Thursday, August 31, 2023


 Sherry read the blog and gave me a wave bye! She doesn't like to fly!   But it ain't cover yet. 

Oh, she reminded me we are older today.  It was our oldest son's birthday, he is 65 today.  I never expected to live  to be 65, much less a son who is now eligible for Medicare.  OUCH! 

We laughed a lot today, Jack Jr's son stopped by and brought him a BD cake, Chocolate of course along with ice cream.

Every time this comes up I tell about taking Sherry to the USAF Hospital in Biloxi MS.  The Dr.s took her by the arm and started thru some swing doors that said STAFF ONLY.  I asked quickly, "What do I do?"

The smarta-- said, "Go home, we don't need you, someone will call."

Before that night, everyone I knew at work and church was tired of me telling them Sherry was going to have a boy. I was so sure I put his name in the Bible with the Birth Month (August)  1958.

I told everyone at the church "It cannot be wrong, it is in the Bible."

But Imma gonna tell you I was sweating at about 9PM, Only 3 more hours in this month and I will have put the wrong month in the Bible.!

I actually got a phone call, "Airman Darnell, you have a sweet baby daughter, 7 lbs 6 oz." I said thank you and hung up!   I received another call in a few minutes.

"Jack, this is Joanne (?) that was a terrible joke, I am not at the hospital, As far as I know Sherry has not had the baby, girl or boy!  I'm sorry about the joke."

the joke upset me, but I was RELEIVED.....  But still looking at the clock...

An hour of so later I received  call that Sherry had given birth to a healthy son and they were doing well. And it was before mid night!  God does forgive ignorance.. ......  But you might have to sweat a time or two!!

It was Many, many years later at a reunion of the folks from that church and the pastor's wife, one of the sweetest ladies you would ever meet stood before the group and admitted that it was she who instigated that phone call about the baby girl. We still loved Sister Matthews to pieces....

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Shocked and also Surprised

  Car of the day:


The world famous German VW a real workhorse...

So for today:

If you are not paying attention, you will miss stuff.  There are things you do not look at every day and after a while it is FORGOTTEN.

I said to myself, I need to get out of this crazy mood. This is not me.  Maybe I can talk Sherry into another trip. We can fly into Germany and catch a hop to London. Sherry can see the changing of the guard and even Big Ben.

I would then like to travel to Ireland to see what I have thought of a lot over my lifetime. We have never been there but our Grands, Josh & Megan, flew over and used the bed and breakfasts in the area and had a wonderful time. I want to do that.

I know what is required to do that traveling, it is called a Pass Port. I went to the files to check ours. WHAT?  At first I had a time finding them, then realized THEY HAVE EXPIRED! That happened in 2021, where does the time go?

I should have thought of it earlier because a few weeks ago the word PASSPORT was news in our family. Nephew Rickie flew in from Saudi Arabia where he works.  He lost his passport and had a heck of time getting a replacement so he could return. He would have been in a mess since his wife is in Kenya and he must have the passport just to see his wife and daughters….  He did get an extension on his stay here and a replacement.  BUT that should have keyed a thought

about passports….

The last time we made a whirlwind tour and used out passports.  Above is Sherry with Buck and Alice at a castle in Germany.  Below is your world traveler on that trip, YEP, this is Paris and that is the Eiffel Tower in the back ground and we did not even go to it.  Yeah I'm cool ;-(  ......


Maybe we can get them renewed without making a new application….  Just thinking…. Will check….

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PS: I just checked and yes we can renew the Pass Ports up to 5 years of expiration. ;-)  Now to talk to Sherry later.....

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

I do hope

 Auto of the day:

Gas was cheap and service was always with a smile...

So, For today:
I do have some hope that this down side will pass.  Sherry and I were talking about the past.  I was lucky that dad became pastor of the church where Sherry was a member. I also attended the same school but a year behind her. She was older, but I caught her....

We dated listening to the songs on the radio of  Dean Martin, Tony Bennett,  and I am drawing a blank of names. I know we enjoyed many.

The songs of today make no sense to me, they are more  noise than music, methinks.  I liked the 50s when songs made sense:
"Awap bob a loubob a whap bam boom, tuti fruiti and  a good one that was just brought up today here at our house:  Bing bang, wally wally bing bang, Bink bang wally wally bing bang!!!

Okay all of them were not Deano's "Memories are Made of This".  LOL.

I am keeping busy, I spread 5 gallons of paint on concrete block today, in the basement of the apartment, condo, what ever it is that we own next door.  As I painted I reminded myself how much personal satisfaction I had when a Gen Contractor. This  duplex (which is actually by definition Condos) which is one of the many we built. 
I remember Willie and his crew as they laid these hundreds of block. We had some good honest sub contractors.  Willie has passed now and he was younger than I.

Oh yes, I did get the blood drawn today. It is off to the lab and I will see my Doctor next week. The nurse drawing the blood did a great job. I am amazed how they find that vein on the first insert.
I am smiling, if I remember right,  Lisa (Life Away from the Office Chair), over in Gtown went to school to be a 'Phlebotomist.' 
  Anyway they amaze me hitting that vein.

Thanks for the comments and the time you take to visit.  I hope one day I look back and laugh at myself. 

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Monday, August 28, 2023

I'm Old enough

The 1903 Ford was new when my Dad was born
 Below this 1939 Chevy pick up was new when I was born, cost about $550.

But right now I am on the down side of 84 and this is a 2023 Ford sales for ,$63,000

For NOW:

I am old enough that I can still remember working for 50 cents an hour. I saw gas as low as 13 cents a gallon once but the owner sold it for just the taxes during what we called 'GAS WARS'.  The price of gas was normally at 29 cents  but gas wars took it down to 17-21 cents a gallon.

A candy bar was a nickel while the Mars Bar, Mound and Almond Joy was ten cents.

Movies on Saturday morning for those great Cowboy movies was 9 or 10 cents. and you could sit in there all day if you wanted and see it over and over again.

I could enjoy a Pepsi and a pack of crackers or tater chips for a dime total.

I am back at my desk still trying to type on this laptop and hit only the keys I am supposed to, but I still hit the one beside it too.

Guess what I just ran into in a drawer, a roll of typewriter ribbon, some flash bulbs and a stack of 'flash cubes, remember them I do.

Remember the Polaroid?  The instant picture.  I read on Victor's blog that he remembered sending film off to be developed and wondering how many came out.  I remember that..

Life passes fast, but only when you are looking back. When I was in Boot Camp, I thought life was very slow.  When I was away from my girl on a Cruise to the North Atlantic or the Mediterranean, life went slow....

But now that I am Old enough to realize we all have 24 hours in every day.  We have the same amount of time every one else does.

Humans as a whole want to live to see tomorrow, if it would ever get here. HOWEVER life gets tedious during ailments. I know people who actually did get weary with life.  To the point they said, "No more meds, no more trips to the Dr. just let me go on my terms!"  Sherry's brother said just that.

I am old enough to understand that now.  I go for my Blood work to be taken in the AM.  I really expect nothing out of the ordinary.  I am puzzled at my condition, but I do not hurt. I do not have pain.  I tried to explain it to my sweetheart, "I feel like I am at the bottom of the barrel, with no desire to move up. Again my mama's statement comes to mind, 'I feel so unnecessary!' I know that sounds terrible, but it isn't.  I still get done what MUST be done but there is not a lot of joy in it."

 Sorry I can’t put it better, but I think I will come out of this funk one day.

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Getting ready to hit the road, Sunday...

 We seldom travel on Sunday,  The VA has given me an earlier date in Sept.   I am looking forward to this appointment very much. Lots of questions in this mind of mine. 

We will get home just in time for blood to be taken and have it back from the analyst by appointment time, so we need to get back to NC.

Take care and have a  great weekend.  Might see you Monday......

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PS: I have another important date in September, it is the 22nd.  It will be our  67th wedding Anniversary.  Looking forward to  that one.  There was a time  (most of my life) I never expected to live 67 years, much less be married to a beautiful sweet lady that long.  Life is mysterious, wonderful and full of questions.

Friday, August 25, 2023


  Car of the day:

 1928 Chevrolet, Brand new when Ralph was born...

So for today:

In the military those who decide to make it a career are referred to as ‘Lifers.’  I am the only LIFER on my side of the family.  Sherry had a brother and first cousin who made a career of the military.

Sgt Vernon Gomez Harris, Sherry’s Brother retired from the Army.  He passed away three years ago at 87.  We just learned that her longest living cousin, Ralph Hawes, just passed away, he retired from the USAF.  Ralph was 95.  He lived in South Georgia. He kept in contact with Sherry by phone. His last call was a couple weeks back and he sounded great.

Life is at best unpredictable.  We like to think if we are in good health we are gonna stick around ‘forever’ or at least until tomorrow or next week. Since tomorrow never comes, we tend to think we will be around a long time.

I have mentioned many times there was a Bar on Stock Island (in the Florida Keys) that had a permanent sign painted on the wall, “FREE BEER TOMORROW!” 

I never stopped there but I think I smiled every time I read that sign.

Rest in Peace Chief Master Sergent Ralph Hawes, you will be missed by your wife and sons and the rest of us the extended.

Both these men were decorated Heroes to their family and to the military.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Pastor Wayne Carter

  Car of the day:

Pastor Carter had a love for RV's and drove a pickup, you gotta love that guy!

He had been a race car driver before he was a preacher, good back ground.... ;-)


So for today:

Once on my blog I mentioned getting in the shower and forgetting my washcloth. I found Sherry’s funny looking flower/meshy thingy and tried to use that..

The pastor commented, “Brother jack, get Sherry in the shower with you and when she shows you how to use it you will KNOW how to appreciate it.”

A little background. Moving into new areas it is hard to find ‘that fit’ for you in a pastor and church. We moved to Tavares Florida and started looking for a church. We attended several. We visited “Praise Cathedral” in Eustis. We felt good there and as we were leaving the ‘greeter’ said, “Good to have you, come back!”

“We are new in the area, just looking for a home church,” I said.

Smiling big he said, “Then you will be back.” He was right.

WE enjoyed a few years history with Wayne, Juanita and their wonderful family. Wayne lost his sweet Juanita, and for a period he seemed lost of course.

A long time later he called and told Sherry, “I have some Joy in my life!”

To make this shorter, he had reunited with a friend, and married Joyce.  They are a great match.  Her deceased husband was also a pastor, so they were both familiar with the lifestyle of Pastor and wife.

I remember telling Bro Wayne, "It is nice to have a pastor older than me." (by a couple years!)

Wayne had some bad news lately. Health-wise, he isn’t doing well. Visitors are tough for folks who aren’t feeling well so we tried to make a short video and send it.

I tried to tell him how much he had meant to us, and remembered a sermon (how many do you remember?). The sermon was entitled, “You cannot be Right with God and wrong with man!”

At the time I had some hard feelings existing with a nephew and a former DIL. His sermon hit a nerve. Amazing how he explained what ‘hard feelings’ infest and grow in our lives. I went home and wrote two letters from my heart. It worked.

I now see a situation in my own family. Hard feelings between a Grandson and Granddaughter.  We are praying that they will have the strength to work it out before it festers and their children take on the same attitudes.

I have a lot to thank Wayne Carter for, but most of all I must thank him for being a friend.

If you pray, ask the Lord to look in on Wayne, he and Joyce are truly two of the ‘Good Guys’ in this world.

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Just Stuff

  Car of the day:

 The timeless British Mini Cooper,  We are seeing more and more on this side of the pond.

So for today:

We have our address listed most places as a PMB, or personal mail box.  I just received an e-mail from my bank that I am not taking seriously.  I get crazy e-mails, some say my package has been redirected, even when I have no package on the way.

The e-mail says I will no longer be able to communicate with them unless I list a permanent address. They give me an e-address to contact to change my address so they will be happy.  I will ignore it until I get some official note from the bank thru their internal messaging service.

If they are serious, I might just move my millions of $ to my credit union. LOL

Today was special, we went to the “SunRise CafĂ©” in Tavares for breakfast. It was good and great service. BUT, but it is still hard to accept that a simple breakfast for two with tip heads to the mid-$20 mark.

We are trying to stay cool in the heat of Florida, hope you all are handling the weather and staying fit.

My health is not great, I now weigh a constant 133 lbs.  Less than when I joined the USMC at 17 yrs of age. Hope to get some blood work and talk to my doctor soon. It is good to have a Dr. you can trust, and I can.

Sherry says I am skinny.  I tell her I am still purty!


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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cheap Throwaway cups…

  Car of the day:

Times were slower (and harder) then:


So for today:

I am guilty of holding on to a good solid plastic cup to reuse.  Also at times we hold onto one or two because of memories that are attached.

This comes about because we are staying in our OLD coach as we visit our son Mark.  He bought our coach and the trailer here in Leesburg.  Since this was going to be a short 2 week visit he is allowing us to use the old motor home, of course it is like home to us we lived in this coach for 15 or more years.

We did not bring a lot of stuff and are getting by with what was here,

In front of me is a plastic cup. It is from ‘The Lucky Dill’.  At least one person reading this KNOWS that restaurant.  Myra once recommended it as a good place to stop for a snack or sandwich.  We did and loved it.  

We made several trips to The Lucky Dill  with our sons when visiting Port Richey, FL on the West coast of Florida.

Funny how that plastic drinking cup has kicked in so many memories for our family.  I love it when someone recommends a place and it meets all expectations. Thanks Myra.

Speaking of Throwaway cups, we met a man a couple weeks back known as, The Cup Guy.  Art Cozart is amazing. He drew a perfect picture of one of our nieces while we had dinner for Nephew Rick, home from Saudia Arabia.

Samples of his work:


I just read of a guy in California who does this and his cups sell for up to $1250 each.

Anyway, we do keep some ‘throw away’ articles.

Stay cool, and try to laugh today.


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Sunday, August 20, 2023

San Antonia and Paula

  Car of the day:  Our first MOTORHOME! ;-)

So for today:

We’re asked many times what places were the best to visit? It is hard to top driving the Top of the World Highway, ref. the Yukon and Alaska. One thing about that drive, it is a once in a lifetime occurrence. We will NEVER forget: Dawson Creek, panning for gold, Chicken, Tok, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Seward and other places up that way. Even landing a King Salmon on the Kenai River.


Some places in the USA have more ‘Points’ of interest than others, San Antonio is one. I cannot count the times we have ‘wandered’ thru there. Once we stayed at an RV park in a pecan grove, it was harvest time and we had all the pecans we could eat and pick up.

Above sons Jack and Mark on Riverwalk below the boys and Sherry.

Oh yes! The Riverwalk. A great exercise in slow walking, people watching and shopping in the various unique shops/stores. 

Some people get romantic and kiss on the Riverwalk:

Your first time there you MUST take a tour boat.

The FAMOUS Alamo is walking distance.  The Little Red Barn Steak house is a great (HUGE) place for a dinner. (Paula told me of another Steak house and I cannot remember it!)


Waitress carrying  her 45 and the menu of the Red Barn.

Ahhh, here I am reminded of Paula (Late of Bloggersville); we enjoyed tales about her late hubby Mel.  She was known for her tales of driving the back roads in that area, and for solving mysteries of strange signs and gates she ran across.

We were fortunate to take her and John out to dinner there and she was just as sweet in person. Note here I thought was hilarious: John and Pauline shared the same ranch then the same house. She let me know once that they were not married, BUT THERE IS NO HANKY PANKY going on here. LOL That girl was special and allowed me permission to use some of her ‘silly’ poetry (Her words) in one of my books, The book ‘Toby’s Tales’ was adapted because of a turtle she talked to in her back yard.

You might like the Missions’ Tour, we did (A tour of all the historical Spanish Missions in the area, the Alamo being one). There is a Zoo, and a couple famous museums.

Interested in fun parks, “Six Flags Fiesta and A Sea World” Park.

We miss those ‘extended rides.’ L

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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Dishonesty or the check is in the mail!

  Car of the day:

Things are not always as they appear.....

So for today:

I have always been a trusting person.  I do not look for crooks or someone who MIGHT take me to the cleaners.  Of course like many others, I have met the crook and it was no good experience.

Like the man who approached our coach At the Flying J truck stop with a sad tale of a stolen wallet. He was an Airline pilot being transferred to Florida. It was a good story, we only had $200.00 dollars in cash and went to the ATM to take out $300 more for him. He would mail us a cashier’s check as soon as he got to Florida.

You can guess we never heard from him, he was good though and convinced us.

Then the contractor who duped our neighbor, a sweet widow lady. HE was going to make an addition to her house. She asked him, “Do you need any money up front?”

“Oh no mam, we never take any money until we deliver materials!” he stated humbly.

The next day they delivered about $100 of materials and collected $2000.  She never saw him again. She had no idea the value of the materials and asked me a few days later when he did not return.

It is a shame that there are crooks in this world. We have been cheated I am sure, but we survived.  It is the other person who has to live with what they have done in their lives.

I also like to think that churches should be up front with the finances of the church. When monies are raised for certain projects, it should be spent for that or an explanation given why.

 MANY people feel once they have given their money they are not accountable, but I want to know my donations/ tithe/ and gifts are going for the work of the Lord. Handling God’s money is serious business (According to my Daddy!)

I have heard ministers say, “The last church I pastored raising money was like pulling teeth, Thank goodness none of you are like that.”  I get the feeling at the next church he pastors, it will be me (us) that did not give enough. LOL

Y’all take care, watch for ‘em scammers, but always keep an eye but not so much that you miss that one who really needs a helping hand.

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Zat skeer you?

 Car of the day:

(Please do not use the cell phone and drive! It scares us other folks!)

So for today:

In the south that means: Does that scare you? When Matt was a cute kid one of his statements I remember was, ;Kere me! Was : Scares me! When surprised or blinded sided as a kid.

I just did something that I was afraid to do all my life, “I touched my eyeball.”  I was always afraid it was too delicate of something, I just did it to see if it still bothered me. It didn’t.

When a friend was telling me about having to get an injection in his eyeball by a physician, it made my skin crawl, eewe.

I have often told friends and loved one when they were facing a tough situation, “Pray about it and leave it in HIS hands.!”  As I said in a past blog, that is “Easier, easier said than done!”

Due to the pressing problem on our minds, I have “ALREADY” did that very thing myself, HOWEVER,,, I take it back so I can worry over it some more, I tell myself you are a ‘glutton for punishment!!’

My  best time IS: Sherry & I here in the RV, in the mornings after breakfast is the one on one talks.  I just told my girl this morning, That is it, I am thru being worried about what if’s. It is a proven fact that 90% of the things we ‘WORRY’ about never happen, HE takes care of it..

Now honestly, right now I believe that and am at peace.  Imma try not to be ‘SKEERED’ and start worrying again.

Does anything actually scare you?

There I said it,  pray , cause it is proven, I am very hard headed.

Love you guys that read this stuff. WE appreciate all the prayers that have gone up for us in this tough time.

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