Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Who is responsible?

Wow I like this car:
Sorry Mr. Nader, but I liked the Corvair,  we even owned one.

Now this:
We old people think too much. We do want our grand and great grand kids to be safe and we want them to be taught in school.  Somehow we grew up in a time where these values (we think) were balanced. 

BUT somehow along the line, an ‘extra’ administrator or official, with not enough to do, has time to add something to an ‘underlings job. Using a simple example: ‘He thinks the school teacher level is the ideal place to check for head lice on children’ Therefore, “WE need to have our teachers check kids hair for lice every once in a while.” So a notice went out (Funny that, many teachers were already doing that ‘way back when’).
 Later Another administrator thought there should be a schedule for this, ‘responsibility.’ It should be on the third Monday of every month. Sooo another notice goes out to teachers. Not long after that an administrator thinks the notice might be forgotten. WE need a form for the teacher to submit, ensuring it is done. So someone draws up the form, it is assigned a number i.e. Scolform 223. Over a period of years similar tasks become "Responsibilities" of the teacher (i.e. ragged clothes, signs of mistreatment, hearing, sight, etc). So many reports that other ‘administrators’ must be hired to keep up with these and file them. Then they too have a form to fill out reporting the reports.

That is a simplification. I have friends and kin who teach. They have so many ‘side responsibilities’ it is hard to actually teach and keep discipline.

When I worked for the government we had the same type of make-work assignments it was ridiculous. Reports for ‘this’ and reports for ‘that.’ Some actually important, but they get lost in the tornado of ‘make-work’ requirements.

Unless a CEO or BOSS keeps their finger on the pulse an entity, it can get ‘top heavy’, there are more ‘tellers’ than ‘doers.’

I am NOT saying there are NOT some good in the requirements, I am saying instead of hiring more administrators, someone should be hired as a working buffer between Admin and teacher so the teacher can TEACH! Or the worker can work.

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Mevely317 said...

AMEN! I like your more common-sense "tellers' and 'doers', but you've hit that proverbial nail on the head.
Honestly, I don't know how teachers do what they do … with smiles on their face and enthusiasm to impart knowledge. Why there's not a higher turnover, I don't know. I DO know, there's no way I could walk in their footsteps.

betty said...

When I was in school we didn't have all the administrators they have these days nor all the teacher prep days, etc. Teachers taught and that's about it. You are right, Jack, they need to go back to just teaching and have someone else monitor the extras which really teachers would do anyway without having to then submit a form unless absolutely necessary and probably those cases are few and far apart.


yaya said...

Nursing has similar problems. We're not shaping the minds of kids but trying to improve the lives of others. However, the mighty computer has taken over along with more "upper" personnel than "lower" so to speak. We have had more piled on us to do and less staff to get it done. After our small community hospital was taken over by a big mother ship from Cleveland we've had more mistakes, more injury, less good care and more stupid forms and check lists to fill out. Corporate medicine stinks as much as teacher administration bull crap does. But I'm not bitter! Ha!

Chatty Crone said...

My daughter is a teacher - and for five to ten years they teach someone one way - then some one high in the county - thinks of a new way - then it is taught that way - then - well you know and so forth. The original way in my opinion was the best!

Rosie said...

Although I am not a teacher, I sdo agree with you. Too many "chiefs" and not enough "indians" is a saying that comes to mind.

Rick Watson said...

Too many chefs and not enough cooks.


i totally agree. wonderful suggestion. if teachers did more teaching and students were more attentive we'd all be alot better off.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There truly is a lot more to teaching than teaching. The endless paperwork takes up a lot of time. Kids are taught very little about disapline ar home so that comes in to play. Common courtesy isn't very common at all. Teachers are a rare lot and deserve moe credit than they are givien.