Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Same question, different year…

Where did this year go?  I have asked that for so many years now, I can laugh at my self.

I can say jack, it went where all the rest have gone. You had just as much time in 2014 that you  did in, lets say 1946 when you were in the first grade. Funny isn’t it?  Life is sorta like a roll of toilet paper, the longer it hangs the faster it rolls out the paper.


Sherry and I do not sit down and write ‘goals’ too often. Truthfully I haven’t even made up a bucket list, and the time for me to kick the  bucket, is fast approaching.

The yearly thing is not a LIST or goals, but we talk  of what we would like to do. So last year I said, “I would like to finish the AT.”  I did try but decided I could not climb the Mts carrying 45-50 lbs. So if it was a goal, it didn’t happen.

I might think tonite, and come up with a goal or two, maybe it is time.

But for sure it is time to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR with health and happiness, love and friends and a pleasant surprise or two.


Nite Shipslog.

PS: I am putting the Shipslog to sleep for the last time in 2014, thinking back, we are so glad we did not lose a family member in 2014. You thik of these things when you are older.  I did lose two good friends Fred Alton Brannen that I met in 1959 and Paul David Page (Bub) that I met in 1951.  We also lost a sweet acquaintance, Bill Morris.


from woodie 4

Car  stuck in Cedar Brakes, Utah

If you had too much snow and muddy roads in 2014, My wish for you is clear, smooth sailing in 2015


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Word Economy, Interesting stuff and our morning.


I really do want to cut down on my blog entry. I run off at the fingers too much, sorta like writing a chapter in a book.

Before I start if you like nature and wild life, visit Dar/Mel/Cher, three sisters raised in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Cher is now a YOOPER (Upper Michigan)

Dar is here:

Mell is here:

Cher is here:

Another interesting entry is at Bonnie’s place:

Wanted: Part-time Stud?


Now for today,

Workshop 011

(I got this for my sweetheart in 1956)

Today I fixed breakfast:

An Apple, prunes, Cranberries, Strawberries, pecans Almond Milk and oatmeal (blended for 3-4 minutes to the tune of a hickory stick (That little ditty readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic…ran thru my mind this morning))!(The blender is washed immediately after the smoothie is poured)

Then just as soon as we finish our ‘smoothie’ I wash the two glasses Then it is my favorite time, coffee across the table from my LOVE. This time, (with no one to share her with), is honestly the best time(s) of my life, she is the best thing that ever ‘happened’ to this guy. I try to tell her at least ‘once’ a day.

Holding her each day becomes more important. Every day I realize just how much she has affected my life. She likes to think of herself as a ‘cotton mill, girl’.   She was raised on a Mill Hill and has worked in the mill, but she is and has been much, much more. She switched to office work and it fit her to a ‘T’. In storage are stacks of plaques and letters of commendation for her work after leaving the mill and marrying a 17 year old kid.

Workshop 013

The center plaque is hers, enhanced by seals from all branches of Military service. This was her retirement from Civil Service when she worked for the Army.

Oh Yeah, folks do mistake us for newly weds on our second marriage, most are surprised when we say we have been married over 58 years. As a matter of fact, that number  amazes me! Who me? It doesn’t seem that long ago that I married this beauty.

Nite Shipslog


I really do like enjoying life, rather than just living.



I picked these up from Louis out on the left coast. They are not the same car, but don’t you love it when the above is given a new life?




These are from the Proud Packard line…

Monday, December 29, 2014

The REAL Odd couple

The odd couple, our sons, Jack and Mark.  We smile after and during every cherished visit of our two boys (Now in their mid-50’s)

Scan0023 - CopyScanoldphoto3 026

Son Jack is orderly to a fault. Everything is laid out in an order. He learned the  word  ‘juxtaposition’ early in his life. He likes his clothes sorta like a uniform; neat, matching and clean.  He is ‘a brain’.  He can and does, run a courier service office, dispatch and open new offices, hire and fire.  BUT prefers to drive & deliver.  He is the spare tire and fills in for every job in the company when they are short. When he comes to visit, his clothes will be neat, in a suitcase or on hangers.



Son Mark?..

img054 - CopyScanoldphoto3 024

(Yeah, this Navy Chief had long haired sons)

He worked for me (one of the best workers I ever had) then with my blessings he studied, tested, then became a general contractor and started his own company.  He seems to love to be messy. He doesn’t care if his clothes are torn, ragged or even (really) dirty.  When he comes to visit his clothes will be loose, on the back seat of his truck, MJ will be sleeping on them. He doesn’t mind eating with his fingers and wiping them on his pants. (He does clean up well, though). However, he is a brilliant builder. Where I always enjoyed the simple, affordable homes, Mark likes the fancy, steep roofs, high tray ceilings, etc. He prefers custom homes, I preferred speculating.

That is our odd couple, neither of us can figure whose sons they are!!!!Surprised smileOpen-mouthed smile

Thanks for stopping by the log.

Nite Shipslog


There is nothing wrong with being odd, but being mean is another story.


This is Mark:



Now the couch is comfortable!

This is Jack:



BUT thru it all, they are good sons!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

‘Mary Ann, a Friend’, my new baby….


After I finished Finally Love I went thru a dry spell, I have started two books in the last year, both are still in the WORKING stage. I wish I could describe feelings like Rick over at ‘life101’,

He would say something like ‘as dry as a wood chip in Death Valley’.  I stole one from him, last year describing the weather up in Alabama he said,(something like this) ‘feels like the soles of the devil’s shoes.’

Anyway, one day, out of the blue I had a thought about friends and what they will do for one another, and about the same time our ever present ‘pictures on screen saver’ flashed up a picture of a dear friend, Mary Ann. She is unique she has weathered many storms and still melts you with a smile.

Mary Ann Green mt 001 - Copy

(Comforting Sherry when Sherry broke her arm, note the Afghan in the back ground)

That thought grew, so I conjured up a situation where her friends could repay her for all the encouragements and atta boy’s she has dished out.

You can see my latest addition ‘Mary Ann’ at her own web page here: 

This is a large print book, the cost is high for a paper back but it is as reasonable as Createspace will allow. The book is close to 300 pages, so it drives the price up. Printing and publishing costs are determined by color (B/W being the most reasonable) and the number of pages, type of paper is another cost factor.

This book has a matte finish on the cover and I like that, it feels ‘friendly’.

If you like reading from a screen, Mary Ann is available as an e-book here for 99¢:

You can download the kindle app to your TV and then download the e-book.

All Jack Darnell e-books are 99¢ for a few months.

A gift from Mary Ann, look at the Afghans she has given my family. The one on the seat, Mark Sleeps with, Mary Ann gave it to him. Ours is on the back of the couch.

002 - Copy

I just wanted to introduce you to my latest book. When I figure to put a discount on it, I will post it.

Thanks for coming this way to let me brag on my new baby.

Nite Shipslog


Friends are dear, and to have friends you  must first show yourself friendly.



1952 Packard ‘Pan American’  I never did see one of these, but I would sure like to have one.

Thanks to ‘Louis’ from the left coast.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Home is quiet, weather is beautiful

It is Florida! We had a great visit with our sons over the holidays. I have only 95% knowledge of the conversations, but it is always nice to have the boys around lately.  I do know they are ready for the trip across country this spring or summer. All we need to do is set a date…


Our life will return to the normal retirement routine. Smooching and walking, a couple of my favorite things. THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO BEFORE YOU GET TOO OLD AND FORGET HOW!Surprised smile………..Winking smile

Okay my new book is off to the printer. I set the price as low as the figures would allow and continued the process. More OPTIONS have been added for distribution and I agreed to them, BUT I didn’t read the small print about it would raise the price of the book. I might revisit that. Got to wait to see what the final price is. I hate surprises.

It will be an e-book also as soon as I can get it ready. I hope the price will be ninety nine cents. That might take a day or two. I also did something different, I produced a large print version, I want it easier to read.

All my book covers have been gloss finish, this time I am using a Matte finish and I like it. I have one proof and it has a velvet feel.

I hope your days following Christmas are good. Life is great here in the motor home.

Nite Shipslog


We had our grand dog Janie (MJ) over. While the boys were ‘hanging out’  we dog sat. Janie decided to get up on the lazy-boy and I asked her nicely to get down, she did, but gave me a very mean look.


She is deaf like me and stares at the door where her ‘daddy’ Mark departs. She will also go lay in front of that door so as not to miss his return.



Chrysler Woodie

a 1940’s Chrysler Woodie

Friday, December 26, 2014

Oh Ho, Christmas is over

Sometimes the hype up to a special day causes a let down the day after. Not necessarily for children, if they got their special toy because they are busy enjoying the gift.  But it is for Adults at times. Time to get back to work,  I sometimes forget that I actually worked. (Even now approaching 76 year BD my mind says I could still work, but I wonder, could I?)


(I found an arm going to sleep!)

There are things in life that cause one to have a problem sleeping, anticipating Santa’s visit on Christmas eve is one of them for children. But as an adult I sleep pretty well, I sleep on my back. I try to sleep on my side but it puts my arm to sleep. (Okay, now where did that term come from, because the arm definitely ain’t asleep, it feels prickly, like little pins and needles. Why the heck would I say the arm is asleep?)


There is a nightstand beside my bed, the other night I hit my funny bone when I rolled over. Again I ask, “Where did the term Funny Bone come from, it ain’t a bit funny!”


So …… I found funny bones.



Are those terms in your vocabulary? (i.e. some body extremity going to sleep or funny bone?)

The terms just  might be local to the piedmont of NC or mama brought them from Georgia.


Sorry to be jumping all over the place, but it is Christmas time.Smile

I hope you  got that special gift for Christmas, or even better I hope you are well.  WE ARE BLESSED here in the motorhome, near the Home of Mickey and Minnie.

Nite Shipslog


It is only a short 10 months before you will start seeing Christmas advertisements again.Winking smile



I believe this is the last of the 3-D paintings, I have sure enjoyed them and the response has been great.


Mary, Joseph and their baby reach the time to leave the nativity.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014


Amazing how many Christmas days I have seen, and the ones I remember have been joyful. That is how it should be. I was born the middle of January a late WONDERFUL Christmas present for  Mom and Dad and the rest of the family.  since that time I have seen 75 Christmases.
I have no problem with Santa, the gifts even the commercialization as long as we remember the real reason for this HOLY season.
Many people never get to see that many and I consider myself very blessed. We are of the Christian faith and this is our most holy day because this is when it started. I know it was sealed on Easter and that is very important, but with out the manger, shepherds, the wise men and the angels that herald the birth, we would not have had Easter.
So I am here today not to take you time but to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Night Shipslog
I hope you are happy today, this is the season of JOY.
today’s vehicle is the Sleigh!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Horses I have known

I have never known many horses. But the ones I have known have filled my heart with a love for them. There are  few things in this world that are more fascinating and beautiful than a horse.


Of course as a boy Cowboys were my heroes. I believe Gene Autry rode Champion. Roy Rogers of course rode Trigger, everyone knows that. And if you are a regular here, you know I once rode Trigger when I was 7 years old.

th (1)

Saturday morning always brought a cowboy story into my life. There was Rex Allen, the only REAL cowboy of the singing cowboys he rode Ko-ko.

th (2)

Allen Rocky Lane rode Black Jack

Old Andy Divine rode Joker.

th (3)

Bob Steele rode Brownie

Dale Evans rode Buttermilk

th (4)

Cisco, ah he rode Diablo

Pancho rode Loco. hey this one I met on tour also, but I did not get to ride him. I remember it because Leo Carrillo was on tour the same year Kennedy was assassinated. A very nice person. I have often wondered what happened to him.

Gabby Hayes rode Calico. Our Local Cowboy Fred Kirby (who tried out for the part that Roy rogers won)  rode a Calico also.

th (5)

Marshal Dillon rode Buck.

Johnny Mack Brown rode Rebel

Lash Larue rode Black Diamond

Monte Hale rode Lighting


Tom Mix rode ‘Ole Blue’


As much as I wanted a horse of course a preacher’s son could never have one, we moved too often. Once my friend Von Dale (whose family had owned horses) and I were wandering around the woods and come upon a pasture. Several horses were close by and Von Dale started talking to them and was petting them. He said, “Wanna Ride?” I thought ‘has a cat got a climbing gear?’ “Sure but we ain’t got a saddle.”


His reply, “Indians didn’t either I will show you.” He grabbed some mane and swung upon the horse. I couldn’t be out done, I done the same.

The horses were very gentle and we could guide them with our knees. Boy what a trip. Probably the greatest thrill I every had. I was probably 10 years old.

Then there was Frank, that I mentioned when talking about Bub & Jim Page.

I love to read about Darsie, daughter of Darla who posts here. She works with Horses.

Once in New York Sherry and I stopped by a harness track where the drivers were working the horses. I got a charge out of that.


(These horses are pastured beside our RV park in Wildwood Florida.)


This stretched too long.


Sometimes a horse needs a ride!

Nite Shipslog


I carried two animal pictures in my wallet. man-o-war and Ace my cocker Spaniel.



Now honestly if asked my favorite candy, it would be the Mars Bar.

nativity1 - Copy