Sunday, January 12, 2020

The sense of Hearing…..This and that

That Car:
     The 1985 Chevy Caprice

About my two entries on hearing and implants I wanted to thank you all for the comments. 

I was surprised at the life of batteries in the Cochlear devices. Each one takes three batteries and they last about 3.25 days. In my hearing aids one battery lasted 7-10 days.  I am fortunate, the VA decided it was guns, helicopters etc that caused my loss so they supply the batteries. In other words you guys help pay for my batteries, so thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I had a choice of the strength of the attaching magnet, I requested the strongest, I didn’t want to lose the device. LOL

Hearing tale:
When I had only one device and crawling under the coach to repair something I went deaf. For an instant I was very concerned I rolled over and looked behind me and laughed out loud. There was my device hanging from the steel frame it had found a more ‘attractive’ place to hang.

Hearing aid notes:
The ‘hearing challenged,’ like me can muddle thru on our own when we must. Alone, I learn to handle the embarrassment. I could wear one aid all night as I sleep (I built a house for a lady once who lived alone and said she did that). Since I am restless during sleep, I will need to hold the device in place with a good headband. I am sorta trying that now, I have two such headbands ordered.

I advise anyone developing a hearing problem to try the cheaper 'over the counter' ones first. Some on the market now that are almost invisible. If all you need is someone to speak louder, they work great. It is well worth the trying.

Be careful about ads or salesmen that say this aid will eliminate background noise, I had several ‘expensive aids’ and NONE gave comfort in a noisy restaurant. 

My Yard Sale education in Vermont:
On a whim I bought a hearing aid for 50 cents. The Girl said her dad had ordered it for $20 and never opened it. I tried it, it became my back up aid, it worked as well as my $4000 aids.

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PS: For TT, I laughed out-loud at your PS comment about shopping.


jack69 said...

I MUST SAY I have been surprised, touched, blessed and happy at the many comments on the Shipslog over the years. BUT NONE like MA's comment about her SERIOUS brush with Polio and her mom and Dad's diligence in seeing her through and treating a light case of Polio at home. WOW! WE never know what someone else has experienced. EVERY life is a REAL STORY. Thanks MA!

Lisa said...

My dad wears hearing aids just to hear better. His also double as hear phones. He can listen to music through them from his smart phone if he wanted too.
We still have to yell at him when we try to have a discussion.

It’s 63 degrees with storms this Monday Morning.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for sharing all you have, hopefully it will help someone who needs to know, who knows down the line it could be me. I'm always asking people to repeat what they've said.

Chatty Crone said...

Thank you for your info on cheaper hearing aides - any brand in mind?

Dar said...

I was also about to ask about those $20 you recall the brand? It would be a great way to try them again. During my hearing loss on one side, before the surgery, they tried me on hearing aides.....they didn't change a single thing and they were not cheap....had the surgery, can hear again but now am dealing with the age-related loss. For all you've been through, you're doing wonderful with communicating, that is except for when you hang your aid up under the coach...I had to chuckle.
love n' hugs from up north where more snow is coming our way. Have a great and warm week

betty said...

You sure are educating us, Jack, about hearing aids and cochlear implants. That is interesting how short of a time the batteries work. Wonder if they could ever have rechargeable batteries down the line for them?


Mevely317 said...

Thank you (again) for such informative and humorous posts! 7-10 days battery life? Tom's lucky if his lasts 24 hours! Like you, we're certainly blessed that the V.A. provides him complimentary batteries.

When you've a moment, could you provide a link to the headbands you've ordered? We purchased a couple at Wal-Mart last year, but they won't stay in place.


you are so lucky you found something that works for you. sharing this information with us has been most informative. my husband is getting to the point he needs to address his hearing loss and you have provided enough insight about where to start.