Friday, July 15, 2011


Of course no matter where we are if we have time we drive out into the surrounding country. South Georgia is beautiful, even in the hot summer. I guess that makes good peanuts and pecans. And if there is a Dairy Queen around we can find it.


At the next exit South, there is a Dairy Queen. Sherry always gets a kick out of ordering a ‘Pu caan cluster Blizzard. They usually ask is that ‘Pee Can’? Or will turn and say one ‘Pee Can’ cluster.  Cause down here they grow Pee Cans. Not to be confused with the ‘Slop Jar’. haha!

I prefer the Tropical Blizzard!

This is by no means making fun of an accent, I don’t think I have heard an accent that I did not like.  I enjoy traveling in different areas and hearing them speak. I really liked them ‘You Pers’ (U-PERS) up in Northern Michigan.

I never told Dar and Mel they had an accent, even though they made fun of mine. Slim & Bill didn’t have one.

Now the one I really enjoy, and sometimes it must be interpreted, is the Mainers, or Maine-i-acs.

oglethorpe Albany ga

We lived for a few months just a little north west of here in Albany, Ga, that is ALL-bennie to the locals. I was looking for a used truck, and got directions from the owner:

“Foller 19 Sou till you come to the far tar then rite. I ain’t far down the road.”

That one I got a kick out of, interpreted it was: “Highway 19 South, turn right at the fire tower.”

In all our travels, when we return to the south, I am still shocked that folks down here DO NOT KNOW they have an accent! But them folks from up north talk funny!

A traveling Life has been enlightening, an education in food and language. Someone said the other day, if we had lost the Revolutionary war, we would have been speaking English.  Now I love the British accent. When visiting London just talking to the local folk was a thrill. I also found in Jamaica, they speak the ‘King’s English’.


(I think you know this, from London town, BB)

Language is interesting, I kick myself because I did not learn another language. I would have been speaking French fluently, if Sherry had not sat in front of me in French class!! (I was totally distracted by her Tail, Pony tail folks, PONY TAIL, hers was nice.).

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn't smoke unless it's heated above 450°F

This is a wooden car.  I tried to find the mahogany Rolls Royce but couldn’t down load it.



Rose said...

Then you would love teasing me with my Boston accent! LOL

Love that photo of that car! LOL

Hugs, Rose

Paula said...

I just had my buy one get one free blizzard yesterday and it had pu-cauns in it. I wouldn't be caught dead eating a pee-can. Yes I love to listen to different people talk. I've been asked what happened to me because I talk faster then my siblings and that isn't really fast. San Antonio is in Bexar county pronounced Bear but out in the country there is a cemetary with the same name and it is pronounced Bex-er.

Helen said...

Hubby worked with a man once who said he was from All banny Ga. I didn't realize that I talked so southern until I listened to myself on a recorder. Couldn't believe it was me LOL. I like that old car. Helen

Fred Alton said...

Jack, have you ever listened to yourself talk? Like Helen, the first time I listened to myself I could not believe it. You've got me laughing out loud here now. Whenever we travel, Frances is the one who is noted for her accent. Once in Guyana, some young boys were visiting with us in the missions home. One said, "Bruhda Brahn-NEN, you does tahk gud - But Sista does tahk lak Don and Earl." For your readears that don't know, Don and Earl were southern gospel singers heard regularly over WSM of Nashville, WCKY of Cincinnati and XERF, Del Rio, TX! There about as southern as they come. ☻☻☻☻☻

shirl72 said...

I can't believe how I sound when recorded.
They record all our practice sessions and I
want listen because I sound like an old Lady.
Then I say I am am old Lady. It is funny that we don't sound like we think we sound. I had
French in school but I can't speak French.


betty said...

A blizzard on a hot summer day is so refreshing! I'm with Sherry, and I'm sure I said this before, but pu-can blizzards are my favorite!! never tried a tropical one; will have to do so some day soon!

in my line of work, I hear all sorts of accents and English as second language speaking doctors; I can pretty much handle most accents or attempts at speaking English except those from the Middle East who talk in a low monotone, I sometimes wonder if the patients understand what they are saying. But my favorites are the British accents. I think I'd never get tired of hearing them!!

stay cool; we have had a nice respite from the hot weather here, I think it didn't even get up past 75 degrees!


Y said...

You are multi-lingual if you can communicate in all our American languages. Richard (who is from the Bahston area) says that they have no accents in Boston (Bahston)but that the farther away you get, the more accents people have.