Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The best laid plans of Mice and Jack

 I like this car:
 The '59 Dodge Royal Lancer, my Sister Shirley's first car. She loved it.

Now this:
A few days ago we were at our ‘last home’ in Deltona. It is under contract to be sold. I met ‘B’ (That is his name) on the sidewalk and as always he asked how we were doing and what the status was. I told him this would probably be the last time we got to see each other. Etc…

Well, as things go, the contract closing date gets moved forward. We have had MAJOR problems in reservations here in Florida this year. Since we still have a full hook-up for the RV in Deltona and are still paying the utilities, we have moved back here until the actual closing.  That way the house isn’t sitting unattended.

We aren’t the least bit concerned about vandalism; this has been one of the calmest places we have lived. This place is amazing. In this area you can walk down the middle of the street and not be worried about traffic or speeding cars. Kids even play basketball in the streets.

We do not regret passing some of the boys' inheritance to them now; it cuts down on the book work and record keeping. However with the reservation 'crisis' we have even juggled the idea of buying another place. This time, a trailer, since the taxes are less than a house.

At present our PLANS (LOL) are to cut the time in Florida short and head back to NC as soon as this closing takes place. We prefer staying here, but RV space availability dictates where we head.

Sherry & I talk a lot about the RV’ing time we have left. I know you too get a little tired of it.  BUT I would like to make one more swing around the USA. Visit some kin in Ypsilanti, Las Vegas, Utah, Oregon and friends along the way. WE think of wintering in Arizona or Texas one more time before we call it quits. My Sherry even leaned that way the other day. LOL It made me smile.

    (shots from the Grand Canyon)

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Mevely317 said...

First? NO, I'm not tired of reading the pros and cons of your RV-ing future! (Honored to be a sounding board, lol.). Just hope your travels include a stopover in central Alabama!
Love from UAB's 'hamster wheel'!

betty said...

If you guys make it to winter in Arizona in other parts than Phoenix, do let me know! We'll "buzz" up to see you guys! Though this winter seems cold, LOL, compared to others (low 60s the past few weeks, but high 60s to low 70s shortly), but surely warmer than some other parts of the country. I do like to read about your RV plans; its fun to chart out where you guys may end up!


Woody said...

We have several relatives who are Sno Birds, they had terrible time finding spots where they usually stayed for several years but to keep their familiar sites they had to pay more money or take the sites they could get which is what they did. New York State leads in people leaving because of Taxes, and an unfriendly Political system that is not healthy ! A lot of my Police Friends now live in Florida year round and love it ! I would buy a Trailer instead of a House if I were to go to Okeechobee or Punta Gorda. Good Luck on the sale and move !

Jean said...

Nice you still have your last house you bought to fall back on when you can't find a camp ground. I never thought anything about getting old are older until I hit 85 and it has made me feel old,(smile). If all goes as plan I will go to UAB in Birmingham next week to get the valve problem work on. Keep me in your prayers. Hugs, Jean.

Glenda said...

Sometimes life is a challenge ~ best wishes on your decision ~ do hope all goes well! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda


yaya said...

I love hearing about your RV and travels! I hope you do take the trip. If your health is good and the spirit moves you to travel some more, I'd do it! Good luck on your decisions!


sounds like you have a plan. enjoy life while you can. my hubby is 80 and neither of us can stand for long, so walking around is difficult. the high point in our lives these days is scooting around the grocery stores. i envy your good health. you are blessed. i love reading about your adventures. keep on doing what makes you happy. take care. good luck with the closing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you find what you are looking for, I'd hate to see your winter cut short like that. I know how much I hated to leave Florida. The weather there this time of year is wonderful. I've been cold since I left and hate the lack of sunshine here. It's depressing. Meanwhile enjoy the warmth and sunshine where you are at and perhaps you can do a little home shopping while your at it.

Lisa said...

I think a trailer would be a good choice and will keep you two close in your comfort zone.
I know you two will make the best choices.

Keep it fun

Rick Watson said...

That’s beautiful country out there. We want to go back this year too.