Thursday, July 21, 2011

Talking hands

While in the military I was privileged to drive and ride in many different countries. Each country is a little different. Italy and Sicily for instance are countries where traffic jams bring out the worst in drivers with hand signals and horn blowing.

zzitaly jam

The little Greek Island of Corfu, was the most laid back. While Great Britain seemed to have the most polite or cordial drivers.  Jamaica was a little wild, unlike England the parent land.


(This is a 3 lane Autobahn it doesn’t look much different than our interstates)

France and Germany the fastest drivers by far. Once I was trying to keep from getting run over and Sherry asks, “Do you have any idea how fast you are going?” She is holding a calculator in her hand.

No, I am just trying to keep out of these folks way.”

You are doing over a hundred miles an hour!”  Of course I slowed down.

Arc de triumphs

But, I must give France some credit. Having never driven in Paris, of course I was lost. Sherry is a great map reader. I was approaching the huge Arc de Triomphe,  when she said we need to turn right in two blocks. I was six lanes over. I put on the turn signal and in one block I was over six lanes. Try that in NYC!!!!

messina sicily

(This looks like Messina, Sicily)

But by far, hand signals (nasty motions) are more prominent in Sicily.

Heck, we all use them. Even on the phone. Do you use hand signals as if the guy on the other end can see you? Most folks do. I remember seeing a girl in Wal-mart that I thought was crazy. The store was not crowded and she was walking down a wide isle just making all kinds of movements with her hands, and talking to herself. I found out in a little while that she had one of those Bluetooth ear mold cell phones and she was talking a mile a minute.

Many times we use hand motions to make our selves clear when talking to some one in our language, but it becomes a challenge to make enough signs & motions to converse with someone who does not understand your language.

Hand signals are very important to us, parking the motor home. Most RV’ers know this and will let the folks who are parking, PARK. About one out of 20 times we park, someone will come over to help. Most of the time Sherry will just give up and let them try. We work together, we are a team, she can put in some tight spots , she directs well.

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Procrastination has it's good side. You always have something to do tomorrow


Isn’t this wooden car beautiful?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Campers are the most courteous folks I've ever known. My camping neighbors are always giving a hand to anyone that needs help. Here a home I rarely even get a hello from my neighbors. They don't even bother to wave a hand as I pass them by. Strange isn't it? I love your description of procrastination. I do always have something to do tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!

Dar said...

Great entry Jack! Bill and I were just talking about how well little Ben, the one that will be turning 4 on Aug. 'turd', as he says. If we can't understand him, he annunciates as clearly as he can, gives up on us and starts with the hand signals and gestures. He's already a great Charade's player, leader of pantomime. lol
I agree with MA, campers are the most courteous!
Have a great day and thanks for the magic link.

Lucy said...

You 2 have seen a lot of country together. Talk about memories. You must have some wonderful ones except on the street's and highways. That looks like taking your life in your hands. Our camping trips were usually, where can we pitch a tent.

Paula said...

Wow moving over six lanes in one block did you say? I would be needing that s--- handle badly. When I drive in traffic I hum. Of course you know anything more then a country road it traffic to me.

shirl72 said...

Charlotte is getting to be a bad place to drive.
I fought Brookshire Freeway 15 years. I think it made me a better driver---learn to drive
with no nerves. Brother you and Sherry sure
have been around the world.

PS Driving in Atlanta is pretty bad. I loved to hear our BIL tell about driving in NY he said he
would just hold his hand out and go.


Anonymous said...

I once saw a lady driving while talking on the phone. It's okay to gesture while you're on the phone, but when you have to turn the steering wheel loose to do it, that's a little much!

B. Knox