Friday, January 31, 2020

Closed, and on the road

The 1937 Coupe

 The Chevrolet above Ford below

The closing for the home in Deltona was set ‘late in the day.’ I don’t think I ever had a closing in the afternoon, most all were on Friday morning.

WE got a call from our realtor, Kathi, she told us that the new owners would be here last night for the final ‘walk thru.’ So we got to meet them. WE knew that with the closing in Orlando, it would be dark before we pulled out of Deltona. I don’t like driving at night. I asked the owners about us staying parked until Sat. Morn. They graciously said, that would be no problem.
The closing went well, that check is NEVER as big as it is supposed to be. LOL

So we left early in the AM. I kept thinking and mentioning that the traffic was going to be rough in Daytona and Jacksonville, and each time my wife (the one of us with a memory) kept telling me it was Saturday, not a workday! LOL

So we plan to drive north and overnight in South Carolina.  WE might just stay two nights and relax.

That little house has been great for us, but it is not where Mark would like to have a home, so he decided to sell.  There was no-strings attached when we gave it to him. He keeps telling his mom and me, “You can come down and park in my yard in New Port Richey!”  We will see what the future holds and our plans.
Right now we are headed home and will see some grand kids, grand dogs and the feral…STORMY DANIELS (I hope)  ;-) I have already bought her cat food, I am assuming she weathered the few months. LOL

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That permanent job

Wow I like this car:
                                        1935 Doreen

Now this:
This loan approval for the buyer reminds me of the first home we sold many years ago. The first offer came from a young couple. They had been approved for their loan and just before the ‘closing’, he took another job, it was a promotion. When the Bank learned of this they rescinded the approval. He did not meet the criteria of having been in his present position over 2 years.  We were all disappointed, but the bank stood their ground and we waited for another buyer.

That is when we were educated. We learned that no house is SOLD until the money changes hands; there are ‘variables.’

We are a mobile society. Very few people even own a house for more than 5-8 years, before they sell and relocate. In our early life people around home stayed at jobs for a lifetime. Boys left the South took jobs in Detroit and stayed 20-30 years, we were before our time, we have been mobile since we married.

So like everything else, lending institutions had to change their approach to home loans. They had to change to continue to serve a ‘mobile’ customer, or lose business. Many people will not buy, they do not want roots. They do not want to ‘get to know’ their neighbor. The draw back to the mobile life is the kids, they start roots fast, gain friends etc whether the parents want to or not. Then their lives are disrupted with the moves.  I know that because I was moved a lot as a kid, therefore I did not take that into consideration with my sons, because I disrupted their lives by moving them.

 I was so busy with my life, I did not think of the boys.  I really regret it. With my life style I don’t know how I could have done different, except be more aware and understanding.

Now in my later years I see the difference. We associate with Sherry’s friends that she spent her first 17 yrs with.. At times she talks to me like I know everyone she does. ;-)… The most I spent in any one school was 3 years.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

I was Wrong or Good ideas gone wrong

That Car Wreck:

 The attorney below  will let you sue someone, even if you are killed.

There was a time attorneys could not advertise...

There was a time companies were limited to the size (too big to fail). Congress decided ‘too big’  could monopolize the market MA Bell was the one example I remember. As a child our class was taken on a field trip thru a phone company.

(Note: were you ever a phone operator? Blogger Paula has asked "Number Please?" many times)

Lemme tell you, I never before nor since have seen so many wires. Watching the operators, Ms “NUMBER PLEASE”, in action was daunting.  Anyway back to MA Bell. The majority of my life I questioned, Can anyone compete with the “Bell Telephone Company Inc”? Now I know.

There was a time Detroit ruled the world in Auto production.

Yep there was a time….. I actually agreed with congress. There was a debate about that first sentence of this blog. Yep Attorneys were limited to ads like the yellow pages. When I read that congress was going to change that, I didn’t care. I thought what can that hurt? I have learned that at times I only think SMALL….

You may not remember when Attorneys were referred to as “Ambulance Chasers.”  Referring to lawyers who built their lives finding accident victims and helping them sue someone, for ‘half the fee’ it was said.

Well if you lived in Florida you would understand why some wise person thought the attorney should not advertise. Our roads are literally “LITTERED” with ads like those shown here.

NOW I understand why someone felt this was NOT a good idea. As I say many times, “Like Jim Bakker” I was wrong.
(Forgive the over load of bill board pictures!)

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PS: YES! I know there are times a lawsuit is NEEDED but these signs do become litter!.

PS2:  About Smells, Myra you are right! The smell of Buttered popcorn draws people like a magnet!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Smell This!

Autos That Smell!


For today:
Sherry just mentioned the fresh smell just after a summer rain, yep, sweet. As I get older my sense of smell isn’t as good as it should be. I smoked for many years; I think that might have dimmed that sense of smell some.  But this morning I am smelling pinto beans cooking.

So I know later today I will smell ‘canned Salmon’ and we will have salmon patties.  I always wanted to eat a salmon caught in Alaska and cooked on the banks of the Kenai. Sooo I actually did catch a king salmon on the Kenai river. I was fishing with my BIL Dick. Dick was a great cook. He could do fish like no one else. BUT when he cooked my dream fish, I was disappointed. 

You see my mama required canned Alaskan Pink Salmon for her salmon patties or our breakfast of Salmon and eggs. Sherry and her mama was the same.  I could eat that whole can of salmon. So when that salmon, caught in the wild and cooked on the grill was served; everyone bragged on it, I stayed a little quiet. It was not as good as the canned salmon I was used to. I still cannot believe I had trained my taste buds and smell so well. But back to today, later I will smell corn bread baking.
There are smells good and bad humans cannot forget. You will never forget the smell of SMOKE once you are trapped in it, even briefly. You can smell a skunk hours after it does a spray, even if you are not the victim. But then there is fresh baking light bread. Oh yes, I smell Chanel #5 all I can think of is my Sherry.
There is a BIG class action law suit against baby powder. With that in mind, I remember ONE OF THE BEST SCENTS of my life. Following our son Jack Jr’s bath, Sherry dried him and used ‘baby powder’. Just seeing him lying on the bed kicking up those little legs, grinning, laughing in a clean diaper and I relished that smell. That was one of the top moments of my life, bar none.
How is your smeller? 
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PS One last fish car:

Monday, January 27, 2020

Life is good even if my thinker isn't.

Autos of beauty
 They were called "Woodys" Some had real wood, some imitation.
For today:
Unusual for me, I have started three entries tonight and none seemed to work. WE are in limbo here in Deltona. We still do not have a closing date on this house. We met the appraiser for the buyer’s new lender. He was a nice guy. He said he would probably take about a week to complete the appraisal.

Once the house is closed we will leave Florida and head north. We are disappointed not to finish the winter here, BUT I will get to see Stormy D. and see how she has survived and hope son Zorro is still with her.

Maybe my neighbor Jim will reconsider and sell us the land adjoining our property and I again can start thinking of building that LAST house. LOL

I hope tomorrow my head is working better. Thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it.

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        PS: Just got the call, Closing should be this Friday!