Thursday, January 23, 2020

Boiled eggs the real Easter Egg

 Wow I like this car:

 Below is the Eggasus electric car.

Now this:
Some people want to save the planet, then they go and buy plastic eggs for egg hunts on Easter. Shame… I feel sorry for kids hunting plastic eggs. This is where they end up!

 Well, first of all with plastic they don’t get to dye them. The kids never get to draw on the boiled egg shell with the magic invisible crayon and get to see the name or picture magically appear as it is lowered into the dye.
They do not get to see who can make the best design and colors. BUT most of all they don’t get to gorge on boiled eggs, one of the most delicious foods in the whole world.
They don’t get to take homemade deviled egg sandwiches to snack on or take to school.  Or just sneak into the refrigerator and eat a few spoons full of deviled eggs out of the bowl.
You would never know that Sherry just boiled some eggs and gave me a couple to ‘check them out.’  LOL  Now she had a bowl of Tuna salad for sandwiches in the refer.
I know, they are not good for my cholesterol, but I don’t do that too often.  LOL!  But I have heard eggs are very good for you, like wine, in moderation.  ;-)

Come on, this year make the world a better place, use real eggs for Easter Egg hunts.
There is a down side to this.  I have found an egg I hid 4 weeks later……Yuck!
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betty said...

LOL, Jack, you need to count how many eggs you hide and then see after they are gathered if all have been accounted for. My mom used to do that with the chocolate eggs she would hide. Of course one year she miscounted and we found a melted egg behind a window blind :)

I like hard boiled eggs. I eat one a day with breakfast with instant oatmeal. Everything in moderation I do believe! Haven't had cholesterol problems yet :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hadn't thought about plastic eggs adding to piles iof garbage in the world. Just like plastic bags, they do no ever go away. Plastic anything is the same. Still we do use them for our egg hunts at easter and fill them with all sorts of goodies. Most of the kids do not like hard boiled eggs so they would go to waste. We always have some real easter eggs on hand for the kids to decorate and for the adults to eat.. I love them! You've made me hungry for eggs today, I think I'll boil some up.

Chatty Crone said...

You know what - they are finding out eggs are good for you!

Mevely317 said...

Ooooh, from Chatty's mouth to God's ear! The other day my cardiologist suggested I watch my cholesterol levels, but I've decided to worry about that after the stress test. Meanwhile, I just enjoyed a big ole sausage omelet and grits. 7 for 7 this week! :)
I've not colored eggs since my son was young, but now you've got me imagining what fun we might have. I can smell than vinegar water now!

Woody said...

We do boiled eggs every year !!! and love to color and decorate them ! Shameful we use so much Plastic !

Lisa said...

I eat a boiled eggs a lot. One of my favorite snacks between breakfast and lunch.
I like deviled eggs too.
I agree with you on the plastic eggs. You have a good point there.


Glenda said...

So, I read an article from an online Veterinarian that espoused giving a pup an egg in the a.m. as it is good for his coat, etc. I typically cook the raw egg in the microwave and add his food to the bowl. So far, his coat is silky, he's amenable to eating poached egg w/dog food and it's all good!!! I am not an "egg person" since I saw a hen in the chicken house on our farm squirt an egg out of her anus, made me gag and tell Mama "I know where eggs come from, do you?". I would not eat anything made with eggs for years...YUCK!!!