Monday, January 27, 2020

Life is good even if my thinker isn't.

Autos of beauty
 They were called "Woodys" Some had real wood, some imitation.
For today:
Unusual for me, I have started three entries tonight and none seemed to work. WE are in limbo here in Deltona. We still do not have a closing date on this house. We met the appraiser for the buyer’s new lender. He was a nice guy. He said he would probably take about a week to complete the appraisal.

Once the house is closed we will leave Florida and head north. We are disappointed not to finish the winter here, BUT I will get to see Stormy D. and see how she has survived and hope son Zorro is still with her.

Maybe my neighbor Jim will reconsider and sell us the land adjoining our property and I again can start thinking of building that LAST house. LOL

I hope tomorrow my head is working better. Thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it.

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        PS: Just got the call, Closing should be this Friday!


betty said...

Yay that you have a date for the closing! I do hope for an update on Stormy and Zorro once you return back to North Carolina! Let's hope the remainder of the winter there won't be too fierce for you guys weather wise!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is hard to get your thinking straight when you feel like you are in limbo. So sorry you have to head north before winter is over. I really miss my warm and sunny days in Florida. It's hard adjusting to the colder days.Hopefully you haven't quit looking for a new place to make your own there. I know you would miss not being able to winter there. I'm already planning on a trip again next year.We have to have something to look forward too.

Chatty Crone said...

Your house in Florida - you are selling?
Then why heading back north so early?
I must have missed something - sorry.
I hope everything is okay!

Susie said...

Love seeing the old cars.Hope you get to feeling better. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Spare Parts and Pics said...

What a great collection of woodies. That really takes me back. I think the next to last one is my favorite. What is that... a Ford? Whatever it is, very cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, and good luck with your new home purchase!

Mevely317 said...

Ugh … waiting and wondering is the worst! So glad I came back to see your P.S.! So, is parking at Mark's new place not a viable option?

Love these photos. My BF in high school had a Morris mini station wagon with wood trim; we thought we were so cool tooling around Los Alamos. But. Any time we'd descend a canyon road, I'd have to 'man' the choke function (on the dash) for the ascent. I can't believe there were no photos taken.

Woody said...

Love the Old "Woodies" ! Ford is my Favorite ! You are reading the worlds worst Memory Holder !!! Hope the House closes soon !

Rick Watson said...

Waiting makes me crazy. When Jilda tells me to breathe, I want to choke her but quickly come to my senses. It’s not her fault that waiting time moves slower than regular time.

Dar said...

Once you return to the Carolina's it'll be like you never left once you see Stormy D and Zorro. Have a very safe trip. You'll warm up too. Spring is coming, ya know. I also loved the Woody's....someone in my memory used to drive a station wagon Woody....loved the look.
loven'hugs from up north where today's project was tearing out the log steps at the cabin. They've always been a bit narrow and dangerous to new, safe ones are going in tomorrow. A good winter project while we enjoy the wildlife as we work.


love all the photos of the cars. hope you get the house closed as planned. i bet the kitties will be glad to see you. have a safe trip.

Glenda said...

How good to hear you're closing, it's challenging to wait and wait when you two are "doer" types. My Quicken renovation loan finally closed, it was a challenge getting homeowners as well. However, the funds are in the bank account; had big storage room painted last week, tile guys started the week.
The "show is on the road" for both us. Safe travels... I missed seeing you this year...Aunt Nee used to say "Our disappointments are God's appointments", so true. Love and warm hugs from Chilly Chobee. Glenda

Glenda said...

p.s. I forgot to say how much I enjoyed all the wood-trimmed cars :)

Lisa said...

My head has gotten slow at thinking lately . Thats why you see that I will go days without a blog post. Between life and my screaming ear, I can barley concentrate.
I cant wait to get a check in report on Stormy and Zorro.

Awe you miss them kittys