Sunday, January 30, 2022

It will get WORSE!

 That Car:

'30s Bugatti. 

For today:

Our news media learned ‘If it Bleeds, it Leads!’ for headlines.  Now for many years they have added to that. They make a Nicer headline like, “It Appears Omicron has Peaked in the USA” and then add “but it will leave destruction in its wake!


Always adding the ‘BUT’ or ‘except’ in a few words.  I very seldom comment on any big news headlines but a few days one of the headlines hit me and I made this comment:

“It would be nice if your news people would for ONCE put a good Headline on your News feed without adding the part, “But everything else is going to hell.”

Imagine my surprise when I received a quick response from a computer, “Your comment is being held for review, you used language not accepted by our News.” That fired me up, I told the computer, “Funny that, since a sitting president used that term and you published it in 2” letters.”

I was never notified if it was finally accepted or not.  I knew it did not matter, they know this stuff and as long as it works it will still be used.

I know there is bad in the world to report, but I would like the % raised of the GOOD NEWS that is out there, BECAUSE GOOD is all around us. I see obnoxious and courteous people on the road. WE all appreciate the courteous ones and smile.  It gives life a sweet breather.

.........................     ..............

(This is was taken in the Blue Ridge Mts.  All the Grands' love George, he is like part of the family, here is Ben and Corey (Holding George).

Mark asked me when we hooked up and headed here. "Does George drove your tow vehicle anymore?".  George is my puppet; He was great to liven up kids programs. I would also put him in the tow vehicle rigged with one hand on the steering wheel and the other, using a series of rubber bands had him waving at those passing.


In Texas a lady came up to the driver’s side with a van load of kids. I noticed she slowed down until she was even with George in the tow.  Then she passed blowing her horn and all the kids were waving.  Once at an RV park in Nova Scotia a kid saw George and walked beside the tow laughing and pointing calling everyone’s attention to George.

 I got to thinking how much fun George and I have had and I think I will dig him out again and let him drive the SUV, he has never driven one. LOL

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Some just accept, the Curious ask

 Recycled Automobile from The Past:

 1938 Buick still in use

Info & bulletin: The street lights in Hershey, PA are shaped like Hersey's kisses.  Just to let you know there are not only Hershey's Kisses here but this old man is getting his Kisses now, she is WELLER!

For today:

Most in their teen years use things like the ‘zip-lock’ items without asking, “What did you use before?”

With google so available, Young people in HS and college cannot IMAGINE the work required for research to write an in-depth paper!

WE have discussed how simple it is with word processing to correct spelling or ‘insert’ a missing paragraph and reprint it in a document.

And then we can remember cycles of life!

 In our earlier time we recycled most everything.


Clothes were hand me downs until they were cleaning rags or put into quilts. Old shoe leather was used in many ways from farm hinges, farm implement brake liners to slingshot pockets.

Newspapers became drawer liners, fire starters and kites.

EVERY soda, milk and canning bottle was reused until broken. There were even artists who recycled the broken glass into things of beauty including stained glass windows.

Those bottles thrown away became treasures for boys like me to find and return for the deposits.  I bought a lot of candy with those pennies.

When a coat or shirt collar out my mama could reverse it in just a few minutes.

Auto mobile tires were recapped and car oil was cleaned and resold as used motor oil.

 Then we went thru a period of everything about being throw away.  NOW we are back TRYING to save the planet with re-purposing.

I really believe we can help our planet by cleaning the air when we can, and doing our best to lessen the weight of our trash dumps.

One of the biggest recycle problems in earth is vehicle tires.  I wish there was a way to grind tires to make better road surfaces. I understand it has been tried but so far unsuccessful.

There are some of us who are confused about ‘Global Warming and/or Climate change!’  Lastly some scientists now talk about a ‘wobble in our orbit and an Axis angle change’ thus changing the way the sun/moon effects earth, thus weather.


 Just yesterday scientists say the center of Earth is cooling at an accelerated rate. We will become a solid inactive planet in a few hundred million or maybe a billion years...... For some reason that didn’t bother me….


Friday, January 28, 2022


 Today’s automobile:

1941 Chevy First preacher's car I remember...

Thoughts for today: 

(I am well aware of demonstrative preaching, I was raised under it, my pastor is well practiced at it. ;-)  )

I am reminded of our first grandson Benjamin Aaron.  He was my buddy. I lined up his bottled lunch and treats beside me in the pickup truck before he was a year old, and took him out on jobs.  He was a good kid (grandson).

JJ and wife Carol separated. One day she was gone, disappeared. Took that little light out of my life.

I kept a recorder at my desk and talked to him most every day. I told him how much I missed him and what was going on at the time.

Carol had lived in Texas, they married in DC, she in the USAF. Upon discharge they moved to our area. Carol headed off to parts unknown and it was three years before we learned where they were. She sent two letters, thru friends in other states saying Ben was doing well.

When he was 5 or 6, Carol, the mother wrote and asked if we wanted to see him and his brother. If so we could get airline tickets for them, from Salt Lake City to Charlotte, and they could visit for the summer.  I could not get the tickets fast enough. She had moved to Utah from NC. The letters we had received were postmarked Florida and Ohio I think. Today we are friends and we have spent time in her home in Utah.

Anyway they arrived, we had a BALL. Ben and older brother Corey were the perfect little gentlemen. I had to admit they were well trained. Of course we spoiled them as much as possible. BUT for this entry it is the time at church I remember.

 WE had a very demonstrative pastor. Sitting in church, during a sermon, Ben pulled my sleeve and asked, “Grandpa, why is he yelling at us!” I am not sure if LDS Elders or Catholic Priests raise their voices as they preach & teach. ;-)

At the time I was active in ‘Children’s ministry’ and took him with me weeks at a time.  I used Chalk Artistry and was a magician and ventriloquist. So in church I did not ‘Preach’ as we fundamentalists say. . LOL


PS: I asked on a minister’s forum, “When did the standup, challenging, demonstrative preaching begin?” It has been three days and none have answered.  

 Seems our Lord taught with authority. They surly raised voices to be heard, no doubt. ;-)  But today we have the Amplifiers.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Crime of Opportunity

    Memorable car of the day:

         1935 Buick one beautiful car.


For today:  Crime of opportunity....

That is what it is called.  If you leave your car running when you get gas, or you leave it running in your driveway to warm up in the winter.  If your car gets stolen, CAN YOU BE ARRESTED?  That is crazy!

If the door of a bank is left unlocked during working hours and a crook walks through to rob it, is that the bank’s fault?

I mentioned in a previous entry that our little home town has a much higher crime rate than I could even imagine.  We see the news from back home as we travel.  Just this morning a man went out, started his car to let it warm up. He went back inside for his coffee. When he went out his truck was gone, stolen. Just incidentally his brother's ashes were in the back seat.

The reporter noted that had it been in Charlotte, just across the river, it would have been the driver’s fault, he had created a “Crime of Opportunity”.  Isn’t all crimes a crime of opportunity?  In my mind, meaning the crook thinks he can get away with it.  If he didn’t he would not do it.

My thinking does not go with the present world’s ideas.  I will be truthful, it might not be smart to leave your keys in the car, BUT if one does it doesn’t give the thief the right to take it.  The same with an unlocked house.  Fact is if a thief really wants your car he will get it with or without the keys.  Same with entering a house.

 Exceptions do exist...  In the newer autos with good security, with no keys and hand and finger print locks. Still not fool proof but definitely a challenge to the thief.

I once installed the strongest dead bolt sold at an owner’s request. Just a month later the home owner called me to replace the door and lock, there was a huge size 12-15 shoe print on the bent door and it tore out the 2x4s trim and frame that held THE DEAD BOLT.


It would have been cheaper for the owner had he left the door open. THAT is a SAD statement, but true.  He lost his valuables along with buying a new door and lock.

If I am not mistaken Taryterre's door was kicked in a year or so ago.  Scaring them half to death....


The bad guys are bad enough, without criminalizing Joe or Mary Citizen.   Oh well, just my wild thoughts for today.


Nite Shipslog

This and that…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1935 Ford pick up. We saw a man driving one of these a few years ago in Maine. I was a little envious...

(Posting a little early, headed over to check our mail)

For today:

Some things are hard to explain. How do you explain the look on a chocolate lover’s face when you say, “Chocolate is not bad, but why would you choose that over Butter Pecan?”

================    ==================

 “There are times you wish you could skip the children part, and start with Grand children!”   You must be privy to both to understand that statement!!

I do smile though, when I remember the proud, glowing look on Jack Jr’s face as he talked about his grand kids, then I knew he was NOT thinking when he said to ME, “But Dad you don’t understand!”  ;-)

There are things that are just GRAND.  And Grandchildren are just that, ‘GRAND!’  But then, like most grandparents, “OURS ARE THE BEST!”

I know it is hard for everyone to have the BEST, but some things in life, lots of people can have the BEST, such as children, Grandchildren and mothers!

-----------   ----------------------   ----

Now have you ever gotten a traffic ticket?  I have had a few. Sherry on the other hand has had a heavy foot in her life time.  There was a time when she drove a lot that if there was a car in front of her she just had to catch up and pass.  That was mostly on two lane roads. She would have made a good NASCAR driver.  She is a competitive person.

Strange because she has received only one ticket and it was a warning.  She was doing 18 in a 15 mph zone on the War College campus in Norfolk.

That reminds me that when we lived in Norfolk, VA,  Transistor radios were becoming popular. I paid $20 for one. WE used it at the beach and when leaving I left it on the  hood of our car. Up close to the wipers. I over looked it somehow. It stayed there all the way to the turn off to our trailer, and then I saw it slide off the hood and break into many pieces.

Have you ever left anything on the hood or roof of the car and drive off with it there?

(Also about Coffee houses in the UK. I mentioned in my last blog wondering. I just finished one of  Victor's books in it Father Ignatius met someone in a Coffee house for TEA! ;-)


PS: Okay Lisa, we did smile at your MO_LASSES comment!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Coffee or Tea

 Memorable Continental of the day:


 Looks like a '56 Ford......  And the last of the Continentals. There are some fads that hang on and some don't.                                                                                                         

For today: 

I was raised on Sweet tea, I never knew of ‘hot tea’ until I was grown and away from the south.

I have often wondered why the USA is a coffee drinking country vs Tea?  BUT Since we are, do YOU know good coffee? My girl does!! ME? Not so much. Mama allowed me to have what we called ‘soakies’. It was coffee with cream and sugar and I could dip biscuits (southern style biscuits) in it. I loved it.

I drink my coffee now black. I can drink day old coffee or some that has sat in the pot for hours. I guess sailors might get ruined on MID-Watch coffee.  My girl can tell the difference and many times during the day she has ordered coffee at a restaurant, “ Only If you have a Fresh Pot!”

(I saw this and knew Lisa of gtown had been here! She crochets everything!)

I don’t think I am addicted to it, if I miss coffee in the AM I do not get a headache, Sherry seems to if she misses morning coffee. (Between you and me, she is grouchy at times when I forget to prepare morning coffee the night before, just joking Sweetheart!)

 I like hot tea with my oriental food, for some reason.

 When I visited London I don’t remember seeing ‘Tea houses’,  Of course when I was there Starbucks did not exist. The one thing I did do in London was ride a double decker bus, but I had no idea where I went. The driver was nice enough to this ignorant Yankee and told me how to get back to Piccadilly Circus. Anyway I did not see any places advertising Tea as a specialty; we have coffee and coffee houses ‘pushed’ here in the USA.

I ‘accidentally’ went into several bars in the areas of Spithead and London. I watched and learned. EVEN if you think you are good at the game of darts, NEVER challenge a British Sailor, YOU WILL LOSE!  Many a US sailor has bought rounds of ‘warm’ ale for their British counterparts.

That is another thing. Beer is warm or room temp, over there! I did see a US sailor once ask for a cold beer and got one with ice cubes in it. ;-).


 Oh yes, another thing about over there.  They have a 13 foot tide in some areas, vs our 1-2 ft tides.  (Important to know if you ride a liberty launch ashore.)

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Monday, January 24, 2022

MO Lasses or molasses!!

 Those Continentals:

This is a 55-56 Oldsmobile

For today:

On NANA Dianna’s blog the gingerbread recipe called for ‘light’ Molasses. Sherry said “Print it!”

Oh boy, did my mind start to wander… GREAT memories of a child who ignorantly enjoyed life, not knowing what segregation and integration was!  My dad and mom were NEVER prejudiced. BUT the first 17 years of my life segregation was accepted. I never attended school with kids of ‘color’.  That seems strange now, but I do understand it.

When dad pastored a country church (where I burned the straw field), our closest neighbors were the Davis family. They had a boy my age and a sister Shirley’s age. They were ‘Colored’. At the time that was a ‘respectful term’. We played together caught crawdads, jumped out of the loft of their barn into piles of straw and manure. Played hide and seek and tag.

Above feeding the sugar cane into the rollers.

Cooking the squeezings in BIG pans

But in the fall, they made some delicious molasses or just ‘Lasses.  They made it by the gallons to sell. Mr. Davis put me on the mule that went round and round like a ‘merry go round’ turning the rollers that squeezed the sugar cane. 

This is a molasses mill we saw in Cade's Cove Tennessee.

I was raised eating molasses mixed with butter and using mama’s biscuits to sop it. Liking Molasses must require an ‘acquired taste’.  We have only one grandchild that really enjoys them and that is Granddaughter Sherece. Our sons like molasses.

Did you know you can’t have any Mo-lasses until you have had some lasses.  Once you have had some lasses then you can have Mo. Yeah I know it is corny but it was funny when I was a kid.

When I ate at the Davis’s home, I was not allowed to sit at the table, I had to sit on the firewood behind the stove cause Mammmy said ‘it weren’t fittin’ for whites and coloreds to eat together’.

When the Davis kids ate at our house they sat at the table that always confused a little kid.  I had no idea of segregation and how one sided it was.

I never liked ‘Black-strap’ Molasses (Molasses cooked twice more), they were too ‘sharp’ for my taste. I like what must be ‘light’ molasses.  They are not easy to find. (Funny, is/are Molasses plural?)

I just learned that Molasses originated in Africa, news to me.  

Nite Shipslog

PS: Some of the best Molasses I ever had came from cane grew by Kenneth Conrad in Missouri , then squeezed and cooked by the Amish on shares.

Volunteers.. Ignorance vs Stupidity

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1958 Chevy, The only NEW car we ever test drove (we couldn't have made the down payment! LOL)

For today:

The Red Cross has 500,000 volunteers worldwide. They are mostly just plain working folks. SO I thought, well the folks who lead this outfit are Rich folk who do not need the money, they volunteer for such jobs for free. Imagine my shock when I read that Elizabeth Dole was making 700-800K a year to head the outfit.  Now Gail McGovern is now the head with a salary of $700+. They do good in times of huge natural disasters.

I spent a lot of time in the military. I am honest when I say, I heard very little good said about the Red Cross.  Mostly from men on emergency leave etc. I never had dealings with the outfit personally.

PLEASE do not take this wrong. I do not envy nor begrudge the salary.  It is that I was ‘ignorant’ of that fact and on my level of thinking, just thought rich folks volunteered like poor folks.  Surely some do.

Sherry & I knew Bill Morris. Ever heard of him? He was the illegitimate #2 son of the famous W.C. Fields.  Well known and liked in our area. He volunteered at the local hospital until he died in his 90s.  

Picture of Bill at an interview when 94 yrs old.

Other things that shocked me:

1. Pay to Play in the UN. Just lately heard that Seoul Korea paid Iran’s membership dues in the UN for the past two years, a paltry sum of $16.4 million. Supposedly you cannot vote in the UN if your fees are in arrears. WHAT? The USA owes 2 Billion$ to the UN at present.(Are we an exception?)

2, Goodwill boss? Nice, yearly salary $598,300 with additional expense compensation of $118,927.  Very smart person with his merchandise stock being donations. Not fussing again, I buy at Goodwill at times. It is just things of which I have been ignorant.

3.   Salaries.. Did you know by law our forefathers demanded the president take a salary? Only 3 have given their salary away: Woodrow Wilson, JFK and Trump. At least 9 presidents lived off the salary, Truman being the poorest. The rest were wealthy. I smiled when I learned that Truman drove his car home to Missouri when leaving office.  A President is not allowed to drive in or out of office at present.  LBJ was the last president to drive on a public highway!

 Harry & Bess

Yep I am ignorant of a lot of things. Ignorance and Stupidity are two different things. (Most of the time). LOL



 PS: At times ignorance is Bliss, except when you don't see the train a-coming!