the lower ones. It is impossible to clean the top with re-staining the grout below, so I climbed in the tub and gave it a cleaning.

tub replacement 006

After removing the lower tile I had to cut the drain out, because in a tub, unless you are building you cannot see the drain below and I did not want to damage plumbing that is set in concrete. Once the drain was cut loose, Sadie had a hand truck handy and we removed the corpse. I knew Sadie could use the tub, but she told me anyway, “I can use the old tub”.

If you know cattle country, no one destroys bath tubs. (Paula & John are examples in Texas, they are used for feed or water for cattle,not sure Sadie’s intent, but you cannot take the farmer out of an 80 yr old).

tub replacement 009

(New tub is set in place, awaiting drain and new faucets)

Sherry is doing the clean up and hauling the residue outside. In between she is enjoying visiting with Sadie.

Once the clean up is done another trip to another Lowes. This one had the two handle faucets Sadie preferred. Note NEVER install the cheap (no-name) tub shower faucets, when there is a problem they cannot be repaired, they are ‘replace only’ and a VERY expensive task, if you must hire it done. I am installing Moen, I also like Delta but any ‘respected name’ is good.

We are gonna work Sunday after church. maybe we can have the tile installed ready to grout. That would be nice. Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


I don't fail. I succeed at finding what doesn't work.



T-Bird with skirts and a continental Kit. 1956