Monday, April 30, 2012

Another load of material.


The last order of siding, drywall (sheetrock), insulation and decking arrived today.This is the bulk of the storage shed.  Yeah we decided to go ahead and hang the drywall and insulate.  Just incase we want to move in. hahahahaha

(This picture has nothing to do with this blog entry)

New Folder (2) 013

(The boys and me in GITMO Bay Cuba, they were into moto cross racing , and won most of the time, they were both good)

My ditch is filled back in, the crawling under the main house is done, running the water and power. tomorrow I will post another picture or two.

These days have been long, but fun.

Sherry and Shirl have been walking 4 miles a day, and keeping up a pretty good pace. I tried to get around to most blogs, I B Tired, LOL.

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Nite Shipslog

PS: Another church Bulletin blooper:

Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir. They need all the help they can get.


I did not know Mercury produced a pickup, but this is a 196? Mercury Pickup.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decisions on the building.

Of course this is getting pretty expensive, and you start to  think of cutting back. I do want elec. and water out to the building, better now than later.

I also want it insulated, common sense says better now than later. Of course I would like sheet rock on the walls, something says, ‘better now than later’. This is one of the things we have to sit down and consider what is best for us, not best construction wise.
A few years ago we built what has became known as ‘The Flat’. a one room efficiency for our grand son Josh, to live in while in college.  He made us proud by being top in his class.
Now Sherry and I are looking at this little space and saying, ‘Hey we could live in this!’. We do not require much, and yes we could live in this ‘Storage building’ with no problems, if we add a bath!’  LOL  Of course in the summer we could bath outside, might scare the neighbors, but that is their problems. LOL
We will wait for the yard sale to see what is left. We have a very nice dining room table and china hutch and we once bought some ‘spensive dishes and some crystal to put in it, not sure if Sherry wants to sell them or not.
We were just laughing, the  year we were married,1956, our yearly income was about $900.00. Yep, we made less than a hundred dollars a month. Sherry (who is the bookkeeper) just told me this year our property taxes and insurance is over ten times that amount!  Wow Inflation do take a toll. 
WE have been blessed with good health, and good jobs. Many of the last years were self employed.  Fortunately I never lost money on self employment.  Many folk have.
Anyway, this building has plenty of potential, if eventually needed.  It can easily be converted to a one room efficiency.  We live in less space now, and love it.
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Nite Shipslog

We went to see 'Josh and Stephen Darnell in Concert' this evening. I grabbed this photo off Face book. Yep, I forgot my camera.  Of course the boys done great!
Josh on Key Board and Stephen with the guitar.

PS:  Church bulletin bloopers (Thanks to Shirl)
The Associate Minister unveiled the church's new campaign slogan last Sunday: "I Upped My Pledge - Up Yours."
Looks like a T-Model Camper!!! 1919????

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Building is not the only thing going on around here!

Friday was Sherry’s Great Grandmother’s day. Sherece brought the newest GGrand daughter STELLA down for a visit:
Sherry's Day, Stella Reece & family 001
What a thrill. She is so sweet.  Later Vickie
Sherry's Day, Stella Reece & family 010
Our Niece brought Brooklyn (Our great great niece) over.  And to make the day better,
Sherry's Day, Stella Reece & family 002
Our good friend Evelyn and niece Brenda came aboard.
Sherry's Day, Stella Reece & family 016
Grandpa Mark quit work to say hello to Stella!
Sherry's Day, Stella Reece & family 021
To sweeten the pot Shirl dropped by to see me, well she claimed it was to see Stella and Brooklyn, but we all know the truth. LOL
The motor home was room for all to chat and tell stories, or what ever women do when they get together.  I have to admit, when I stepped in to speak to Stella, she started crying, scared me and I left! (She is a beautiful and sweet baby!)
Sherry Stell 2
And to top the day off Sherry got to hold Stella until she dropped off to sleep.
Sherry Stella 1
Then play with her when she was a wake.
Great Grandma was thrilled with her visitors and her day!!!
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Nite Shipslog
PS:  More Church Bulletin Bloopers (thanks Shirl)
Miss Charlene Mason sang "I will not pass this way again," giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.
Scanoldpic8 016
This beautiful young lady was today’s Great Grandma with her first child on a beautiful 1955 Ford!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Storage building

(Pictures interspersed of progress today)

We are fortunate  to have several places here in Belmont, NC. There are three properties here that have Motor home hook ups. Since our son is renting this house utilities included, we feel more at ease using the water and electric, when we stop by. Last year we installed the large MH port and paved the drive to it.

Now, we are building a large storage building, and attaching it to the existing metal storage building.  We plan to fit it out with a washer/Dryer to use while we sit here. Our Motorhome washer/dryer combo is nice, but takes very small loads.


(The storage building  looking from the Motor home front door)

We have some ‘stuff’, a Bed room and dining room suites we need to get out and see what shape they are in. Along with dishes, pots/pans, bed clothes some tools, a desk, filing cabinets and only the Lord could know what else, it has been stored in the woods in a trailer for 12-13 years, The snakes and rats have co existed in there.


(Street view, the boys are starting to cover the new and old with white vinyl.)

Soooo, the storage building is gonna help us free up a tractor/trailer trailer. and allow us to inventory what we have.


(Rear view to the street)

We plan a huge yard sale, after going thru our STUFF.  now you know the rest of the story.  We own the home, it is rented to our son, who so far has paid the rent. And this is our resting place for a couple months of the year, where we see our sons, some of the grand kids and one great grand daughter.  I hope to be able to show the completed storage building in a couple days.

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Nite Shipslog


(Thanks to Shirl, my little sister, Bulletin bloopers)

Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.


check this heavy duty Packard Wrecker.

1929  ten years before I was born!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m working On the Building

Funny, I remember that song from my child hood. We sang it in church a lot. We also sang a song about “I’m On my Way to Cannan’ Land”, I remember singing loudly, ‘If the Preacher don’t go, won’t hinder me!’  Shucks and my daddy was the preacher and I didn’t even think of that! LOL
We made up a bunch of stuff too,  sacrilegious for sure, but kids didn’t mean anything by it, I think God has a sense of humor, I see some of his creation.  Don’t you just love a monkey?
Anyway I remember one line, ‘On a hill far away, stood an old Chevrolet, its fenders all battered and bent.’
Now back to the building….LOL
Mark brought two helpers today:
roof done 001
they sheeted the roof, okay, sheathed the roof.
We used architectural shingles, called Weathered wood. Here Mark and Antonio are about to set the door.
roof done 005
Henry, was completing the side sheathing.:
roof done 010
While they were busy I started digging my DITCH. Hole in the foundation then to the Motor home port.
roof done 007
Around the Motor home port.
roof done 006
around the back of the port and into the new shed.
roof done 008
This ditch will contain the water line and power lines.  Dats a lot of digging for an old man!!!
Ended the day with Sherry’s spaghetti feast. Salad, garlic bread the three types of drinks.
roof done 013
I didn’t think to take a picture until everyone had cleaned their plates.This is Luke up front, out youngest Grandson, just in from school.
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Nite shipslog
PS:  Shirl sent me the church Bulletin bloopers:
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say "Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you. --------------------------
This 1961 VW was a neat truck for deliveries.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long work day , start delay due to rain.

The day finally cleared and some work was accomplished. Got all the joists and most rafters nailed in place.


Above is the view from the motor home door.


This is the back side. Son mark found the TOP DOG sign. It has an English Bull like MJ on it and he wanted to display it. (Tacky to say the least). We plan to wrap it all in vinyl siding.

It is about time to start my plans for the washer and dryer installation. Also the electrical.  I still do not have the washer and Dryer fixed.  Few odds and ends like that. LOL

That is about it for the present project. Need to get this done and get underway on some visiting.

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Nite Shipslog

PS:  Church bulletin bloopers:

The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.'



I am into trucks because of material deliveries. hahaha  this is a 1919 Nash 2 Ton Truck.

(I don’t remember where I picked up the trucks in my collection, but I love ‘em)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doctor’s appt. progress on the Building

Early this morning, we got up before breakfast. Headed to Charlotte and my ear Dr. appt. I am not sure if the appt done any good, seems to be worse, but then my hearing is deteriorating more. He said, “You must tell folks to speak slow and distinctively, and always face you. If you tell them that and they do not do it, do not speak to with them again, they are not your friend!”

He then immediately turned to his computer and continued talking to me, I thought about just refusing to talk to him since he must not be my friend. LOL.**********

Then I had my blood drawn, nice lady and very efficient. She drew 9 vials of blood!!!

When we got back home Mark and Henry were busy on the storage building.

Shed tues 001Shed tues 002

The back wall was up and the other walls laid out. I continued to work on my ‘under house’ lawn Mower garage, and got it ready.

Shed tues 012

While they put up two more walls.

Shed tues 007

the Chickadees seemed to work around us very well. I added the Hummingbird feeder, but haven’t seen any yet.

Shed tues 005

As you can see the new building will attach to the  existing smaller metal building. The sheathing is missing in the back to pass lumber thru since the material is on the back side.

Shed tues 006

This is the inside the area just this side of the metal wall is where I hope to put the washer and dryer. I have been trying to repair them while all this is going on, but that is another story.

We ended the day with Pressure cooked Chicken, gravy, with rice, peas and biscuits. We also  threw a quick version of Ambrosia. It was good. We had five eating in the motor home, plus the grand dog, MJ.

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Nite Shipslog


Doesn't "expecting the unexpected"

Make the unexpected expected? (just sayin’)



Delivery truck of days gone by!

1920 Packard 7 TON (SEVEN TON!!!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

I was born really young and I fell in love very young.

I was more than likely an accident, but I am glad I happened. I am the baby of the family, there was a brother born after me, but he died in infancy. My Sister Shirl and I were the second family. We had two older brothers and an older sister. I can barely remember my older siblings at home.

scanoldpic7 026

(Me on my older brother’s lap)

Since my dad was a preacher we moved fairly often, so moving has always been in my blood. It never effected the other siblings , just me, the baby. As a child, during my first three years of school, I heard  Frankie Lane sing, ‘My Heart Goes Where The Wild Goose Goes’. 

It stuck, and my mind soared with every flock (or gaggle) of Geese seen flying in that ‘V’ formation, honking, come go with us.

I had a crush on Betty Carswell, but she never knew it. I dated Margaret Woods for a year as a teen ager (we went steady), BUT I FELL IN LOVE with the beautiful Sherry at 16. I am sure it was  Love (maybe in heat), but I wanted that girl.

Scanoldpic8 032

We were in the same High School, we only had one class together, French. Yeah, I ‘Je vous aime beaucoup’d’ her a lot. We double dated with Vondale and Martha. One trip was to see a friend of ours, Roger Slack.  He had just gotten married. On the 40 mile trip back home, I asked Sherry to marry me, she said YES!

Scanoldpic8 042 - Copy (2) - Copy

She loved me back as a Marine

I joined the USMC, and we were married the next year (1956), I was 17 then. She was Beautiful. Now over 56 years later, she is still beautiful, the love of my life, and in my eyes she is still ‘Sweet 17’. During our marriage we have been separated by cruises and military tours, since retirement, we are together 24/7, I cannot get enough of that girl.

Scanoldpic8 021

She loved me as a a skinny AF guy.

Scanoldpic9 053

Even as a preacher for a few years.


Oh, yeah, as a Sailor too.

jack wagon

As a Roach coach driver!

Scanoldphoto3 013

(She stuck with me and operated the remotes as I was trying to be a chalk artist!)

She has put up with a lot, a jealous husband in youth, following me around the world, changing jobs when I got orders, and helping me when I decided to go into business for myself. I studied and worked and became a licensed General Contractor.

scan1990-91 043scan1990-91 044

(I found my nitch in building, I love this)

001 - Copy

Now this is our home!


A view from our picture window. As we head


into the sunset of our lives. What a ride!

God has been better to me than anyone. I think I am his favorite. I was born very young, Loved very young, and still have a young bride after 56 years. Life is good!

Thanks for coming by the log, I apologize for the length, but I got Sherry on my mind!.

Nite Shipslog

PS: (Found in a church bulletin)

Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.


Most folk know we live in a Motor home, these are fore runners of ours.


Above is an A model conversion.


Above here is a 1909, motor home!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love coming home


Unity bulletin

(Josh & Stephen are our twin grandsons, we are very proud of them)


I love coming home….

Honest, I like it, I make plans as we travel for what would be nice back at our home base. Now that we are here I am putting legs to those plans. One problem we have had for years is storage. When we first decided to live full time we put our house up for sale. Get rid of every thing in the hose and basement and travel light.

First the house did not sale (a blessing in disguise), second calling in family and saying, “Take any and every thing you want, we are emptying the  house.” We got “Okay!” but actually nothing was taken except an old worn out stereo set.

So there was a rub. I am too cheap to pay $200 a month for storage, so I looked at an alternate, we bought a 53’x8’ trailer, for $1500. I figured that would pay for itself in a year. Knowing me and my crazy ideas, this full time traveling stuff in a motor home might not last more than a year. So we stored our ‘STUFF’ in a trailer and moved it onto some acreage we owned near by. It was in the woods so there was no problem with zoning, but 13 yrs ago.

We figured it is past time to get rid of a lot of that stuff and get it out of the rats and snakes way in the woods. Time to put any good stuff left in proper storage. That is what the storage building is all about. 

As an additional help, I plan to plumb it for a full size washer and dryer we can use when here at our home base. I thought about a full size shower, but that can wait.

Anyway now the floor is in place:

floor 001

Also, I have the rear high enough, after a little digging, for the mowers and yard tools:

floor 002

Mark will start the framing Monday. I am looking forward for this part.  As a builder I loved framing. Mark and I alone could frame and dry-in 1600 sq ft house in less than 5 days.  It was a fun job.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite shipslog

PS: Thanks for the keyboard advice, I think I hit some too hard with my fingernails.

Why didn’t Tarzan have a beard when he lived in the jungle without a razor?


Sherry in our first RV

Scanoldpic9 009 - Copy - Copy

I built our first RV, a pop-up camper. And we towed it with the Rambler in the back ground.

Scanoldpic9 050 - Copy

This was a camp site on the Blue Ridge parkway! (It leaked like a sieve!)