Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People ask (2)

Our life on the road as full time RV’ers is different than the average citizen, so we do get a lot of questions asked. This entry will continue some of those questions and answers:

a.  What kind of fuel mileage do you get?

We get 7 to 8 miles per gallon of diesel. So we spend about 50 cents a mile driving. Now take into consideration we are towing the van for the same price.

b.  What does it cost to park?

That has become an irritant. When we started you could find places for $12 to $25 a night. Now $25 is considered cheap and it goes up to $45. Now my argument is we can find a motel some places for $45 and they wash the sheets (sometimes). LOL

We learn from friends and experience. It is not wise to move every night unless you are headed for some destination. The weekly rates are much more reasonable. We have stayed for $70 to $110 a week. We love state and national parks and they are much more reasonable.

Our best deal is a membership. We also learned that from Don & Evelyn. We are members of Mid-Atlantics RV which now has been bought by Coast to Coast.  We pay a yearly fee of $400 and can stay up to 9 months in their parks for that price. There are 8 parks. This is one of them we are in now called Three Flags.

c.  Do you have a washer?


Yes, We have a combination washer and dryer. It does both. Small loads, but it is very handy.  Any ironing Sherry wants to do she does it on the kitchen table. (I say Sherry, cause I take mine as they come, but if they are real bad she will iron them) We have a portable ironing board but too much trouble up and down.

d. The most popular question by far is what is the most interesting place you have been?

That is a hard one. The most impressive one place is the Grand Canyon.

The best overall trip was thru Canada's Yukon to Alaska. The most scenic road?

Colorado to UTAH 043

Colorado to UTAH 083

Out of Denver thru the Rockies.

Most interesting? Internet folks. Meeting Linda May,

Missing pic!!!!!

Debbie, Gary, Terri,


Ora, MIxon


Mel & Slim,  well Slim and his deer, me & my bear!

016017 - Copy

Sam,. Mel and me (That was really Sam’s bear, slims hat)


This was Brandy. Mel and the family lost Brandy a couple months back, such a sweet dog.


Dar & Bill at the CABIN where they were just vacationing.


Oh and my buddy Syrus (One of Dar’s grand loves)100_2623

(putting a toad to sleep in his hand)

Jack Darnell, Yvette, Fred, Glenda, John, Dewey, Buddy, Di, Joan, Rough Rider, Poimen, Candy, Memory03,Stringbender etc going into their homes, seeing family & pets, meeting them for dinner and just hanging out. Dar fixed dinner for us and Mel took us to Jacks Corner Bar for dinner. The icing on the cake was meeting Mama. She is a doll. Ora took us into her home and I got to meet Mixon.


Shucks who could forget Jean the Alabama beauty and her Hubby Grover. . (We missed meeting Lucy & Joe by a scheduling problem)

Thanks for coming this way, I could go on there, but…..Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Today’s vehicle:


A River boat designed, supervised as built, by The girls (Dar & Mel)’s dad. a beautiful boat and tribute to a tough man.


Anonymous said...

Very glad to see Debbie's picture here. She & I met online, but she feels very much like a real friend to me now. She has been so very supportive in so many ways..some of her emails have been so important to me that in fact I've saved them.
Hey, sorry to make this all about Deb LOL.


GREAT PHOTOS. Internet friends are the best. Love the riverboat. I have always wanted an RV. So I've been curious about living in them. Your questions and answers about them have given me alot of insight. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great life you all have. You've seen so much and are still doing it too. Your RV truly is a home and has everything you need. It's been raining here today. Too bad my little camper doesn't travel...I'd come to visit.

Anonymous said...


You guys have been traveling a long time have
made wonderful friends and seen lots of interesting places. Sorry you didn't get to meet Lucy, Spunky and Joe. Maybe next time.


Paula said...

I just don't know where you keep your "stuff" and your mail. Getting my mail is the highlight of my day. I'm sure it's fun for you but I don't think it could be for me.

betty said...

You two have met quite a few bloggers!! One of the places we take Koda to walk, there is a RV park close by; out of curiousity we checked out the prices per night; off season was $53 a night, in season $58, holiday times $75 per minute.

I can relate with Sherry; I iron on the table too (that is when I iron, I don't think we even have one now :)

am enjoying learning life on the road!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the little boy with the toad. So sweet.

jack69 said...

Yeah, Anon, Syrus is a Winner!!!!

Dar said...

Jack, You are such a sweetheart to include us in your entry with such love. We consider you and Sherry very dear, dear family. Syrus still talks about you so you did impress! I knew you were enjoying your stay up north when you arranged to get your mail in our post office. Ha!
And particularly, thanks for posting a picture of the river boat with Dad's stamp of approval of TED on the side. Isn't that boat a gem?
Mama spent the afternoon laughing with us yesterday on the road, as Bill had another laser treatment on his ' shootin'eye.' Over 100 zaps this time. He's doing well tho., just anxious for retirement in the spring...YES!!!!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for listing me as "interesting"..!!I do seem to have some adventures up here in the "middle of nowhere high country"...
Love you guys....Enjoy

Fred Alton said...

Your life is a storybook kind of life. It will probably end "They lived happily ever after!" You and Sherry are loving people who elicit the same from all those whom you tell of meeting. Wonderful reading today. Thanks!

~mel said...

Aw shucks ~ you two are peanut butter frosting on a chocolate cake!

Debbie said...

I'd forgotten about that picture being taken but can remember well the picture of all of us together. Hard to believe it's been almost two years since we met you guys. One of the things I love about you and Sherry is how friendly and welcoming both of you are with people like us who were total strangers with the exception of the little you knew about us through blogging. We felt so comfortable with you and Sherry and the only thing I regret about that day is that we didn't get an earlier start and get to spend more time with you. Your home is nice and cozy!

Now forgive me if I go and cry over Mary's comment!


Ken Riches said...

Looking forward to doing some traveling down the road (pun intended). In the mean time, we are doing small trips (Grand Canyon last month was a definite favorite). These have been interesting pieces on the questions folks have asked you.