Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you have a debt ceiling?

This country’s politicians make me sick. They play for votes with people’s lives. They play for their jobs by using blame.  Americans are so used to blame, we think that fixes something. I’m sort of a logical person. A couple things happened in my life to ‘open’ my eyes early.

I never played cards growing up. If a deck of cards had been in our house, it would have been considered a ‘sin’. On my first cruise I was a married ‘man’ of 17. Aboard ship card games were one of the biggest past times. Time and time again I heard the words, “Hey Jack, a seat is open, pull up a pillow and join the game, We are playing 5- card stud.”DogsPlayingCards1xzzc

That always sounded exciting to me. ‘Five card stud’. Sounded sorta Cowboyish, and I have always wanted to be a cowboy. I saw guys raking in pots of $30, $50 and even around a $100. My monthly pay was about $90, the USMC took $50 of that and added $41 and sent it to Sherry to live on, so my monthly pay day was about $39-$40, a little more than a dollar a day.  Therefore winning a pot sure looked good.


I knew the names of cards and knew the Ace was a high card and a 2 was low. Face cards were good stuff, but nothing about the combinations. Hey,I’m a fast learner, so what the heck, I finally gave in. They promised they would take it easy on me and teach me. Within an hour I had lost nearly a month’s pay. As I said, I am a FAST LEARNER, so I quit.


“Aww come on back jack, you are just getting started, you will win it back on the next hand.” When you are losing that sounds like it will work, but most of the time it does not.  I never did learn to play cards  but I learned what the word gamble meant. It means you do not always WIN. I licked my wounds, but learned you should never gamble if you cannot afford it.

million dollars

(This is a million dollars in $100 bills)

I had plenty of offers of loans to get back in the game, but something said, “You have to pay that back, what if you do not win?”

Loan sharking is real and rampant in the military. They loan $5 for $10, $10 for $20 etc. Many guys owe their entire pay check when they get paid. Then borrow more.

I read today that our government politicians borrow 40% of what the gov’t spends! ARE  THEY STUPID? AND THEY (we) ONLY PAY THE INTEREST, the principal never goes down. 

TRY THAT AT YOUR HOUSE, many do and they go bankrupt, and the banks lose. When the banks lose, the investors lose, when the investors lose, the public loses.

It has come to a head, time to look at what you owe. Some one figured that if 14 trillion $1 bills were stacked up they would reach to the moon and back.


(Those are regular size pallets doubled stacked with $100 bills, we owe 14 of those now, think we can pay it back?)

Are we gonna pay China back the money we have borrowed? Not on your life or in your lifetime, we cannot, unless we quit spending. And then still not in our lifetimes, or even our children's.

Every penny earned in the USA for a year is 10 trillion dollars. So if we all send in everything we have for a year and a half, not pay a bill and not eat a thing, we could pay China back. Are you ready?

The entire planet has $30 trillion dollars earned a year. We owe half that!

A sad state of affairs, and the fools still argue back and forth, it is not about the country, it is about REELECTION!!!

Reelection of a president and congressmen, not the country. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU, UP IN WASHINGTON!

I may never publish this, I just wanted to get it off my chest!

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Will Rogers, who died in a 1935 plane crash, was one of the greatest political sages this country has ever known.

There are three kinds of men:

The ones that learn by reading.

The few who learn by observation.

The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence

and find out for themselves.

I have put this on before, but it makes me feel good! So here it is again.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love Cornbread and milk

(BREAKING NEWS: We just recieved an e-mail from Corey! He apologized for worrying us and his family there. He says he feels like a pickup truck is parked on his chest (from the reviving). He is tired and now resting. We are very very happy for the news, God be with Corey!) I didn't tellhim but his little brother will probably go up side his head when he is better!!! LOL

Sherry brags on my soup so I will make more of it. Not that she minds cooking, just that it is a break for her. Usually she doesn’t allow me to cook when we are gonna have company. But I did fix soup when we had Mary Ann down. Sherry offered to bake a pone of cornbread, but I told her I would fry it on the top of the stove.

Well, that became a mess. I usually make about a half amount so I can flip it to brown both sides. But I forgot and made a bunch. I used the cast iron pan on the stove top, but when it came time to turn it, I knew I could not flip that whole thing so I took another frying pan, put it on top and tried to turn it over you know I lost some of it into the stove top. Shucks. Anyway it did not turn out too great so I got out the old standby soda crackers. Both girls ate my crummy crumbly corn bread, I did too.

I had the left overs in a ziplock bag and dropped it in the trash. Knowing I love Cornbread and milk, Sherry smiled and said, “You would love that with milk later!” I retrieved it.

cornbread2cornbread and milk

(This is not my snack, I stole this from ‘Blind pig and the Acorn’ Blog.)

She was right. I just finished it and it was delicious, I was proud of the crumbly stuff! For some reason I prefer to eat my cornbread and milk out of a glass instead of a bowl, I have no idea why, except it allows me to drink the last part. LOL

Another country thing I like is molasses, we hope to find some up here in the mountains. Maybe we will go to a flea mkt and check.

Wear glasses? I think everyone has hunted them and they were wearing them or they were up on their head. I was looking for my drying rag (drying towel) for the dishes, it was no where to be found. Sherry said, “why not use the one draped over your shoulder.” (grrrr you gotta love that girl)

Thanks for coming this way

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Laugh at your problems, everybody else does,

or you could:

Make crime pay. Become a lawyer

This old 58/59 Plymouth Fury would get some stares if you drove it around on Sunday afternoon.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Life, unfinished

I knew a kid once, he had bright red hair and a mouth full of silver capped teeth. a ready smile and laugh. One of the most mannerly kids I ever met. I never knew his exact IQ, but probably higher than mine. Potential to be anything.

Scanoldphoto3 059

Scanoldphoto3 059 - Copy


I remember so well, he was a great companion. When his brother Ben was born, at Walter Reed, the family  lived on Columbia Pike. It was within walking distance of a McDonalds. Most of the family was at the hospital, Corey and I walked out to McDonalds. He could not decide what he wanted so we ordered one of everything on the menu to celebrate the birth of his brother. We had a great time.

Scanoldphoto3 045

Later in life I ran a catering truck, translated in NC as a Roach Coach. Corey sometimes rode with me. One of my stops was Holman and Moody. They built race engines for NASCAR. When the Boss man saw Corey, he went inside and ordered everyone outside to the truck. “Look at this Kid, I just wanted everyone of you to see a real boy, not just a kid, but a real boy!” The boss was as red headed as Corey.  Corey stuck his chest out and stood as tall as a boy of 5 could stand.

Corey, like his younger brother Ben was a very mannerly kid. Although divorce stuck its ugly head up, you could never stop loving Corey. He was not blood kin, but we, nor our son, ever made any difference. The first night we met Corey, he crawled up in bed between Sherry and I and slept, he accepted us as Grandpa and Grandma, from the first minute we met.


He grew to be a handsome young man. He was always witty and brilliant. He has two brothers here in NC, they were getting to know each other. Here they  are out in Clearfield:


Corey, Jack, Josh, Ben & Steve= jack’s boys

Corey is now fighting for this life, at the young age of 34. He has 5 wonderful kids. Our prayer is that he wins the fight, our prayers are for him.  We and his family in Utah would  miss him.


(Bridger, Chase, Corey & jackie)

He had found his true love, Her name is Jackie (same as mine) they were married a short while ago. When we visited he seemed so happy. The sky was the limit. Life was good.  What happens? Only God  knows for sure. All we know is if he loses this fight, we will miss that great smile, and his ‘I love your Grandpa’.


(Grand parents: Jack, Sherry, Joan & Richard)

New Folder (2) 052

He is the apple of Grandpa and Grandma Workman’s eye. They are having a rough time. Remember them. They are great folks. Corey loves them to death. Carol, his mom, is devastated. She had passed her bright red hair on to Corey. She has cared for and loved her boys, this is her oldest.

scan1982-84 015



(Corey’s Mom Carol with her grand daughter ELSIE MAE)

Ben, his younger Brother, our first blood line Grand son text’d us to ask for prayer for his brother. Benjamin is the apple of my eye. The brothers are close. They confide in each other. They have worked together in construction. Ben admires his older brother, and is heart broken at present.

If you have a relationship with the Lord, talk to him, ask him to touch Corey and comfort all those who love him. He is the kid with hair the color of a Mediterranean sunrise.

The details are unimportant, just that he is fighting for his life. His immediate family and his extended family are hoping and praying for miracles. This man has such great potential, he can make a mark.

GOOD NEWS: AS PER HIS MOM:   After bearing ‘pronounced’ three times in one day, Corey, is alert and talking!!!!!

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts,

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Will Rogers said:

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

The last time we saw Corey he was proudly showing us a beautiful house he was working on

Trip to Coreys 008

Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you could be anything, except what you are, what would you be?


Someone asked this on a forum I frequent, and it was interesting. I enjoyed hearing what the men and women would be if they were offered the opportunity.

When I say pull!

(Ok Sherry when I say pull, you can get me down!)

For my self, I would love to be a surgeon or and Astronaut.


(too late to change my mind?)

In reality I have no regrets about my life, it has been great. It has had low moments and some highs. Big disappointments, but Bigger surprises and accomplishments.


(Look Sherry, no hands!)

I have realized over the years that I should have tried to further my knowledge thru education.  I have attended two colleges (one twice) but never long enough to get a degree.  Early in life I certainly did not have the patience(nor finances) for a Doctorate in medicine or the push to become an astronaut.

Iwillbe home for lunch

(Hey baby, look at this neat vehicle, I’ll be home for supper!)

I know most of you are like me, satisfied with your life, but on a whim, since  you have had time to think, What would you like to be?


(Okay crew, we do my ears next, be real careful!)

Thanks for coming this way!!

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lemee outta here



Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the outside.

This is a Chrysler 300 1956 vintage The year I could have started college, if I had worked hard.. hahaha


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cars, old , Classic and just some mean metal

(I am putting the entry on early, not sure of the signal in the mountains, getting two tires for our home then heading to cooler temps.)

Shirl knows I love old cars, or just classic cars. She found a place called ‘Today’s Classic Cars’ cars on consignment. We took a tour. We had a ball. Shirl had been in Charlotte for 50 yrs. I have been in and out all my life. BUT things change. She had no problem finding the place and we walked in, awwwwww my favorite car in the world was sitting  there:

cars from Charlotte 003

a 1953 MG hill climber. Just $30,000. (I think Shirl is getting it for me for Christmas! LOL)

Walking down the line we saw a Studebaker Lark

cars from Charlotte 004

And some older VW’s

cars from Charlotte 005

The girls love the Corvettes

cars from Charlotte 006


cars from Charlotte 007

Especially this 55 or was it a 60? There were so many beautiful cars. Thunderbirds when they were actually THUNDERBIRDS!

cars from Charlotte 009

This Monte Carlo was the most perfect car.

cars from Charlotte 012

For all of us, this Rambler Ambassador was a treat, That was Dad’s pick of cars.

cars from Charlotte 032

We had a discussion on the ‘57 Chevy below, Shirl was tellling me about when she and dad were looking for her a car and he was not about to pay $3000 for a ‘57 Chevy

(This one was priced at about $60,000)

cars from Charlotte 014

My favorite car growing up was the ‘55 Chevy this one was only $45,000,huh?  But the red is nice!

cars from Charlotte 015

This Hot Rod had a flat, Shirl wanted to fix it, She is a fixer.

cars from Charlotte 020

Like this Jeep she wanted to fix where the Squirrels had eaten the fire wall:

cars from Charlotte 023

This was  great shot of my girl and the ‘40 Ford Pickup

cars from Charlotte 025

A yellow 1941 Pontiac, a neat classic, I never remember seeing one.

cars from Charlotte 026

But the real classic, a 1940 For Coupe. Bobby Ferguson of Belmont had one of these, a jet black one, the nicest in town. He would probably frown at this color.

cars from Charlotte 031

There were more cars than I can show, BMW’s, Mercedes, Ford 500’s etc. You can see the corner of a beautiful ‘49 Ford here beside the ‘56 Chevy Nomad.

cars from Charlotte 024

The funny thing was when we left. We decided to stop at Starbucks to be ‘cool’. But we could not find it. Shirl took us a tour of that side of Charlotte until we found it. We had a great time laughing and cutting up as Shirl whizzed and done u-turns in traffic. 

We found it, had a snack and headed home. It was a good day. I just love old cars.

Thanks for riding and walking with us.

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The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself. (boy do I know that!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Spirit of The fighting Yank

Tomorrow a tour of great cars but today:

I moved to Belmont in 1954. I attended School at Belmont High (Presently Belmont Middle School). The one thing that impressed me and I liked, was a military statue dedicated to the men who had died in WWII. It stood proudly on the South Side of the High School Campus. It was a soldier about to lob a grenade. I called him Iron Mike,  I don’t know why, It just seemed to fit.

fighting Yank

I never loved the school as my wife and others who graduated from Belmont High do. My welcome into the Belmont educational system was less than stellar. When I left the halls of academia I had top grades but a record number of detention hours, even less stellar.  I have said for years the only thing of value that I received from Belmont High was a wonderful wife. Of course I shouldn’t say that negatively, getting her was like winning the lottery.

But no matter the negative feelings I had about Belmont Hi, I always loved the fighting Yank, or my Iron Mike. This weekend some low life destroyed and decapitated The Fighting yank. I feel like starting a reward fund for the apprehension and hanging of the individual that completed that dastardly deed.


The Spirit of The Fighting Yank was erected in 1946, in the early 1950’s someone stole his sub-machine gun and it has never surfaced.  But he has stood proudly and been photographed thousands of times with different classes or their superlatives.

It is hard to believe anyone would do this, but it has been many years since there was great pride in the accomplishments of WWII. Many do not know so they cannot remember. I remember brothers, cousins, uncles, in-laws and friends of the family who fought, one died.

I guess it is a sign of the times, no respect for what was paid that we could be free.

Thanks for reading this.

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The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors to reveal their identity.



The jeep has historically been a great asset to the military, but men like Iron Mike seldom rode in a jeep, they walked. Their feet were their best friend after their weapon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Googling can make you mad

I was wondering how much it cost to fly AF1. I would guess that it takes every penny paid in taxes by everyone who reads this blog, just to crank up AF1 for one minute.


It costs from $181,757 to $214,000 for one hour of flight. In other words you could buy a very nice home for the cost of one hour. WOW. 8 houses in an 8 hour flight.


(What a way to see Mt. Rushmore)

Our presidents love the plane. I have a close friend who flew on AF1 for a few years. I also have another close friend who worked in the basement of the White House for a few years. You would be amazed at the planes and people who accompany any trip of the Commander in Chief.

The past few presidents have upset me no end. Mr. Clinton spent 233 days out of the country in his time as president on 55 trips. Billions of dollars. Next was Mr. Bush. He spent 215 days out of the country on 49 trips. It is predicted if Mr. Obama continues his record setting out of country trips he will double some. We are talking Billions of dollars.

Had they stayed home we would still be in debt, but it would help, me thinks every little $million saved, helps.

I look at things on too low a level. I see my taxes being spent on one half days phone calls. How many tax payers does it take to pay for a $300 million dollar overseas trip?

Our presidents are  easy targets, the politicians (BOTH PARTIES) fly planes just about as expensive. And make overseas ‘fact-finding’ tours. They have 26 planes at their disposal.

congressmen jets

Things have changed since Mr. Truman finished his tour as president. At that time He and Bess got in their car and drove to Independence, MO. He did not leave as a millionaire.

Harry & Bess

Think any President would even consider that now? I liked the old Missourian. He blamed no one, and is famous for the sign in his office, ‘THE BUCK STOPS HERE’. Now it is everyone’s fault but mine!

Anyway, as I said you get mad when you search for some facts.

Thanks for reading this mess.

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The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust. 

(I googled that, wonder who weighed it?) (Ok I should have googled that!)

51 buick lesabre

This 1951 Buick LeSabre would be one to sport around on Sunday Afternoon.