Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I do not know, When we settle down.

I am a know-it-all type person, or a ‘I want to know it all’ type  person. Being of that mind has caused me to jump from one thing to another and seldom concentrate on one specific thing. I have all these plans:

When we settle down I am going to college and learn to paint, I mean really paint, I mean good, like Michelangelo, Mel, Dar or Cher.


When we settle down I am also going to take a course in English and learn when to use: was, were, go, gone etc. Get to know  past and present participles and stuff, right.

When we settle down, I am going to concentrate on some new magic and ventriloquism.


(Edgar Bergin and Charlie McCarthy)

When we settle down I am going back to school and learn how to repair these PC’s. (or will they be gone by then?)

When we settle down I want to learn to dance, I mean really dance maybe like Fred Astaire, Rose, Paula or Jimmy. I worry about Jimmy, He said he and one of his lady friends were dancing, at least, he said, I thought we were dancing, until someone stepped on my hand. (But  he can dance I hear)

Shucks, If I could talk my girl into it, we could build us a retirement home with a pool and dance floor. Have a few extra efficiencies to rent out to seniors who can dance and they could teach us.  We have a beautiful piece of land for it.

Of course, that is when we settle down. Yep when we settle down, I have a lot more to learn.

Oh, I just forgot, there is an old 1918 truck of some kind, just 30 feet off our property line, buried in vines and weeds. The spoke wheels have long since rotted, there are no bullet holes in the body. I want to get that and try to rebuilt it, that is, when we settle down.

Thanks for coming by the log,

Nite Shipslog


In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.

-- John Adams


Louis is a Packard man (Have you noticed that guy ‘Louis’ knows cars), this is for him.


I do not remember seeing this 1958 Packard Hawk. I love this style used in the Studebaker also.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

It's good to have retirement plans....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

From the sounds of things I don't think you will ever settle down. You sure do have some mighty big plans. It's always good to have some dreams...I still have a few of those left too. For the most part though it seems I'm living the dream. I'm just so happy to have made it to this point of my life. It was a cold but sunny day here in Ohio! Hope you both enjoyed your Sunday!

Paula said...

You and sherry will never get old. I think you and Sherry should get busy dancing right now. It is fun and good exercise and you can teach your self. Wish we had never stopped.

Jean said...

Hi Jack you and Sherry have a lot to do before you settle down. You're not all that old. I'm settle down and could do a lot more learning. Lol. Just don't want to!(could it smart enough) Lol. You and Sherry take care and keep on enjoying life. Jean

Anonymous said...

never settle!

Don and I didn't settle, til we absolutely had too...certainly not something either of us wanted to do!

Go, go, go till ya can't go no more!

shirl72 said...

Well you sure do have big plans.
You better get started on the road
with a few of them.

I can teach you to dance Jim and
I won several dance contest.
The three bottles of champagne
are still downstairs.

I want to take tap dancing lessons
since I was born when Shirley Temple was popular. Then I could
dance and sing "On the Good Ship
Lolipop" before I retire from the entertainment world. LOL



Sounds like you are a DREAMER, Jack. Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. My hubby has been a dancer instructor, a pilot... but his bucket list is still long like yours. Make the time. Tomorrow might never come. Take care.

Lucy said...

You and Sherry will never truly settle down. You have that wandering, travel bug in you both. I just want to be without pain or heart racing and leaving me a wierdo Shierl and tap dance lessons. I did dream of that when I was young, alaso a country western singer.

Louis la Vache said...

YES! «Louis» is a Packard man!
The Packard Hawk was only built in 1958, sadly the last year for Packard. Only 588 of these cars were made. It was fitted with the Studebaker 289 V8 and a four-barrel carburetor fed through a McCollough supercharger. They had a very nice leather interior. Packard Hawks in good shape bring over $20,000 these days.

«Louis» thanks you for this!

Dar said...

Really? You think I can paint? Thanks for the reassurance. Self-taught, I assure you. Never took a single class, not even in school for the basics. My teacher was, he could paint. I think it's fantastic that you want to go to college. Genius! And here I thought you already Did know it all. You can do anything. Heck, you already have done more than I will ever do. Dance til the cows come home or at least until you get that truck restored.