Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Paper clip


17y6m4cdj2bz7jpgThere is no telling the millions of uses for the common office paper clip. I have straightened them and bent the end into a hook many times to retrieve something in a crack it was impossible to get your fingers into.


I have joined two rubber bands together to make a longer one. The wild kid in me has used them as bullets using a rubber bands in school (One must be careful with that one). Of course being an angel in school, I didn’t get into trouble like Mel up in the North Woods.

Some clothing repairs


Fix a zipper or a Bra problem. What about a little jewelry:


Then there is the unique light fixture.


Make some decorative Flowers or  try some of the pretty paper clips that look like little feet.


What about small figures holding hands?


But for the really true paperclip artist, Hey This must take patience and skill:


And you thought all the time they were for holding paper together, Nah, that is what the stapler is for.

Nite Shipslog


Do you have a favorite use for a paper clip?


A beauty from the 1920’s, the Studebaker


The commander Stud from the 1930’s.



Paula said...

Now this entry is really cute. The things you think of to write about. John just used two of my large paper clips to hold a new mirror on his truck that was sideswiped until the glue dried.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey.....i took that picture from the front porch looking down into the dogs run......I've got a few extra clips if you run short....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a cute post ! I have used the trick of using the paper clip in zippers before. It works like a dream. Dark and dreary day here. My happy flower hasn't mustered even the tiniest flap of his leaves. Oh well I'm happy anyway...decorating for Christmas is an on going project. I've got the Christmas music playing too. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday !

shirl72 said...

Oh well I didn't know about how
I could use paper-clip. As many
talented people I have been around
never heard about paper clips'
very clever.

My first to see a 1930 Studebaker.
Ours were from 1938. It would be good to ride in a parade. There is a lot of antique cars in Belmont...There will be some in the Belmont Parade.

Unknown said...

I recently used one of the large paper clips to pick the nut meats out of hickory nuts.


I loved this post. I love paperclips.

betty said...

People have patience to make the creations they did with paper clips! I like to string them together in a long line myself :)


Mevely317 said...

Cute post, Jack! I never thought of using them as a wardrobe (ahem!) accessory!

BTW, this topic made me smile so big ... recalling a day many years ago when I was but a "Nervous Nellie" (newbie) secretary and my over-the-top, loud-mouth boss informed me she'd have my head if I ever gave her anything held together with a small (regular-size) paperclip. To this day, I'll still opt for the 'jumbo' versions and throw the others away! :)