Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence does mean Free, there are Taxes

Here in America we are proud of our independence. We considered ourselves free. But every country must have some form of government, with leaders who are supposed to keep the people in mind. We elect representatives and send them to the Legislature that we think represent the values of the majority.  That is not to step on the minority opinion, but to ensure the government is most responsive to a majority.


Over the years, that dream has changed.  We have elected men who ‘appeared’ to be great folk. Someone with a heart and love for their constituents.  BUT we have sent folks who had their own agenda. Who lined their own pockets. Who promised the moon while selling out to some interest group.


It will never be simple again. When men left their jobs went to Washington for a few days to handle what problems had arisen. The back to their jobs/farms/or other occupations.


Being honest, the government has spent our SS money and Medicare money. We are now in trouble. Not my fault, not your fault, we paid our taxes, someone just miss-spent the money.

Now like yesterday, we cannot bring it back. How do we recover instead of going ‘deeper in debt?’ What ‘entitlements’ will have to be cut? Can you make the decision? Would you cut Farm subsidies? Yep! But others scream, NO!


Did you know there is a Yacht subsidy? Yep. Cut it!(You do and you cut 10,000 jobs), heck we can’t do that! 

We must have a million subsidies, each one protected by some lobby. Which will get cut? The ones with the least ability to YELL, that is who.

Cut Social security? ARE YOU CRAZY??????

Cut Medicare? ARE YOU CRAZY???????

Now it is financially a fact, raising the tax on the rich will not fill the hole. There must be more cuts, WE ARE BROKE and BORROWING TO LIVE!

The politician who votes to cut SS & Medicare will be voted out. BUT it will have to be done. I am not talking the folks who get $280-$900 a month, but the folks who are drawing the maximum, it should be cut about 10%. they could cut Medicare 5%.  No matter how much us old folks are gonna be up in arms.

Yet before social secutiry

(before Social security)

Sure I think all Government employees who make more than $200K a year should accept a pay cut. Including the President and all congressmen. This would do little to balance the budget because over all it isn’t much, but it would be a token of ‘showing we care’.

I’m just saying, SOMEBODY IS GONNA TAKE A CUT! or we are gonna borrow more from China to live on next year. Next year the same thing will come up, and it will be harder, because like Tennessee Ernie, we will be ‘deeper in debt’.

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1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's Chosen People.
2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.
4. Baptists or Mormons do not recognize each other at the liquor store.


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Fred Alton said...

What a revelation... Now I know why the Baptists can't find the Mormons at the liquor store! You cracked me up.

I know that cuts have to be made - but make those cuts out of those pockets that are above 200,000 per year and they won't miss it. Cut anything out of my widow Mom's S.Security or Medicare and she'll likely die soon. Really. I wouldn't let that happen as long as I have anything to help her with - but it's the principle of the thing. These high-payed politicians should tighten their belt a notch along with me.

betty said...

LOL with the Baptists and Mormons, I literally laughed outloud on that one!

I do agree Jack with cutting across the board and cutting salaries of people making over $200,000 in government. I have heard of many a company having their employees take pay cuts. We all have had to learn to live on less, they should too, LOL!

You always bring up valued points Jack, leaders need to start listening to the people they are leading, I think we collectively could help get this country turned around!!


Amelia said...

"Baptists or Mormons do not recognize each other at the liquor store."...LOL


Lucy said...

I am liking politics less and less. I think if they cut medicare (and mark my words, they will) and Soc. Sec. (and they will) that is so wrong. I read in AARP a while back that they could save money by letting old people die instead of spending money to make them well. We have worked more years than the young people going into Jobs, have ever thought of.I have worked all of my life since I was 14 until I was 62 and then after my son passed found another job and worked till I was 65. Now that I am 81, they want to let or hope I will die to save money for the fat cats in politics, I don't think so! I will die when ever I can't help but die but I will let the big man above decide when that should be. Lol on the Baptist and Mormons.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Your right...!!! know it will be you and me making those "cuts".....

Enjoy your Holiday...!!

shirl72 said...

We are in a mess and people will not wake up.
Spend, Spend, Spend and that will get you into
trouble. That is all the big boys in Washington
know how to do because it is not their money.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack..there were some shots of the Hale Koa on my blog but we stayed at the Outerigger Waikiki right on the oceanfront..we went to the Hale Koa for the was at the quiter end of the beach....both were nice but preferred the Outrigger.. :-) Lyn