Monday, April 15, 2024

Today in NC

 For today:

I have a part time job now.  I walk the next door neighbor's little Poodle . I am not sure, methinks, 'cause she looks like a poodle. .  But she is a feisty little girl or old girl.  On my walk today I saw so many wildflowers I decided to pic a bouquet for my sweetheart.  I took these three shots neither sow how pretty it is:

I am also cleaning more in the woods. we lost two walnut trees over the winter and I cut them down and make firewood out of them.  I am fearful we have two large ones that died and could be dangerous. I will get the binoculars our and see if I can see any leaves springing higher up, I sure hope so.

Take care. I have been very busy. Sorry I have not been around as much lately..

Nite Shipslog.

PS:  Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Spring in North Carolina

Azalais' are blooming! Dutch kids about to kiss behind the bushes!   

PIcnic area showing folwers

 Enjoying spring and hope you are.  It looks good for a trip to Buchanan, Michigan and getting the coach repairs done.  TAke care and be safe.  I am not much of a cameraman.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Good Dr. Visit

 Pic of the day:


Graceland in Memphis, our first stop on a cross country trip in 1993 I think. WE had Sonny & Collette with us and Collette was one of Elvis's fans.


For today:

I have been asked, “How did it go?” (My long awaited pappygram)  Everything went good. Everyone was very nice and concerned. After all the tests, the Dr. came in and after introducing herself, she said, IT IS NOT CANCER! Then she smiled and said I know that is the top questions in someone’s mind when they come here for these tests.”

Smiling she continued, “You have Gynecomastia. “

Ah ha, you are saying, like me, that is a relief I know exactly what you said, I THINK! That is an everyday word around my house (NOT).

What the heck is that you (and I ask)? Well I will tell us: It is enlargement of the male breast with prominence of the normal fibro-glandular breast tissue behind the nipple.

That certainly cleared things up!  So I think I am growing titties.  I might be changing into a female of this species or,  as the doctor said, you are getting OLDer and losing testosterone (better than losing my mind (again)).  BUT, but what that REALLY means to me is this is nothing to lose sleep over and definitely not life threatening.


I do appreciate your prayers, thoughts and concerns, they were not wasted, I feel much better.

Now that I am no longer concerned about immediate follow ups, we can plan on focusing on the coach problems and possibly plan a trip or two.

I already have made reservations in Michigan, just above South Bend, for the first of May. IF and that is an IF, we can get an appointment with the repair facility.

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.  

Monday, April 8, 2024

Social life

1950 Ford Crestliner, this was on nice looking car.

 I will probably be away for a day or so.  We attended the funeral and several of the class members wanted to get together so that is Wed.  My DR. appt is Tues and we have another RV'er's get to gether then Thursday.  I am so much in demand... LOL

We were thinking of heading to Moscow Iowa in the next week or so, but I have found a place in South Bend, IN that says they can do the job.  WE might just go there.  These decisions are tough on my old head. LOL

See ya later and thinks for stopping by....

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Sunday, April 7, 2024


 Just stuff

Pic of the day:  This was a brand new car when Sherry's class GRaduated.  1956.  WE also got married that year.  LOL


 1956 Ford.  I sure would love to cruise around in this dude.

For today:

I think I have fixed my own problem on my mower.  I asked the expert, He said he would have to see it to see what my problem was.

I had an idea and I think it is working. I have it ALMOST whipped. LOL

WE attended the funeral today and a lot of good things were said about Roy Gene Young..  He was a good guy. One of Sherry’s classmates became a dentist. I like to talk to him.  I mentioned to him again, I will never understand how a dentist can work, especially drilling using a mirror.  Everything is backwards.  LOL

One other classmate said to the big crowd of 5 classmates.  ‘Half of our classmates have died now.’  Of course, Evelyn and Sherry will get the annuals and check that out.

Before they left today, they all agreed to call other classmates and get together for lunch or dinner this week.  I have a feeling it will end up being these 5 couples at the dinner.

One of her classmates just returned from 7 weeks on a tour of Australia and New Zealand.  His wife did not go. She is afraid to fly so he and a buddy made the trip.

It generated more thoughts of going to Ireland, the dude is older than I am and Ireland is MUCH closer than Australia.

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.  

Saturday, April 6, 2024

This and that

 Today I worked to weld my riding lawn mower deck.  I got the job done, a real welder would laugh at the job. Yes honestly, but it will work. However, I cannot get the drive belts back on.  I am thinking a few years ago I would have finished in half the time.  It is hard for me to say, I can't do that. BUT,  I guess I cannot. It really hurts my feelings. LOL  It is only one final belt, I took it off while doing the job, so I know it should fit.  But If I would look at the job for the first time I would say that belt is too short, it does not fit, but I know it does!   

I also KNOW that something is wrong with my head, LOL  I had ten or more corrections in the above paragraph. LOL

I AM HAVING PROBLEMS typing. as you can seem looking at my screen now.  I seldom look at my screen and am surprised when I do look. I am now in Italics, and I should not be.  I had four corrections in that last one line.

Imma quit.  I love all you crazy people who read this.  But I must say good night.  OH WAIT!

We have a funeral to attend.  A friend of Sherry's and a classmate has died, and we will be attending his funeral on Sunday.  Also, our Granddaughter has a problem, and I will go over and replace her Ice machine feed for her refer. 

That line burst, I went over, and the three beautiful ladies had the mess taken care of, but the line needed to be replaced. The girls present were our DIL Corinne (my sweetheart). Sherece our granddaughter and Stella our GGranddaughter.  they had the problem under control. Corrine was at the Water meter with tbe special tool to cut the water off.  Most folks would not have known what the tool was supposed to do.  BUT THEY DID.  I am proud when I see Ladies surviving without male help, some of which should have been there.

Nite y'all. 

Friday, April 5, 2024

I miss real e-mails

 Pic of the day from the past:

Our family at Papa Doc (Francois Duvalier)'s grave site with an eternal flame. Papa was the dictator of Haiti for many years. We bummed a ride on an Embassy flight to spend a day in Port au Prince.  Baby Doc (His son) took over at Papa's death. He was the dictator when we were there.

  For today:

On the average day I get 125 to 200 e-mails. I delete pretty close to 99%.

For a deaf person e-mails were great for communication. BUT now most of my receipts are spam.  I think Bill Gates was right at one time when e-mails were starting.  He suggested charging a penny or two for all e-mails over 300 a day, or something like that. That way the average person would never have paid, but the spammers that shoot out thousands  to millions a day would have had to pay to invade my computer. LOL

Now communication is big-time TEXTING.  I like that too, but instead of talking on a phone behind the wheel millions to millions are texting behind the wheel. I see so many people passing me and texting at 70-80 mph.  Each person figures I can handle this, no problem.  Much texting is done at traffic lights, and in a normal day you might miss a traffic light because three people in the ten car line were texting and did not realize the light had changed.

It isn’t smart to text and drive….

And we all do things that aren’t smart at times. One of my favorite snacks at night is crackers and milk. I love to crush saltines in a glass and then add the milk. I have heard that many great recipes were discovered by accident, such as adding a spoon full of the wrong ingredients.  Well Last night I was preoccupied and poured green tea over my crackers. Not a lot mind you maybe 5 tablespoons worth before I realized my mistake. So remembering hearing about mistakes making good stuff, I just finished with milk. Guess what?  That mistake was not one of the good ones. LOL But I made it okay.

I am sure you haven’t made a mistake snacking or cooking.

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Thank you all for being here… and being YOU


Thursday, April 4, 2024

On the Road

 Pic from the past:

 My brother and his sweet wife Ruth. about 1943

For clarification. We are in NC!!  I drove the rest of the way without running off the road (too far). This post i thought went on last night...

For today:

We made about 300 miles today and are at Point South, SC, for an overnight.  It was a good trip even if most of it was in the rain. Traffic was good.

We will only travel 200 miles tomorrow and be at our only stationary home in NC.  We sold the last place we had in Florida to son Mark.

It is up in the air what we will do in the future.  It is impossible to find campsites for an entire winter in Florida unless we rent one site for the entire time.  That gets real expensive and as every one knows I am a tight wad or does skin-flint sound better?  LOL

A couple times we found it was easier to invest in a home where we could park the motor home, and later sell it and get our money back.  Once we never moved into the house and had a place for the family to come to vacation and go to Disney or one of the Theme parks in Orlando.

Speaking of that Sherece brought Stella down for a visit. They went to Universal for a day, Did you know it was near $500 for a day for 2???????

I waiver at thinking what it would cost a family of 5 for a week at Disney along with all the meals at today’s prices?

Well I wanted to touch base while we are on the road.  It does feel good and I made it thru Jacksonville, FL in the traffic (40-60 mph) and rain without hitting anything except rain drops.  Pretty good for 85 yrs old, huh?

Y’all take care..


Nite Shipslog


Thank you all for being here… and being YOU. Jacksonville is the largest town we drive thru on this trip. We bypass Savannah, Columbia and Charlotte.


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

I just don’t fit

 Photo from the Past:

 Stella is down here with our beautiful Granddaughter Sherece, visiting her grandpa and us.  

This is the Stella $ bill

 So for today:

I do not understand!,,,,  Why would anyone who is financially strained, take their car in for a complete cleaning and pay up to $100 for what is now called DETAILING! Why not clean your own car?

Why will some men buy a 20,000 to 40,000$ boy toy on credit ?

I could go on, but I won't.

When I paid someone to cut my grass, it was just a way to give them money they needed.

I cannot go any further.  I just do not fit. I get confused at what is considered NECESSARY now; when in my past it was considered, EXCESS, impossible, for the average man/woman.

I am not talking about someone who has worked their entire lives and now reaping benefits.  I am talking about those near bankruptcy.  Folks who feel they must shop stores for name brands, when IMO they should check out thrift stores for clothes (even the named brands), to save THEMSELVES some money. "Going broke to Keep up with the Joneses" it was once said.

Sorry, I am ranting, but Sherry & I are financially sound in our retirement and are enjoying many perks we planned and saved for. I thought in my old age we would be foot loose and fancy free, travel ’if we liked’ and enjoy that nest egg for which we saved and planned to have.

BUT the year 2023 will go down as the worst year of my life. I am just so tired of being sick, beat down mentally by problems that are, as far as I can tell, no fault of my own.

                Above Friends Dallas and Marian met in 1956

Things are getting better, we hope to visit friends in Pennsylvania this year, we have missed them for a couple years.  We would also like to get to see Dan & Joan and the play ‘Daniel’ at ‘Sight and Sound’ near Lancaster, PA this year.

We have had a chance to see several plays here they all have been Fantastic!

Disregard my rant, (I know that isn’t possible), but things are looking some better for us…..

Nite Shipslog

PS:  Thank all of you that read here. I enjoy comments and appreciate it as I read them. Y’all are the BEST! Thanks for the times you have let me cry on your shoulder…..

 Sherry said THANKS too, said she was tired of carrying me! LOL

Monday, April 1, 2024

My sister Shirl or Tag..

 Pic of the day:


For today:

A few years after her hubby Jim passed my sister Shirl    met and enjoyed the company of Smoky Coe. He had a band and was a guitar player. He had been a lot of things in his life. Once He had a music production studio at one point and wrote songs also.

Smoky had a strange sense of humor dead panned, I know you  know what I mean. He invited Sherry and I out for dinner one evening with Shirl and himself. There is a VGood steak house in Stanley, NC called the Woodshed. Entering he said, “Order anything you want, but I hear they serve the best hot dogs in the country.”  We all enjoyed a laugh.

Shirley taught me to ride a bike, skate and jump rope. She once hung me 'n my cousin Bob and a friend on the clothes line to dry out.

Shirley met and became friends with a ‘society’ lady in town. The friendship ended abruptly one day as they talked.  Shirl told her the man I am seeing is well known, bragging she said, “He was the first to record songs for Randy Travis.  He even wrote a couple that Randy recorded.” Shirley said proudly.
“Anybody could write for Randy Travis!” was the retort!

Funny, that did it.  LOL  They never ran around together again. ;=)

My good friend Billy told me when I mentioned Shirl was seeing Smokey, he said, “Tell Shirley to drop that guy, he ain’t nothing but trouble.”

Fortunately neither was very serious and it allowed Shirley to fulfill a dream of hers, she had always wanted to be a singer with a band. I never did see her perform, but I heard she was good. She was good on the piano, accordion and a very good singer. She and two girls won a talent contest and appeared on TV in 1953. 

Smokey’s daughter built and moved to Amelia Island in Florida and added an apartment for him.  He tried to get Shirl to move down but she did not want to leave NC. That basically ended the relationship, and she did not get hurt as had been predicted.  Both Shirley and Smokey passed away within a short time of each other.

BUT She had a chance to do the drums, keyboard and sing entertaining seniors in our area.

I smile at her nick name, Tag. She did not know that the last lines of a song, often repeated at the closing of the song is called a ‘tag’. When they told her to tag a song, it had to be explained to her.

Shirley stopped by our Motor home on her way to a country singing engagement.

Shirley and I were the Last of our family, she passed so now I am the ‘last man standing.’

Nite Shipslog


Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.


Sunday, March 31, 2024

Can you see it?

 Pic of the day:


I wanted to delete the top one, but as I have said, If I delete it I will lose it.  the top is our home actually a duplex titled as a condo  The other side is it in reverse.  You can see our RV behind.
Above is where we live in NC
  The lower is a single home exactly to the plan of the one above.  without a basement. They liked our home and wanted the same.  This was for Sherry's sister Lennie and her hubby Elmer.

For today:

Many years ago I read a quote of Michelangelo as he stood before a huge chunk of marble. As he stared at the marble a friend asks, “Michelangelo why are you looking at that marble so intently?”

“Oh, I’m sorry I did not notice I was staring, but I see an angel in there, I MUST assist his release!”

Some people cannot see a finished product until it is ‘out of the marble!’ I found the same in homes, as I built. Some buyers could see the finished product, before the painting, floor coverings etc.  Others could not see it until it was finished.

I mentioned Luke Vegas and smiled at Myra’s comment.  She remembered when Luke was in college and needed a place to live. Sherry & I converted a storage building to a one room efficiency for him.  He called it the ‘Dog House.’ Truthfully, he could not see the finished product, but loved it once it was finished.  I think he learned something. He worked and went to school but the boy actually saved $16000 dollars by his early 20s.

The Charlotte chapter of the Hell’s Angels was selling their Headquarters, a dump. I mean a real DUMP. But Luke saw a house, a home. He borrowed a little money and put that with his savings and bought it (abt $20k). I helped a little with the plumbing, but mostly with the help of his dad Mark, it is now a nice home on a big lot. It would sell in the 260k$ to $350k range.

Most of the time in the building business, I have been blessed with the knack of seeing what really fits on a particular lot. Or how a run down house would look with some small changes and a lot of work.

I always liked the big ‘A’ frame houses, but never saw the lot where it looked like it would fit, so I never built one.

Below is the type homes I built. I seldom went over 2,000 sq ft except for our own. I like the 1200sqft 3 BR 2BA houses, with a simple roof line.  They are not built anymore.

Below is the show off house during construction, I built for my brother and his wife for retirement:

WE are heading to that home at the top in a few days.  Not sure how long we will be there, Thanks for coming to our 'mobile' home here in FL for a visit.  Please come back. ;-)

Nite Shipslog


Thank you all for being here… and being YOU.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Changes in life, you cannot avoid them, try to enjoy them

  A picture from the Past.

 2nd row from the top 2nd sweetie from the right.  Yeah she has always been cute!  I think she had a crush on the teacher..

Sherry's first man teacher, Mr. Bolick, 7th grade.

For Today:

You TYPISTS remember typing documents with multiple carbon copies.  REMEMBER fixing a mistake or adding a change someone thought of AFTER you typed.  Man oh Man word processing is an answer to prayer.. LOL

Once at a Real Estate closing, the contract had a small error in it. The attorney had her secretary change it and printed a corrected one and 6 copies. It took less than 3 minutes.  There was a time the entire contract had to be retyped because corrections were not allowed on contracts.

I mentioned diapers and washing in a previous entry. I was born/raised when mama washed with a washboard and heated water in the black pot in the back yard..

She was so relieved when daddy got her a ‘wringer washing machine.’ I was about 4 yrs old the first time I got my fingers caught in the wringer rollers, OUCH! I never did again. Now how wonderful it is to have a washer and dryer, no clothes to ‘hang on the line!

Most folks my age remember a pot belly stove in the living room and a wood stove ‘range’ in the kitchen. Two heated rooms in a home. Lots of those heavy quilts to cover you in the cold Bedrooms.  Everyone hated to use the cold chamber pot after you were warm under those quilts. Central heat was a dream come true.

When A/C’s first came out, only the well-off folks had them. NO Schools I attended were blessed with cool air, we had big fans on a stand to circulate the air.

Down South especially, I watched school busses pass our school taking the black kids to their school. I was never fortunate enough to be in an integrated school. Before school my best friends were ‘colored’.  I am glad I did not see them have to go to separate schools. We moved to the city at my first grade. Like it or not, integration was a very good thing.

I remember the phone when we had party lines and the operator asked, “Number Please?”

The dial & push button phones were a good change. 

  BUT this old man does not like learning the GREAT changes I must LEARN when we get a NEW phone.  LOL I am sure my grandkids like those upgrades, but the changes have out-distanced my mental abilities, mostly!

Y’all take care and remember (some) change is good, whether we like it or not.  What change makes you smile or puts you on the wrong side?


PS:  Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here. Except the new phone!!