Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEXT up: Sweet Corn, 13 for $2.50

Ahhh, sweet corn is in, we bought 13 ears for $2.50. Came home and fixed them the way I learned on the internet last year.  If you like corn on the cob, this is a great way to fix it.

It goes in the microwave just the way it is husk, silks and all. 4 mins. per ear. Roll the ears about half way thru. With a good knife, cut the base of the ear off just into the kernels. make sure you use mitts or something to keep from burning your hands. Hold the husks near the silks and shake the ear. In a few shakes the whole ear comes out with 99% of the silks GONE with the husk. Butter and salt and eat. The corn is so sweet this year it is unbelievable.

daytrip 036

We bought some more peaches too, but they are not real sweet. They were selling the corn just as fast as they could take in the money. They had already emptied one wagon load and started on the second before noon.

My girl, who thinks she is recovered, fixed a delicious meal. She fixed the rest of Shirl and Evelyn’s squash, A  BIG POT of stewed corn and left over pinto beans(& cornbread).  That corn was some of the best I have EVER had. What a great meal my sweetheart fixed.

Of course we are really enjoying ourselves. Every evening we have a few thunder showers that cools things off very well. I think of the folks who are not getting any rain and feel for them.

We are contemplating another trip up to the Appalachian trail for a few miles hike. The trail skirts Lancaster by about 40-50 miles on the west and North as I follows the mountain range.

I must say again this fresh ‘sweet corn’ is DELICIOUS!

Thanks for coming this way.

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English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts... So in old England , when
customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 'Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.' . . .It's where we get
the phrase 'mind your P's and Q's'


scanoldpic7 042 - Copy

Mark and Sherry(both wearing bell bottoms) sitting on the 1955 Chevy I bought for $50.

Scanoldphoto3 076 - Copy

Marty, Jack Jr’s dead eye buddy and the car after It was restored.

Something's you regret. I sold it for $500.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Trying out the Backpack, after a couple years, OUCH!

We took a drive up PA501 to where The Appalachian Trail crosses. I wanted to strap on the pack and see how I feel, it has been a long time. As we pulled into the trail head a shuttle came in with some hikers. This is ‘Stickness’, I misunderstood and thought he said ‘Sickness’, You never know with trail names. Anyway they hope to summit Katahdin the first week in October. We might see them again, who knows?

daytrip 020

We walked South while ‘Stickness’ and crew headed North. Amazing, the first over look was beautiful, but look what we saw first:

daytrip 021

Yep, a bike rider(?). I said , “Tell me you aren’t riding the trail!” He was just down to the  over look. This is the view, That beautiful Pennsylvania farm land.

daytrip 023

We walked a piece further to another overlook:

daytrip 027daytrip 028
We had nearly forgotten one thing, PA IS NOTED FOR ROCKS:

daytrip 030

These are sharp buggers (Sherry said, ‘R&R= Rocks and Rocks’):

daytrip 031daytrip 032daytrip 033

They are really rough on your feet and very easy to turn an ankle. Only about an hour and half of walking. Part of that was a phone conversation between Sherry and her cousin Ralph, in Sycamore, GA. And time talking to the bike rider.

But within a few minutes, I could feel the pressure on my hips, and a little further, pressure on my heels. I must get in better shape before the wilderness. But that was what the short trip was for, to check ‘me back’ out. LOL

It was a great day, on the way back we stopped at a Mennonite Store and bought some cherries for 99 cents a pound. I got a picture of a bike used by many of the Amish:

daytrip 034

If you have never seen one of the Amish riding one of these you would be amazed how fast they can go. They are ridden like a scooter. Note there are no gears or chain, that is against their religious beliefs.

daytrip 035

Above is the horse, waiting patiently for the family to get thru shopping.

Thanks for reading the log.

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‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'



I dare you to forget this is driven by a woman!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am an easy going guy….

I don’t protest and throw things if someone doesn’t believe like I do. If my coffee isn’t HOT when it comes to the table I will drink it, If you run a business or sell a product and I like the business or product I will buy it and use it.  I will not ask you if you are Catholic or atheist. That is your business, your personal beliefs. I have always liked America for that. But it seems things lately are changing.

If a company announces they would prefer 2 and 3 yrs olds not be brought into their businesses Then I am not going to protest or post nasty things about them (I don’t think), it is their business, if I don’t like it, I just won’t patronize them.

If a man wants to live with a man and the same with a woman and a woman. That is their business, not mine. Whether I approve or not, doesn’t enter into the equation.  I will not tell anyone how to live (EXCEPT MY FAMILY, BY GOODNESS!) (of course that ain’t worked too well either! LOL)



Today every ‘Group’ wants to protest someone else who doesn’t see eye to eye with them. I was disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling recently concerning the  ‘Westboro Baptist Church’; they can protest and display offensive signs at the funeral of anyone they disagreed with, primarily our soldiers. Displaying signs such as, “Thank God for Dead soldiers.” But our supreme court said they have a right. I think if I lost a son and someone held a poster like that I would have to smack the crap out of someone!  I always wonder where does YOUR rights end, and MINE begin?

Someone is protesting Chic-Filet because the company does not agree with the Groups stand. THEN DON’T BUY CHIC-FILET BY GOODNESS! The Chicago mayor said Chic Filet doesn’t reflect Chicago’s values, but evidently the porno shops and strip joints do???? Politics got no business with businesses, until they break the law.

You can protest forever and you won’t change one’s mind. You can protest all your life and you will never get most protestant and all Catholic churches to believe abortion is okay. You cannot force or legislate morality and opinions.

aaaah I am just upset. There are and have been reasons to protest to change laws. The Black population had a right to protest segregation.  They were refused service in many restaurants etc.  But Chic-Filet is not refusing to serve anyone. They do not care what you believe, they will smile and serve you. Let them run their business.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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PS: (copied from MA’s blog)

Letting go is easy….. Hanging on is hard.

Pride is easy………… Humility is hard.

Excusing oneself is easy… Excusing others is hard.   ( see my entry above ( Green with envy))


1963 bentley drophead

A repeat but I like it. a 1963 Bentley UK (Rose)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

I’m slow, but I learn (I think)

There is a grocery store here, it has everything displayed very nicely and everything is clean and polished. The name is Weis. Probably every one who reads this will say, so? Okay most of us southern folk talk funny. However, we think you guys talk a little different. Now I personally love the accents from all nationalities and corners of the USA, but pronunciations are something else.

We have strained at that little word since being here. Pronounced it ‘Weese’, Wiss, even Wise. So in the store  a day or so ago, and the clerk wasn’t busy, my girl asked how it was pronounced. The clerk look sorta funny (like, is this a trick question?) she smiled and said ‘WISE’.  Of course I told her, “I knew that!”

After leaving I asked Sherry if she thought they should be told the ‘e’ is in the wrong place.  Surely they know about ‘The three WISE MEN’. But this is their area and they can spell things the way they want to. Right?

I am glad Dallas had told me many years ago about the Susquehanna River, no telling how I would have butchered that.LOL. I’m still having a problem with Lititz and Lampeter.

I have noticed folks around the Mason/Dixon line and above, cultivate and LOVE flowers. I think it is because they do not have a long season to enjoy them. There are some beautiful flowers here, and I hope to get some more before I post this.

Oh, I mentioned ‘Miesse Chocolates’ the other day. www.miessecandies.com/ We enjoyed our visit and they have my favorite, chocolate covered maple, mmmmm delicious. They have a lot of novelty stuff too. A chocolate tool set, Golf clubs/balls,   large and small chocolate ‘Thank You’ notes. They have a chocolate champagne bottle (don’t think there is anything in it except chocolate).  Sherry is the chocoholic, so she got the Maple and p-nut butter filled stuff. (Dan bought me a pack of Licorice, Tracy imports her licorice from New Zealand, good stuff.)

If you are ever at the Sight and Sound Theaters, they sell Miesse Chocolate there. Tracy has done a marvelous job of keeping this old established company alive and into the 21st century.

Thanks again for reading the Log. I know there is lots more you could be doing.

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You know that Indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they
make the whole plane out of that stuff?!


1953 MG

Another picture of one of my favorites, the 1953 MG hill climber. From the Eustis car show.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A great day, good friends and washday!

We had the privilege of visiting with friends from the USN, Dan & Joan.  Dan was my boss in Albany, Georgia and key West, Florida. We were also friends. They were great family folk and had a great family. Joan is one of those wonderful down to earth folk, who keeps a house looking like it is out of this week’s Better Homes and Gardens. Get this wonderful lunch or Dinner we were served:

A great trip 001

We didn’t get many pictures, but plan to see them and some of their kids before we leave. They took us to a chocolate world, “Miesse Chocolates, est in 1875”, presently owned by Tracy, their daughter.

A great trip 002A great trip 003

This was the retail store, later they took us to the chocolate factory. Dan & Joan have a beautiful home that they continue to improve. This is the back patio. It was a great visit.

A great trip 008

I am always amazed at the folks in this area on wash day. In our early lives, we went GREEN, we used solar & wind power to dry clothes. Do you still hang clothes? Check these out:

A great trip 012A great trip 015A great trip 016

I had to get this in the mirror, that last one was over the small road.

A great trip 020 - CopyA great trip 026

Notice these clothes are hung using a pulley and return wire. They go high, but the winner is the last one, those are hung HIGH!

A great trip 029

A great trip 011

Looking from the barn, over the corn, what is going on?

A great trip 024

The work horses say this is our day off, don’t push it. But below the girls rest in the shade before the evening milking. They are soon going to work.

A great trip 031

A great trip 030

This is a beautiful place to spend a day riding and with good friends.

More friends coming down the road.

A great trip 028

Thanks for coming by the log. I know you could be other places, we appreciate the visit.

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Why didn't Noah Swat those two mosquitoes?


A great trip 007

I believe this is a 1955/56 Porthole T-Bird. I shot this across Dan’s arm, driving into Lancaster.  We passed two T-models, two old men showing off, I couldn’t get the camera in time.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I knew it!

My brother in law Vernon and his friend Dale, know a lot of songs. Shirl and her friend Smoky Coe also know a lot of songs. Smoky even had a recording studio, his most famous client was Randy Travis. Smoke even wrote some songs for Randy. 

Anyway when ever I mention a song called “A Round Pool Table” by Andy Griffith, they laugh, like, ‘you are making that up , right?’ Last night I finally decided to PROVE it. I found it on the internet. Produced in the early 1960’s. The song is about a Pool Table Salesman who takes an order for a round pool table one foot high covered in leopard skin. The order is made and the man is to pay when he comes back from Europe. But his ship sinks, he is lost. Andy is stuck with a round pool table one foot high.  Funny story, not as good as What it was was Football, but funny. Anyway I was right.

Another song, no one seems to have heard is Loretta Lynn singing ‘Shadrack the Black Reindeer’, I am sure the producer hoped it would be another Rudolph,  But it didn’t go over well either, but it was sung!!! Now with the net I can prove it.  sometimes I like the net! LOL

Are there some things in this life that only you seem to know or remember? Or is it just me?

While wintering in Ariziona once, we went to see the Sons of the Pioneers. The oldest person in the group is Sonny, he is from Asheville, NC. They had just finished singing, “Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Little doggie’ or something like that, and one of the band members asked Sonny, “Sonny, didn’t you write that?”

Sonny answered, “Yep, yeah I did, I heard it a couple times then I wrote it!”  Of course we all burst out laughing, it was a good line.

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You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.


1955 mercxxx  ed brown

I have shown this 1955 Merc before, but you have to admit it is one neat car.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The QUESTION is asked….

How much longer do you think we can live this life style?  We started this life around the end of 1997. That puts us near 15 years on the road. It has been very rewarding, at times frustrating, but mostly rewarding.  We both love to travel.  We both love natural beauty, so times like this here in Lancaster, PA, we get to see a lot of natural beauty, visit friends from the military days and actually do some ‘normal’ tourist stuff. This time it is tickets to see Jonah.  That is very extravagant for us.

We can drive around and enjoy farm country. In the desert states, we can hike in the desert and enjoy just learning about it. We were used to red dirt of NC.  We are both originally from Central NC. Our birth places were about 12 miles apart, but we did not meet until we were teenagers in high school.

She was from a mill family, and always lived within 5 miles of where she was born. My dad was a preacher and we moved to 5 other towns before coming  to Belmont, near my birth town of Gastonia, NC. It was fate that we met. She was planning to move to another town with a girl friend, get a job and share an apartment. Her plans fell thru, she remained and we MET.

She was not sure she would like traveling, but the bug bit her and we traveled a lot, living many places. A son born in Biloxi, MS and another born in Kirksville, MO. I retired from the military, and we settled in Belmont for a few years. Planning our retirement. We have never required a lot. We were never concerned about what others thought about where we lived. Never too good to live in a  trailer, we started life together in one.

For a few years we lived on her salary and saved mine. God and Life has been good to us. But the subject does come up, is it time to Quit the road? Like today. Excitedly Sherry says, I don’t want to upset you, but water is running all over the floor. I knew she was washing clothes and I immediately said stop the Washer, thinking it was leaking. It was not.

I had forgotten to open the valve to allow the sink/wash water to run out to the sewer. The water backed up, filling the shower base and was running over onto the floor. I threw a towel down to stop the flow to the carpet ran outside and opened the valve stopping anymore damage.

We cleaned up the mess, and Sherry asked the question, “Do you think it is about time to settle down?”

Could be, but we will start paying attention to the small mistakes, if they become dangerous, WE QUIT!

But now? all is fine. We go to Dan & Joan’s tomorrow, She is fixing Crab stew. Then taking us to their daughter’s CHOCOLATE SHOP. So all is well in Sherry’s life. LOL

Thanks for coming this way.

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Borrowing is easy… Paying back is hard.

Sex is easy……….. Love is hard.


1950 chev 437 miles

Our first car when we married. Except we drove it a long time with this side smashed in.

1950 Chevy Coupe.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Beautiful Country

We took a drive out into the country to relax from our stressful life.  Leaving the ‘Circle M’ park that belongs to ‘Outdoor World’ we drove thru the country, not using a map. Knowing we could return by asking the GPS on the dash.

Around the country of Lancaster 010

The first turn was Bean Road. How is this for beauty:

Around the country of Lancaster 014Around the country of Lancaster 015Around the country of Lancaster 016

It is funny that when I am looking at all this corn, I think this is enough for the whole world.

Around the country of Lancaster 017Around the country of Lancaster 019

continuing to drive and say this is Sooooo Beautiful….(There was Plank Rd, Slab Road etc)

Around the country of Lancaster 029Around the country of Lancaster 031

Huge farms and farm houses, also a couple log houses.

Around the country of Lancaster 033Around the country of Lancaster 034

From this farm down the road was a wagon and horses with the Amish family tending tobacco.

Around the country of Lancaster 035Around the country of Lancaster 036

Ahh, I love covered bridges and love to check their construction, standing for nearly a hundred years.

Around the country of Lancaster 037Around the country of Lancaster 038Around the country of Lancaster 039

Love this huge farm and its mail box. I want one!!!

Around the country of Lancaster 043

At first you would think everyone just cut their grass and painted the houses, but that is not always the case.

Around the country of Lancaster 044

Around the country of Lancaster 058

But the country roads will make you forget anything not kept up. I never tire of the green

Around the country of Lancaster 045Around the country of Lancaster 046

I had to shoot the wild flowers, this is a small patch much more along the road.

Around the country of Lancaster 049

Around the country of Lancaster 050Around the country of Lancaster 057

In the distance a Mennonite church and grave yard.  Below is the Susquehanna, ROCKY with the dam in the distance.

Around the country of Lancaster 061

Below is a family headed home fro a market.

Around the country of Lancaster 062

This one I thought was a classic catch, the Past and present. The man in the buggy will go home and strip his corn by hand or horse drawn implement, the man on the right can drive over his crop. (Or even over the buggy!!!)

Around the country of Lancaster 074

The perspective is deceiving. that Tractor underneath is as tall as the buggy.

I had many more GREEN pictures and huge farms these are samples.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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What is a "free" gift?
Aren't all gifts free?


Okay, Friend Louis from near the golden Gate Bridge, solved the mystery of Sheila’s car.  It is a Packard, Of course he would, He is The number one fan of the Famous Packard.


1937 Packard Runabout.sheilas car

The ?, Captured by Sheila in North Carolina.