Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Surprise, If all went well.

A few weeks ago, Fred’s mama ‘Muddie’ called and asked if we could come and do the entertainment for a family get together, one that was to be a secret.  Of course Sherry and I agreed. Fred’s mama is 91 and spry as a young chicken. She gave us the date and we were coming anyway but didn’t know when.

Brannen get together 028

Me & Muddie after the program, she said I redeemed myself from the last time.

This has been fun, I used the picture to go along with “The House by the Side of the Road” by Sam Walter Foss.  I combine it with the one by Edgar Guest called “Home”. It was  fitting for such a good family.

Brannen get together 013

(Well when finished and under Black light, it looked passable)

Brannen get together 005

The tables were beautiful, I even got to eat with Gold flat ware! (The meal and salad was delicious along with Coconut pie (well yeah, they also had chocolate))

Brannen get together 019

Muddie had the dinner catered for her three boys and two girls and their mates. They have a beautiful good natured family. 

Brannen get together 014

The Audience….

Brannen get together 010

She gave everyone a nice present along with a great dinner and the BEST entertainment. Winking smile

On the way thru Cherokee country I thought of another Story. The one of the young Indian Princess that went missing and nearly caused a national uprising of ALL native Americans.

You might remember the name. Her mother Moon Mother was wondering what the child should be named, of course not knowing the sex of the child she wanted an appropriate name. In her 9th month she was returning from the water place in the evening, when she tripped on a root. At that moment a huge rock fell from the side of the mountain, it landed where she would have been had she not tripped.

Immediately thanking the gods, she knew the name required, ‘Falling Rock’. The baby was born a healthy beautiful girl. She grew into a beautiful princess.

Brannen get together 011

Unfortunately a Government Survey team came thru the Reservation, the Chief, ‘Falling  Rock’s father’ did not like it, said it was bad medicine. After their departure, Falling Rock was missing. A message was sent thru the Agent that unless Falling Rock was located and returned there would be trouble.

The agent knew that the Chief was good friends with all the Nations, and his word could trigger trouble. Immediately Congress acted. Ordering a search for Falling Rock. Succeeding presidents done the same to pacify the nations. President Obama is no exception. he too has continued the practice of Looking for Falling Rock. It was settled that as long as the US Government continued to look for Falling Rock, even though not satisfied, things would remain at peace.

It is funny to me, our government has done some strange things, but still today about 200 years later, the same law is there. Showing that the search is still in affect.  You have probably seen the signs, especially in the mountains today. Just look as you travel, you will still see Government produced signs:







falling rock


Okay, it is a corny story but everyone laughed, and after all, the evening was about family!!!

Brannen get together 020

The family seems to support Fred and Will on the 100 mile hike.

Brannen get together 024

The Brannen boys and girls and Mama.  Below is the in-laws and Sherry taking pictures of the above.

Brannen get together 025
Thanks for enjoying the day with us.

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1924 bentley

I love this 1924 Bentley!


Bookncoffee said...

Looks like a nice time and lots of memories made. That last shot of everyone with the cameras is priceless!

Chatty Crone said...

You make everything you do look like fun and you have the most friends I've ever seen! sandie

betty said...

She looks amazing for 91 years old! What a great time it looked like all was having; I'm sure it was enjoyed immensely! I must have missed it somewhere that Sherry got her cast off; glad to see her arm again instead of the cast! LOL with the story of Falling Rock; that certainly got me at the end :)


Paula said...

I didn't think that story was corny, I liked it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love that falling rock story and had never heard it before. It's great that you could make the family gathering even more special for them all. It's Friday morning here and am just finishing my first cup of good coffee. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Helen said...

Cute story about falling rock. It looked like everyone was having a great time.

Louis la Vache said...

E-mail ol' «Louis» a slice of that coconut pie, will ya?


Your "Falling Rock" story is more proof that, once started, Government programs NEVER end...

That is one neat Bentley!

Rose said...

You both have so much fun no matter where you are! That is wonderful.

This gathering looked like so much fun.

Hugggggggggggggggggggs, Rose

shirl72 said...

Glad you were able to do this for
a wonderful family. I hope I am
still going at 91.

I have look for Falling Rock for
about 60 years and I am giving
up. Enjoyed seeing all of that
Family and good luck on the hike.
Be aware of TICKS. Spray good.

Ken Riches said...

Did not know about the chalk art, very interesting.