Tuesday, July 9, 2024

So Yep, Old men can cry

 Pic of the day;


A mountain top in a cloud



 For today…

I am getting a little better. Sherry read your comments to me and it did bring water to my eyes. Thanks to all of you.  I will be back when I don’t start complaining instead of being the in depth solid writer I am. LOL

We normally would not be here in Florida but we are on a mission.  Here to support part of our family.  WE are really NOT enjoying the heat, along with millions of others in our country.  A couple years ago we broke down in Death Valley, California in our RV.  Man I would hate that now, I read it got to 127 degrees f.

Anyway giving thanks for your comments. Love you guys that read this mess. I do not want to quit dreaming, but as the saying today, I know that hiking/travel window is  rapidly closing or closed.

I should know for sure in the next few months. I woke up this morning after a whole night of dreaming with the song sentimental journey as the main theme.  It was like an hour's long movie, with soldiers/sailors throwing their sea bags on a train and singing, never had that happen before. I am haunted with a word or line throughout the dream that will not come back to me. ;-(

Gonna take a sentimental journey, gonna set my mind at ease......

Nite Shipslog

PS  video recorded in 1944 (I was 5 years old), I had never seen this, but a lot of it was in my dream. Strange...

Sentimental Journey

Song by

Doris Day with Les Brown doing the music

Gonna take a sentimental journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories
Got my bag, got my reservation
Spent each dime I could afford
Like a child in wild anticipation
I long to hear that all aboard
  • Seven, that's the time we leave, at seven
    I'll be waitin' up for heaven
    Countin' every mile of railroad track
    That takes me back
    Never thought my heart could be so yearning
    Why did I decide to roam?
    I gotta take this sentimental journey
    Sentimental journey home
    Seven, that's the time we leave, at seven
    I'll be waitin' up for heaven
    Countin' every mile of railroad track
    That takes me back
    Never thought my heart could be so yearning
    Why did I decide to roam?
    I gotta take this sentimental journey
    Sentimental journey home
    Sentimental journey home
    Sentimental journey home
    Songwriters: Lew Brown, Benjamin Homer, Bud Green.


    Sunday, July 7, 2024

    Getting Old, forces one to think

     Pic of the day;


     On the AT about 20 years ago....  Yeah, I was old then too, they say.  LOL

    This is today, and yes I am older than Biden and Trump, but I know I am old, Sherry told me...

      For today…

    WE Old people come to realize that Instead of having years ahead to figure things out, we must accept that reality is different from the plans and aspirations we once held. 

     But still I cannot help but ask myself:

    1.        Did I fulfill my travel dreams?.  I miss NOT seeing Ireland.

    A. But I did see The Mediterranean countries. Part of London, Picadilly Circus and the changing of the guard in London.


    2.       Careers, I dreamed of a career in the military and did that. I wanted a career in building, I did that.  Did I do my best in both? Not in the military, I could have advanced more. In building, I think I reached my potential.  I wanted to build a sub-division, started one but dropped it. I think I would have been in over my head.


    3.       Many people, they say, become very remorseful, regretting things not done.  What I miss is that single thing of failing to hike the AT in a ‘thru hike’.  I hope I can live with that without being depressed. (I still cannot accept what many folks tell me, ‘Now that is impossible, it has never been done at your age’…)  That little light has not gone completely out…….. YET.

    4.       The clock is ticking down, Most of us OLD folk have accomplished something.  BUT honestly it is hard to look at yourself in the mirror and SEE facts, me, “Hoss, most of IT (life) is over. Sit back, read, enjoy the pains and be proud of those Grands that will one day run the world, your time has PAST, dadgummit!”


    I know this is depressing, sorry about that, I really don’t mean to be so down, but truthfully, age does this.  If you live long enough you start facing FACTS,  there are two things in life that are REAL, they are DEATH and TAXES….

    Nite Shipslog

    PS  TRUE STORY:  Billy was successful with his own business. He LOST his wife,  became demented, and is now in a HOME. His son is also a dear friend says, ‘Dad doesn’t know me, but KNOWS I am the one responsible for him being there.’

      The son says, dad would have loved to go for a walk in the woods and never return.  I wish I had a way of letting him do just that.

    I think I understand how Billy felt……

    PS2 Thank you for being here…  Life is supposed to be better for me (on the road) even with a few pains…. LOL


    Friday, July 5, 2024

    Thoughts, just thinking

     Pic of the day:


                     This photo was taken when we were married 55 years

    Thinking of this couple 55 yrs before

    Now coming up in September on the 22nd, if we live, we will celebrate 68 years together, not all smooth, but because of my sweetheart we have made it thru, enjoying life....

     For today…

    Note: I had a tough time getting to my Blog today, I thought Blogger had done me like they did MA and dropped the BLOG. So if I go missing do not think the worst. LOL


    No one knows how to Grow old.  It is like childhood and children. The baby does not come with a list of instructions, we wished there was an accurate list of guidelines that fit them all.

    Likewise there are no set rules for growing old, I sure wish there were. In less than 5 years I will be 90 years old. OUCH! To tell the truth I feel like I am groping along in the dark.

    Life is different with us all. There is a great Fish house called ‘Corky Belles’ in Palatka.  We took a day out and Sherry took me there. As we ate, I noted two sweet old ladies eating together, they were alone, and I asked Sherry if we could buy the ladies lunch, we did, met them and talked a few minutes. They were over from St. Augustine. Both widows.  Both said they still missed their mates.

    My mind wanders a lot now, I still don’t know how to grow old. I know loving children; many adore their parents.  When one parent passes the offspring dote on the one left.  Some of us old folk can live alone with memories. My mama and one sister were like that. But one sister NEEDED someone.  There is the RUB! The same children who LOVE their parents the most, make the parent’s life miserable, if they NEED someone.  The CHILD thinks daddy is trying to replace mama (or vice versa).

    THEN IF there is a marriage of the old folk, unknowing, and ignorant, sons and daughters, know how to make the ‘interloper’s’ life miserable.  At the same time destroy the heart of their own mom or dad.

    That is NOT ALWAYS THE CASE, but I have known  2 or 3 OLD People who have suffered in their last years, because of ignorant offspring.

    The last one, the man, had seen this and knew his family would resent his new love, a wonderful lady. HE Had the foresight to tell the kids, “Now I am not asking permission to marry again, I am asking you blessings.”  Some of them tried, but overall none of them could ever accept this wonderful lady.  And she IS just that, a wonderful wife and mother.  Her children did accept the union, but the man’s children could never fully accept it.

    The couple was happy together until he passed, but they both hurt. Strange how love and caring can hurt when not focused correctly.

    Just words from my head.

    Nite Shipslog

    PS:  Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better for me (on the road) even with a few pains…. LOL


    Monday, July 1, 2024

    Bananas and Trees, NOT Banana Trees

     Pic of the day:


    Beside the AT in New Hampshire

     For today…

    This arm still wants to hurt. I quit protecting it too soon, so now I am paying the price. AND July 4th is almost here!

    We are parked just beside the Lake County Fair Grounds. They have a farmer’s market on Thursdays. I needed to move around so I walked over.  The farmers were packing up. I saw some bananas that looked good. 6 for $2. Most were ageing, but these 6 were pretty. The Farmer put them in a bag, then put about 12 more of the more bruised in the sack. I thanked him of course.

    When I got back to the RV I am thinking how do I save these? Looking on the net I saw were you could keep  the ones just ripe in the refrigerator.  So I put two in there. We used some for sandwiches (which I do LOVE). We gave Son Mark some. 

    Then I saw a place declaring that just putting the bananas in a plastic bag will keep them up to 30 days.  I didn’t believe that, but I'm trying it. The ones in the refer still look good after the 4th day.  The ones in the plastic bag are still good.  I am definitely happy.

    Trees? To get trees taken down now, the tree people  now demand ‘Your First Born!’.  Well maybe not, but it is expensive.  We needed 5 or 6 taken down and it does cost a lot. Over $650 a Tree.  OUCH.

    But we just received a message that the job is done, we are very glad of that.

    So there is some good news, good bananas and downed trees.

    Nite Shipslog

    PS:  Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better for me (on the road) even with a few pains…. LOL


    Friday, June 28, 2024

    Getting hurt, getting old, yeah I know that, But CAN I? In reality finish a dream?.

     This is a crying entry.  Today  when I opened my computer, one of the following  pictures popped up. I sit here disgusted at myself, hurting, aggravated, and tired of hurting.

    Sherry and I have hiked over 1900 miles now on the Appalachian Trail.  The longest we trekked in a summer was 900 miles.  This adventure was ALL Sherry's idea, but once we started it became a love.

    Taking a break to soak our feet was even fun. I remember once in Virginia, Sherry said as she jumped up," There is a snake in there!"

    I laughed, "Put your feet back in there, that water is too cold for a snake!"  She did and I saw a water moccasin head for her feet."  I told her to get them out, she was right!!'

    Much of the trail is like this.  Just a rough walk in the woods.
    We passed by many old graveyards.  All of them isolated, some still cared for but all serene.  
    In populated areas we hiked thru many Farmer's fields. This is a fence crossing one of the easier crossings. LOL
    Walking you enjoy the sound of water cascading down a mountain OR
    Just enjoy seeing an isolated lake, you know someone surely must fish there!  

    BUT, but the next picture is the one that got me 'crying'. I think this shot reminds me of what I really want to do before "I depart this world. I want to hike the 2190 miles in one year."

    Most of you know that last year I tried BUT made it only 25+ miles, part of it the wrong way! I about froze to death.
    That is Sherry somewhere in Vermont or New Hampshire.  But scenes like this are so many, and so peaceful and quiet. I really do want to go back.  BUT I ASK MYSELF CAN I REALLY DO IT?  Or will it always just be a dream?

    See that backpack? That girl carried 35-38 pounds. I carried about 45 pounds we were about 66 yrs old. BUT  Last year at 84 I had a rough time carrying 33 pounds.

    Some of our hikes were short enough for day packs.  But as you see there are some obstacles to overcome also.
    Above Sherry going under a dead fall across the trail.  Below is crossing many of the huge rocks on the way.
    She claims I took these to show her rear.  Well, she does have a pretty one!

    I am sure when I get weller I will have to make one more attempt, one of these days.  She does remind me that the longer I wait the older I get.  She thinks I don't know that. ;-)

    Take care,
    Nite Shipslog

    Tuesday, June 25, 2024

    When cannot do what you could do…. You fuss and complain.


    Pic of the day:

    My friend Jim Arp passed away a week or so ago. He was the only person of fame I have known enough to call him a friend. I will miss his wit and talent. 

     For today…

    OUCH I strained or pulled something in my shoulder. It doesn’t hurt all the time, just in some positions.  I was trimming a tree with a long snipper and pulled at the wrong angle.  Of course I have been told several times, ‘It is your age, stop it!’  LOL

    Our home base now is in NC. It has about an acre of land, mostly wooded and it keeps me busy. It is actually relaxing to pick up the fallen limbs and small branches, cut them up and keep a fire going in the put.  I have mentioned it before I love to watch a ‘camp’ fire or waterfall.

    We had looked forward to a camping trip in the foothills of the Blueridge mountains. Nada,  While ibn Iowa we had hoped to get into one of the three parks near Lancaster, PA but as I mentioned in another post, it is hard for members to make reservations now, MOST all thousand Trails RV parks are full.

    So towards to end of our stay in NC I met some yellow jackets in the woods. OUCH again. My arm was healing nicely but fighting the YellowJackets I moved my arm too much too fast.  Again, I am told you know you are OLD!  

    AAAND the day I got the news about Jim, I took a good fall. Yep, again I am reminded, YOU are OLD.  I am starting to believe that stuff. LOL

    WE took two days to drive the 450 miles to Southern Palms at Eustis Florida. The arm was ok as long as I used my left more than usual as I drove.

     Methinks, although it is too HOT here, I can’t get into too much trouble, and maybe my arm will mend faster. I have been typing this for a couple days now.  We shall see.

    Nite Shipslog

    PS:  Thank you all for being here…  Smile, life is better for me (on the road)…. 

    Murphy is home, walking some and smiling a lot. He can take a bath now that there are NO tubes or lines attached at all. YEAH!

    Friday, June 14, 2024

    Murphy doing well, cannot say the same

     Just a note, Murphy is doing well with the heart transplant.  We learned his original heart had only two chambers, and the normal heart has 4 I believe, if I remember right.  His body is having to get used to the new blood flow, and is doing it well......

    But as for me, I strained my right shoulder a few days ago cutting small tree limbs, making it hard to use my right side. Yesterday I took a good fall on to the same shoulder.  My right arm is now immobilized to  allow healing.   I am learning to use my left arm more.

    I was quickly reminded of my dear friend Mary Ann, who has messed up her right arm MUCH WORSE than mine.  Laughingly she told of the toilet problems and the right handed person learning to use that left hand. LOL

    Now I KNOW. ;-)

    I will be reading but no typing for a few days.

    This is nothing life threatening of course, just an imposition. LOL

    Nite Shipslog.... until later

    Saturday, June 8, 2024

    Murphy update.

     Just a note .  We were touched by the many comments, here and e-mails.  Especially blessed by your comments here and prayers.

    YES, this Murphy is a fighter and had a host of 'Team Murphy' here in the area.

    His chest has been closed, A biggie I understand.  Then the even bigger one, the removing of the breathing tube.  His dad was no duty the night before but mom had went home for a much-needed night off. Traffic delayed her return, but the Medics held up the BIG MOMENT of removing the breathing tube and bringing him around after the EXTREME SURGERY was completed so both parents would be present when he opened his eyes.  She arrived a few minutes  later and the PROCEDURE was done, the breathing tube was removed, and he was 'allowed' to come out from under.  They all smiled with joy,  when he opened his eyes and smiled then his first  words were:


    Oh yes, I will not give his name here now, but the donor was a sweet little three year old boy who had a strong heart but a life losing disease.  The scene was so touching with the donor's family taking THE LIFE-WALK to the surgery with their son. Family, staff and friends lining the hallway.

    TEAM MURPHY announces so far everything is on track and of course they all know that recovery is a tough road.  Prayers continue.

    Love you guys, i will be back on line soon......

    Nite Shipslog

    Tuesday, June 4, 2024

    Miracle Workers (Doctors) & Murphy, An amazing kid,

      A picture from the Past.

     Mom and Dad Kiss the Murph years ago after a successful surgery.

    For Today:

    I have actually seen a miracle and been receptor of one, once.  But that is beside the point.  Today it is Murphy, he is 12 or 13 yrs old. He was born with a bad heart problem. In his short life he has had at least 4 open heart surgeries but can still bubble with laughter and smile. 

    As I type, he is recovering from a heart transplant he received last night. They reported the surgery went well and he is now resting. Murph is Sherry’s great great nephew.

    Isn’t amazing what the medical profession can do now. Do you remember EVER thinking of your heart at ten or twelve? The only time I can remember thinking of it was when I had run or climbed hard and felt it really beating.

    Murph has a great attitude and is a winner.  The family KNOWS. Loves and appreciates the fact that someone died for Murph to receive the heart.  They feel the person will live within Murphy.

    Below is Dad & Mom (Chuck and Casey) with sisters Reece and Emma Kate.  The big guy in stripes is Murphy.

    Family and close friends were with Murphy 24/7 during the wait, they were "Team Murphy".

    Let me tell you that I was overwhelmed when I heard all the preps that must go on, for about a week or so now the family was housed at the hospital, keeping Murphy READY, waiting,  because as you can understand, this procedure is time sensitive and must be completed ASAP.  You know there must be some stress here.

    The family is so grateful and say prayers are still needed and appreciated.  They are so thankful to God and all who supported them in prayers.  So, I ask if you do pray, mention good ole Murph. If you don’t pray, think of him in a positive way.



    Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog. I think we all would rather be home no matter how humble, than be in the BEST Hospital in the world.

    Thursday, May 30, 2024

    WHY we stayed at Bear Cave Campground?

      A picture from the Past.

     When we met President Johnson...

    OF COURSE WE MET AT THE DC WAX MUSEUM HE NEVER MOVED! He was very cool and very stiff, as all wax presidents are.(LOL)

    For Today:

    We were always leery of ‘RV clubs and condo agreements’. I have heard so many horror stories of trying to get out of a ‘lifetime’ agreement.  Our friends Don & Evelyn are members of a camping club and were/are very happy with it.  I looked into their group online and found a lady selling a membership, she was from Kentucky.

    Instead of doing it online, we found the home office and went there. When I told the secretary we wanted to purchase Mrs. Jones membership, she said something that should have raised a red flag, she said, “Great, she has been trying to get rid of that for years now!”

    Anyway we bought in and have enjoyed MORE than we actually paid for.  Our membership cost about $750 total, with low yearly rates.  Mrs. Jones had paid thousands of $ for it.

    Bear Cave is one of the membership parks, and Elkhart is just down the road, so this was ideal for us.  If we were to pay for our time here it would cost more than our yearly dues! So, we still cannot complain, too much.

    It is getting tough to make reservations at our membership parks due to other programs that Thousand Trails initiated to make money.  That is what they are in business for, to make money. LOL

    This membership is a lifetime agreement.  We MUST (they say) pay the yearly dues even if we do not use any of the parks.  I keep thinking when we decide to quit this life, we can surely GIVE this membership away.  LOL  But then again,  maybe that is what Condo agreement folks say. LOL

    Have you ever had a membership or agreement, you could not get out of?


    PS:  Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here and we really never did meet LBJ. ;-)

    Saturday, May 25, 2024



    At a rest area in Kentucky, after the big rain.

    For today:

    I just wanted to tell EVERYONE WHO WISHED US WELL, That it all worked out.  HWH fixed our problems and at less cost than we expected.  Everyone was so cordial; you wouldn't know you were at a big corporation.   

    WE arrived early and they took us right into get it fixed.  WE were actually on the road the day of our appointment.

    The return  trip was rough. We were in over a hundred miles of VERY hard rain. Most drivers were either stopped or driving with their flashers on.

    BUT we arrived at out NC home and are sorta relaxing.  THANKS to everyone who was following the episode.

    Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers over this nearly 2000 mile whirl wind trip.

    Nite Shipslog

    Monday, May 20, 2024

    Iowa, home-state of Corporal Virgil Jensen of Kirkman.


    Pic of the day:

    Note: Gas today in Iowa, $2.95 9/10 per gallon.

    From The state of Iowa:

    I mentioned Virg in the title. I met him on Parris Island and we spent my whole tour in the USMC with him. He was from a farm in Kirkman. We all envied his 1955 red/white Ford Victoria. I tried to locate Virg and never did find him. But with the inter net and heading back to Iowa I tried again. Sadly I learned Virgil lived a good life but passed away a few years ago.

    Of course we met many people from different states in the military.  Amazing to me how many Men and Women from Pennsylvania join the military. WE keep in contract with a couple. Dan from the USN and Dallas from the USMC, both fine family men and men wo love their country.

    Those not clear items on the side of the road is a fence we passed with many old satellite receivers collected and put on a farmer's fence. 

    The Illinois and Iowa farm land goes forever, and beautiful to view.

    BUT for now we will be out of contact for a few days maybe. We are near Moscow at the HWH factory awaiting a call for them to troubleshoot our problems.

    Will return when we know something. (and have our internet back )

    Nite Shipslog

    PS:  Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better for me (on the road)….

    Saturday, May 18, 2024

    Radio and Rock n Roll

      A picture from the Past.

    I wish I had learned to dance, got time? Check these out, dancing and great 50s pics.

    I have tried for over an hour to  get these on but no luck BAD signal...

     For Today:

    From Sherry's trivia questions today, Name the first Rock and Roll song to make the pop charts. 

    I remember it well because my clock was set to go off at 5:50am on school days. Rules for Broadcasting were very strict at the time, not one word would be on the air before their allowed time.  WBT was allowed to broadcast starting at 6am.  

    My program of choice was “Groans by Jones” my radio clicked on at 5:50 and I would lay there waiting for a single ‘cough’*** at 5:55, most mornings it was right on the minute.  Then at 6 exactly I would hear, ‘This is early morning songs from, Groans by Jones’ then a song.  One morning he said, “This is Groans by Jones, I am sick of hearing this song, and by the time this program is over, you will be sick of it too. For the next hour he played Bill Haley and His Comets doing, Rock Around The Clock repeatedly only speaking at the required times of Identifying the station and making the paid advertisements. I listened as I got ready for school, 7am I headed down for breakfast, then to school.

    I have wondered many times if any other DJ did something crazy like that?  Radio was big in my early days. I spent 5 to 5:30pm  Mon, Wed and Fri, listening to ‘The Lone Ranger and Tonto’. I sat breathlessly as I listened to the “William Tell Overture” I loved that music, having played it many times in  school bands.

    At nights it was 3 or 4 of these 30 minute programs: ‘Fibber McGee and Molly’, “Your little immigrant Luige”,  ’The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Criminals’, Beaulah, Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, It pays to be Ignorant, Abbot and Costello, Amos ‘n Andy and the Shadow.

    WE sat or laid around and WATCHED the RADIO. Imaginations went wild.  The sound effects they used were great. We never had a TV in our house as I grew up, Sherry did.

    I have said before, the first place I watched TV was in a local Fire Department where the Firemen allowed the local boys to watch ‘Howdy Doody’.

    The TV is still big, but the ‘telephone’ is fast taking over there.  LOL


    PS:  ***DJ Jones used that cough to let him know his Mike was alive…….

    Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here Except for the Cell signal it is spotty at best….