Monday, October 31, 2011

It’s memory, and not measured in Gigabytes

Some of us old folk understand Solid-state Memory, to a point, but we know ‘memories’ better. True, getting old, diminishes some memories, but some will never fade. They tell me folks don’t use baby powder anymore. Now Sherry done most of the baby bathing, but I did a little. But nothing smelled better than a freshly washed baby with a clean diaper on smelling of Johnson’s Baby Powder. That is a memory!

Scanoldpic9 028 - Copy

That is Jack Jr. our first.  Sherry was never more than three feet away just to allow this picture. We have pictures of boys and grandkids bathing in the sink.

When we visited family this is the way we slept:

Children asleep on bed during square dance. McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1939 or 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Sometimes we got 6 in one bed.

Then some of us can remember before supermarkets:

Grand Grocery Company. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by John Vachon. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Above is Grand Grocery Co, Lincoln, NE, 1942.

Memories can also dredge up shirts and dresses made from feed sacks:

At the Vermont state fair. Rutland, Vermont, September 1941. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Jack Delano. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

(Above…Vermont State fair, 1941, Rutland, VT)

School children singing. Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Some of us can conjure up memories of kids in school barefooted. Different grades same class. Pie Town, NM 1940.

This guy can remember when some daddy’s weren’t real smart.

Scanoldpic9 035

Scanoldpic9 033

But, hey, the kid was driving before he was 2!

Trucks outside of a starch factory. Caribou, Aroostook County, Maine, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Jack Delano. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Do you remember starch? These trucks are waiting outside the Caribou Potato Starch factory, Caribou, Maine. I cannot find out what this starch was used for.

Memory, the Pepsi/Coke bottle as a sprinkler for ironing starched clothes?



our wedding 2 001a

There are special days that memory kicks in, My parents on the left, Sherry’s parents right then MY GIRL!

The memory kicks in because only two people out of the 6 still live. We could not afford a wedding, we stood before the justice of the peace and came back here for a cake cutting. My dad would have loved to performed the ceremony, but we wanted it fast and simple.

Memory again, Weddings last a few minutes, a marriage should last years.

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. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.

-- Thomas Jefferson


No vehicle this time, but I ran across this, can you explain it? I cannot!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

You can tell the natives, they have coats.

Another morning at McDonalds. A little excitement this morning. A little cool, like in the mid to upper 60’s. Flies seek the inside of McDonalds. Sherry was gone to get more coffee and I was watching these two little flies. They looked like twins. They have 6 legs and are neat to watch. I finally started a conversation. I asked if they were twins, I think one answered, but since I cannot hear, I figured it said yes. I told them not to land on my cup, I hear nowadays that you guys carry germs, I would have sworn one shook it’s eyes no. He looked trustworthy.

Now today, Sherry had stationed us by the door so she could sit in the sun. I was behind the rack  by the door where folks put their trays. I glanced and about two feet away was an old man looking over the trays at me. I smiled and said, “I’m just talking to these two flies.”  He cocked his head, smiled and went out the door. He was from up north, he had on a t-shirt and shorts.

The local Floridians come in in coats, scarfs and hats, the ones from up north still have shorts and T’s and wonder about the folks in coats.

I noticed something strange. A lot of old couples got out of nice cars coming in for breakfast. The men were gray or bald, but amazingly most of the older women have never turned gray, their hair was black, brunette or blond. That is probably due to genetics (or something).

Lots of folks just stop to use Ronald’s bathroom.

Something I have noticed about fast food places near an Interstate, they do not have paper towels in the restrooms, just the blowers. They also do not put out salt and pepper shakers, I guess it is because they tend to walk out with the crowd and migrate.

An old couple shuffled in with a young guy assisting them. The old man was wearing a USMC hat. You never know if they have hired him or he is a grandson driving the old folks around.

Lots of old men have ball caps telling what team they support or the branch of service in which they served. By far the most prominent military hat is USMC.

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. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians. 

-- Edward Langley, Artist (1928-1995)(I agree with  Edward!)


Truck of the day

1980 F150


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sometimes we run our mouth, and we should be thinking.

The other day I made a blog entry about stuff. I mentioned There may be some surprises in my wallet but not much, now she wants to know where and how much. Huh and I was saving that $62 for something special. LOL (I have more, ha!)

We have some exciting things down the road in our family. Sherece ‘The Grand daughter’ is expecting a baby girl in February.

scanoldpic7 015

Reece and her dad going to Ghost Mt.

New Folder (2) 091


Grandma and “Her Grand daughter” Reece.

Remember when you did not know what the pregnancy was going to bring. The old wives would say, “She is carrying it low, it is going to be a boy.”

One lady said hang a threaded needle over the belly and if it swung counter clockwise it was going to be a girl.  No one knew exactly what to prepare for. Except for me, I knew they were Boys. LOL. BUT there was always some mystery to a pregnancy.

Now they can even tell if the infant is healthy. Somethings are good.

Then the Twins are doing something…

scan1996-97 019

They built bird houses/ made race cars

scan1996-97 0451

And ate cookies  BUT now it is a CD!

And, Stephen and Josh Darnell our twins, are finally going to produce a CD of their original music. They have the copywrite on all of them now and are ready for the production. They are very talented and we are extremely proud of them.

55th anniversary pre-party 021

Steve with the guitar and Josh with the words to “Side by Side” or 55th anniversary!

I have mentioned we have coffee and share a biscuit with jelly most Sunday mornings at McDonalds. My girl knows coffee, and she says McDonalds has great coffee. While in Florida we are close to Orlando. The McDonalds we go to sometimes, is at the very end (north) of the Florida turnpike. I people watch while there.

All nationalities go to Disney/MGM in Orlando. I love to watch them. Most are in and out quick, getting on up the road after a few days of entertainment in Orlando. Walk the dogs, get the birds out, let the cat out.

Some are there just for the restroom but most are there for the Big Breakfast, faster and cheaper than the restaurants. Young couples, kissing and smooching in line, they cannot keep their hands off each other. I always point that out to Sherry and she always reminds me, “You are not 21!” OUCH.

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I have said this before, I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you. There is a difference.


Check this car out!


The 1964 Impala convertable

Friday, October 28, 2011

I do like some new technology

Do you read Bucko  ?  Many times he has some new technology. A day or so ago he had the weirdest contraption. Looked like a motorized big dog or small pony.  You would have to see it to believe it. Grandson Josh said   ‘cannot tell you have creepy that thing looks!’ It crawls walks runs jumps.  I laughed myself silly. After awhile you get to thinking this thing is alive and feel sorry for it. Anyway it is neat. We are gonna buy one when they get down to $50 to carry our packs on the trail.


I have got a new one myself. Cousin Dewey, who goes by Howard now, sent me the future design of the Airbus. If you hate to fly, you ain’t gonna like this.  It is a see-thru plane. no more little window seats, heck you see out all down the sides and up. They can display movies on the glass, you can call home on the built in smart phones. I’m gonna love this.



(The sky at night).

no more

(You ain’t gonna like this one, this one ain’t Bush’s fault!)

Now the next thing you may have heard of, it is not pretty. Did you know we have a GOB of trash 20 Million pounds of it,  headed for Hawaii and the California coast. I read that this gob of trash covers an area twice the size of Texas . It is the trash generated by the Tsunami that hit Japan. It has everything in it from cars to paper trash. What will be done with it?


Talking about a mass cleanup, maybe the fish will eat it by then! Due to hit Hawaii in 2013 and California 2014.


Taken at a park where we once stayed.  Reminded me of Paula’s boots she used as planters.

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Found this on Lucy’s blog:

Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.


Today’s service station: 


and car:


1930 Caddy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Half a kiss.

Now I have griped about this root canal long enough, one more time and I am through. To pay for a root canal you must sell your first born or your car.  Unless you are fortunate to be rich. We fall into the category we can afford one! LOL We have no dental insurance, so it all came off the top. Funny, you pay for the whole thing up front also. I do not like that, I never collected until the work was done!

Anyway it is done and I did take the Novocain. He would not do it without it. Probably a good thing because he was in there too long. LOL 

When I left out, I had been away from my girl for a couple hours, so I got a kiss in front of the dentist office. Well let me retract that, it felt so funny, I actually only enjoyed ‘half a kiss’. I tried it again and laughed. I only felt the top lip kissing.

Now that is important to a kisser. hahaha!

I can never remember getting a half a kiss before. I lived 72+ years to experience that. There was less thrill. I actually felt funny (strange funny) but I did laugh.  Oh but later, later I made up for it.

Anyway all is well, all equipment is working for the old couple. We are happy.

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Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says "If an emergency, notify:..." I put "DOCTOR".


Cars of the day:


‘56 Chevy,’52 Ford, ‘46 ford and a 48 truck.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun & Games

Many folk put in their blogs their fun family times. Telling the games played and things done for fun. I am looking around me and I am trying to get together the things we do for fun (that I can tell!!) When I was a kid, ‘kick the can’ and hide and seek are the earliest I remember. Later there was “Red Rover Red Rover”, I still do not know where the name came from.


I enjoyed playing ‘hop Scotch’ with Shirl, but I was not much for jumping rope. Of course there were the ball games. I remember taking my bike to the school ball fields one Saturday morning and determining I would learn to ride the bike backwards before the day was out. I did. Bike riding was a lot of fun. It was not ‘extreme’ as it is today.


(Of course Shirl’s was drawn in the dirt, and we chose a pretty piece of glass or a rock to pitch. It was a Girl’s game but I liked it.)

There were seasons of games; I know marbles were played in the spring and summer. You can get in trouble for ruining a good pair of overhauls (I never knew they were over-all's until I was grown.) Also at my house I was not supposed to play for ‘keeps’ cause that was gambling, but of course I was a boy, so I did it. I loved marbles. My mama had a scripture she made up, “Marble not!” taking it from the terms in scripture, “Marvel not.”

I loved kite season also, I made my kites. I have watched kite flying today and we were so tame. None of my kites would do the stuff these kites do today.

Now as seniors, we go places where they have shuffle board and horse shoes, but we do not join them. But I do love to pitch horse shoes.

Now our fun is Yard Sales, looking for books. Or just walking and talking. We also like to back pack but haven’t done that in a couple years now. We may make one more big stab at it next year, if family and friends stay well. I guess you could consider eating out a sport, we do it enough.

At home we play cards on our computers. Buddy gave me a truck to play with; I have run the batteries down and will have to replace them soon. We read of course, for entertainment.

Do you like crosswords or Sudoku? Sherry likes both those, I don’t mind a good cross word puzzle every once in awhile.

Sometimes we have fun cooking.

Fun like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I think. Thank you for stopping by the Log.

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A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

Today’s car:


This  apple car has got to be used to it’s fullest.  I could eat one of those about now. Mel, Cher, & Dar would be getting’ ready to can.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Live Oaks


(Entering this park and our site, all Live oaks)

Until we started coming to Florida, I don’t think I had ever heard of a live oak. The first time I remember seeing them (not knowing what they were) I thought of Halloween. At dusk they look so grotesque in their shapes. limbs going hither and thither (I remember those words from grade school).


(From our walk in Griffin State Park!)


scan1998 105

Those are live oaks behind the Lippazon Stallions.

Now I know, look at them, and think of our lives. The crooks, turns and bends cannot be anticipated. When we think something is easily understood, oops, there comes a bend. Our walks take us under and around many live oaks here in the State Park. They never cease to amaze me at the size of the limbs and how far they will reach cantilevered out.


(The above limb snakes 50’ out over the trail, below is a giant tree in the back ground, see it later)



There are some that reach the ground for support then start skyward again. Much like the turns of our lives. There are times when we feel we are headed down, then support from somewhere, and we start up again.


Now I hear the term Live oak, whether from AL,  MS,LA or Texas, I know what they are talking about.

The Live Oak is a tough tree, and lives a long time. Stubborn against the hurricane winds and droughts. It faces adversity and survives, AND so we all must.


(This is the picture in the distance shown above. It is 10’ in diameter and hundreds of years old, It might have been around when Ponce de Leon was near)


(I am reminded of a statement I read, ‘75 isn’t old, compared to a tree!’)

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Nite Shipslog

PS: AS to life:

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still THINK they are sexy.


The Vehicle:


The beautiful 1953 Plymouth, we owned a two door brown and tan, in the 1960’s.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What happens when you die?

Sitting here late at night thinking about this.  Not Spiritually, because my hope is that  my soul takes flight and I will eventually see those who have died in the FAITH. 

Not talking about that. I am talking about your stuff.  What happens to it? The stuff you have loved.  The stuff that you thought the world of. Like my tools!!!! Like my paintings, I have some that equal Van-Go! LOL.


(Those two little buildings on the left have my ‘stuff’ in them.)

Do you have any hidden secrets? Some folk do not care what is known once they are dead. Like the guy who killed his girlfriend 30 years ago and they just found her in a storage shed in his freezer.  Now, no one is going to find that kind of secret in my stuff. LOL.

I do have many letters to my sons that have been written and never mailed, if anyone looks in this computer.

Once separated from my family and when I was drinking too much, I wrote my predictions of my sons futures, It is somewhere in my stuff.  If I remember right I was completely wrong.(surprise). I don’t know were that is, but if someone looks enough they will find it.

I have a very dear friend, who at her husbands death,  found a lot of money in his wallet. She remembered when he kept saying we can’t afford this and that. That was a pleasant surprise at a sad time (reckon he planned that?). Sherry will find a little money hid back, but not enough to be real happy about.

My sister Shirl declares she is gonna be sanitized when anyone goes thru her stuff 50 years from now. hahaha. She is probably right!

I wonder if anyone can start my old tiller, it is temperamental.  The lawnmower is the same. Our bank account allows for a free safety deposit box. It ain’t filled with $100 bills. but it does have a few silver coins in it I think. By few, I mean 5 or 10. hahaha.

I am assuming it is normal to think about death at this  age, 72(3). I don’t think either son reads this blog, but if you do there will be some surprise at my death but not much.

Funny, this has come up, because  I just told my lover that I am the happiest guy in the world (and I am). If I were to die tonight, they would have to break my face to remove the smile.

One of my favorite folks always says ‘Life is Good’!  You know what? It is!

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The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!  (very true)


Want a  great car? look:


The 1954 Belmont, I don’t think it ever made production, but it should have.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This may be nothing, but

I have waxed our home. I have used Turtle wax rubbing compound, blu-wax liquid, Mcguires super duper wax and Turtle wax Liquid in a green container. Shirl, my sweetest sister, recommended the last.  I knew it had to be good because her car is always brite and shiny.

turtle I used

Well the stuff Shirl recommended was the best. I need to go back and touch up some, but it must look pretty good one of the volunteers at the park stopped un on one of our walks and said the coach looked great.


Oh yes! we had a great evening. My sweetheart popped corn and made hot chocolate and we enjoyed it around the campfire. along with just good conversation, it was a great time.  I made a date for the next night. NOT FOR POP CORN, LUCY! LOL


We are trying to settle into a routine of Soup and beans during the week. I make some kind of low-calorie soup that will last two days and Sherry makes beans and cabbage and maybe salmon patties. those feed for two days also.  If we have veggie pizza at Pizza Hut over the weekend (we always have some left over to freeze) Then on one night with my soup we will have pizza. We are both trying to loose the extra pounds gained on the cruise.

If you read Roses Are Read lately, you got some advice of prescription drugs. Rose seldom posts without having some life-associated advice or ideas. I am having second thoughts of my statin prescription, myself. Not sure if it is a generic problem or not.  I have seldom had cramps, but in the last few months I have been awaken with cramps in my legs. And dadgummit I don’t like it. I hate writing the word cholesterol, because I have a problem spelling it.

Thinking of that, I think of our friend Melanie up in Wisconsin, going to Nursing school (OR SOMETHING), learning all the technical terms and ‘long words’, that us neophytes avoid. 

Now I am through with this entry, have I said anything? I am afraid to go back and check. LOL

Nite Shipslog

PS: (Our friend Bill, used to say he liked my blog because he could read the print without a magnifier)

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.


Tonight's car:


1952 Chrysler

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Mouse hid, but Sherry found it!

After our last move to here I was missing my mouse. My usual statement is it isn’t lost, it is in this motor home somewhere, we would not have swept it out or thrown it away. I have another mouse hooked up so I was using it.


Sign you are in Florida, Disney and Orange Juice.

I got my flashlight and was looking in every dark corner I could think of. I was at the bottom of this stack of drawers where I sit looking up behind them.


(Other coaches & Trucks at out Fuel stop at the Pilot Flying J)

When I got up Sherry says, “Here it is, and handed it to me.”

“Where did you find it?”

“In the trash can!”

Huh oh.  My rule was nearly broken, had I carried the trash out before she checked, it would have been one GONE mouse.


Our home here past years!

Normally before a move we place things that can slide or move, behind something or on the bed. This time I did not move the mouse and right under it is where we place the trash bin (Trash can).  As I drove the little sucker ran off the edge and jumped in the trash. My wife is sharp!

Things move in this rig, unless they are secured.

Not as good a story as the Boomer and her Brown Bat, but just as successful. hahahaha

Thanks for coming here to read this drivel.

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You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.


Car of the day!


1952 Plymouth Business coupe.