Sunday, October 16, 2011

Closed Caption on the Cell phone

I’m off on another information hunt. I know nothing about the smart phones. iPhone, blackberry or a Blue berry LOL. But my son Jack was down and he is a nut about new gadgets. He has an ‘Android’ I think that has a lot of features. One of the features is, he can speak into the phone and it will send the test message.


The Blackberry and the T-mobile

Tonight I got to thinking, then they must have a closed caption cell  phone, then I could rejoin the world of phone calls. I would not have to ask Sherry to call someone, I could call. I know she gets frustrated handling all the calls. So I thought I would use this mass media to ask, DO YOU KNOW OF A CLOSED  CAPTION PHONE?

I have already e-mailed my son to ask if his will, I haven’t heard back yet.

We are thinking of traveling more, and even out of the country some, if so I would like to stay in touch with my Blog, and also with the family. I could even call Shirl, that would be neat without Sherry having to relay all to me.


iPhone and the Nokia smart phones.

I know Sonya had a smart phone, and is in love with it. She knows about hers, she likes gadgets. I remember when she got it, she about had kittens. (Sorry Sonya! I really love ya).

I know this is a shot in the dark, but if you know of a closed caption phone give me a yell.

Okay, now for everyone. I have been trying to wax or polish our home. Boy, is it a job.  I have the roof done and a day on the back. Another question, Do you know of an easy wax or polish???

Thanks for reading this stuff,

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Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.

Service stations:


cars from Charlotte 026

I think this a 38-39 Chevy. It would have visited the above station. but it would have been another color.


Paula said...

I hope you find that phone. Wouldn't that be neat? John has such a hard time on the phone too but he has a hard time seeing too.They have so many things now days that I know nothing about.


I have a DROID phone. Love it. Do my internet on it. Read books, etc. There is a company I heard of that is developing close captioning for phones and computers. They are called ClearCaptions. You would have to investigate them to see what's what. Here's a link to more information. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

shirl72 still have click anonymous

I don't know anything about these new gadgets.
I am so behind on everything. If I found one
I would not know how to operate it. I bet
Sherry doesn't mind making your calls. We Secretaries are use to the phone. But I know
it would help you. I bet JJ can find out.


Jean said...

Jack I hope you find you a phone that can help you send messages. I don't know anything about them either and really have not wanted to try, lol. I don't use my cell all that much anyway. Take care, Jean.

betty said...

I don't know about either, Jack, closed captions or easy wax. But I think it would be great if you could get a closed caption one! And maybe you need to hire a teenage kid so it will be easy waxing for you (i.e. they would do all the work :)

good luck in your quest for the phones! I decided awhile back I don't want a phone smarter than myself, LOL, so I'm not sure if I'll ever get a smart phone :)

hope you guys had a nice day!


Fred Alton said...

I don't know about a closed captioned phone - but My-Oh-My, what a great idea! Especially now that they are making the I-Pad's with internet connections. I say one at church yesterday and it looked to be physically large enough (about 8 and 1/2 by 11) that I could read it - and might be able to type on it. My fingers become all thumbs when trying this texting on a cell-phone. What a blessing that would be for those hard of hearing folks, to have the captions. On shining that motor home - I would probably be looking for someone else whom I could pay to do the work. Haha! ☻

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy watching the show "Sue Thomas FBeye." The star of the show is deaf and she has a phone that translates everything to text.
Technology can open up new worlds; it's amazing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like the rest, I hope you do find that phone. It would be nice to make your own calls. I've seen a home style phone advertised on tv but not a cell phone with close caption. My cell would let me post to my blog but I've not tried it yet. It's easier on the computer. Sun is out here today but it is windy and still chilly out. Our warm days are pretty much done.