Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remembering what you could do in the past, that is being old.

I remember when I could run 4 or 5 miles. I remember when the 70lb pack did not seem too heavy. Shucks, I even remember when I had hair.

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A startling thing hit me in Dawson Creek, on the way to  Alaska. It was daylight around the clock. I told Sherry if I lived here I would work myself to death. That is because I remember when I worked from sun up to sundown.

I remember when washing and cleaning the car was not a task, because I was picking up Sherry. (Now she sorta hints it is time to clean the car!)

Sherry was the only girl I ‘went with’ after I got my license. It wasn’t long until we were going steady, so I remember a lot of great times in that 1948 Chevy convertible.

Yeah, we are old now, in our 70’s. We both remember fondly running the beach at Surf City, NC. Funny remembering back, we spent a lot of time alone on that beach. It was deserted. No houses along the shore, just huge dunes to climb and over look the ocean.

We remember the time Sherry almost drowned at that beach. Not a fond memory.

Then on our first anniversary I was ashore at Saros Bay Turkey and Sherry was in Belmont, NC. I remember looking across the beautiful Mediterranean, knowing after Gibraltar, there was the Atlantic. The ocean that separated us. Even then I remembered the fun we had on the other side. She was young and beautiful, the girl of my dreams. I remembering crying that night on our anniversary (some things still bring a tear to remember.)

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(Always the same beautiful smile)

Sure I remember when she had long hair, wore it in a pony tail, a beautiful Southern Belle. BUT hey, she is still beautiful just a little older, and we will not be separated by that ocean ever again. I remember thinking, God; please don’t let this happen again.

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We were separated several times in our marriage, we both knew those times would come, they did not get easier, but that was military life, and that has passed.

All this comes back to me as we are here near Moody AFB. I see these young troops knowing they will be spending time in Iraq or Afghanistan soon or have just came back, I feel for them.  The sympathy is not just for the danger, all military troops know that is always a possibility, but I think of the loneliness once one has time to lie down to sleep, then the thoughts start flooding in.

Let’s remember the troops who are in harms way away from that beautiful lady or the Female troops who are away from that guy.

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Lucy said...

Isn't it strange how in my mind at least, we can think back, good and bad memories. For some reason I had this strong urge to write a line to my stubborn son in Texas that will not acknowledge my presence in his life. The strange part of it was, what just flowed out of my mind. I thanked him for all he has done for me in our lives together, and told him I missed him. I ave not heard from him but I feel better than ever.

shirl72 said...

Mamories, Memories I am glad for good memories.
Speaking of age the older you get it makes me
older. Wait until you get my age and tell me
about the running, jumping and even going up
and down steps. We may have to put an elevator
in the Condo and escalator on the deck. The old
body slows. My mind wonders and sometime will
not return.


betty said...

I enjoyed reading your memories of your younger days with you and Sherry (except the almost drowning incident, so thankful Sherry ended up being okay!) Memories are always good to have and to look back on and to share with the younger generation (if they will listen to them)

I do feel for the troops and the families separated by duty to their country; I'm glad people are willing to make the sacrifice to do so, but I do know, and you can attest, it is not easy for either one, the one that goes or the one that stays behind.

Hoping you both are enjoying a nice Sunday!


Paula said...

You were both such cute young things. I know that feeling Mel was in Japan during our entire engagement. Phone calling was too expensive back then and he was there 18 months. We wrote almost every day.

Helen said...

Some memories are good and some are better left along. As we get older memories come more often. Prayers for the military and their families and loved ones.

Fred Alton said...

I enjoyed this memory post. I remember sitting on the veranda at our rented home in Georgetown, Guyana, playing the guitar and singing, "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean". (Mom's name is Bonnie) Of course Frances was with me at that time. The worst part of being a missionary for me was missing my family and home here in the USA. In those days there was no internet, no e-mail, and we could not even get a phone. Had to go to the main "phone house" in town to make a long distance call - which was usually assisted by radio. What great memories!

Fred Alton said...

I also know those emotions as a young Coast Guardsman, stationed on an isolated duty station in Alaska - with Frances and our firstborn living here in Tennessee! Hot tears poured many times during that year.

Anonymous said...

You've led a very interesting life..with & without hair :-).