Monday, July 30, 2012

Trying out the Backpack, after a couple years, OUCH!

We took a drive up PA501 to where The Appalachian Trail crosses. I wanted to strap on the pack and see how I feel, it has been a long time. As we pulled into the trail head a shuttle came in with some hikers. This is ‘Stickness’, I misunderstood and thought he said ‘Sickness’, You never know with trail names. Anyway they hope to summit Katahdin the first week in October. We might see them again, who knows?

daytrip 020

We walked South while ‘Stickness’ and crew headed North. Amazing, the first over look was beautiful, but look what we saw first:

daytrip 021

Yep, a bike rider(?). I said , “Tell me you aren’t riding the trail!” He was just down to the  over look. This is the view, That beautiful Pennsylvania farm land.

daytrip 023

We walked a piece further to another overlook:

daytrip 027daytrip 028
We had nearly forgotten one thing, PA IS NOTED FOR ROCKS:

daytrip 030

These are sharp buggers (Sherry said, ‘R&R= Rocks and Rocks’):

daytrip 031daytrip 032daytrip 033

They are really rough on your feet and very easy to turn an ankle. Only about an hour and half of walking. Part of that was a phone conversation between Sherry and her cousin Ralph, in Sycamore, GA. And time talking to the bike rider.

But within a few minutes, I could feel the pressure on my hips, and a little further, pressure on my heels. I must get in better shape before the wilderness. But that was what the short trip was for, to check ‘me back’ out. LOL

It was a great day, on the way back we stopped at a Mennonite Store and bought some cherries for 99 cents a pound. I got a picture of a bike used by many of the Amish:

daytrip 034

If you have never seen one of the Amish riding one of these you would be amazed how fast they can go. They are ridden like a scooter. Note there are no gears or chain, that is against their religious beliefs.

daytrip 035

Above is the horse, waiting patiently for the family to get thru shopping.

Thanks for reading the log.

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‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'



I dare you to forget this is driven by a woman!!!


betty said...

cool high heeled vehicle, LOL :)

I bet those cherries tasted delicious and what a price!

I bet with a little practice you'll get back in shape to take on the rigors of the trail.

I like the bike the Amish use; I bet when they are riding it, they fly through the roads!!


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee....
Some would say that more than one of those rocks had been in «Louis'» head...

What a hoot on that High Heel cycle!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hiking is one thing, but add a pack and maneuvering in the rocks is another all together. I can't imagine how anyone could bike on them. I know I wouldn't have lasted 20 minutes there. The views are breathtaking though. In all my travels around Amish country here I never saw an Amish bike. That's a new one to me. Hope you all have a great Monday!


You looked great carrying that pack overlooking that glorious terrain. LOTS of ROCKS for sure. Turning an ankle is easy out in those hills. never saw an Amish bike. That High Heel contraption was hilarious. take care.

Jean said...

You both look great just be careful and don't fall and break a hip, arm are leg. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

Glad you took a small trial run,
to see how to manage later.
Please be real careful turning
an ankle at our age would not be
much fun. At least you both look
good like season hikers.

I think I will get me a high heel
bike. What a hoot.


Lucy said...

I agree with Jean. We both know what it is like to be limited and it is not fun. I am surprised how well Sherry is managing with the hand she broke. Dr. did a good job.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it looks like an orthopods financial dream...

Chatty Crone said...

I love that Heel Mobile!

So that sure did look like rough walking with those rocks there. Man it would be hard for me.

I hope you get some exercise and get in shape before your trip! lol