Friday, April 13, 2012

Life out back

We now are parked outback of our house that our son rents, yep so far he has paid the rent! I am happy, before leaving last fall I put up two bird houses. Now we have residents. I do not know what they are, maybe finch, but probably a Wren? But I have enjoyed mom and dad flying in with food for the hungry brood.

birds 001

(Yeah I am up to early for good shots, I should be in bed)

birds 002

(MY short notice water and feeder)

So I decided to feed them some wheat  bread and hand some water so mom & dad wouldn't have to go so far. I noticed they found a little of the bread. haven't seen them go for the water yet.

birds 003

(Here mama is sitting on my sheds jalousie window. )

It is fun to sit and watch. The weather is supposed to warm back up here, and maybe it will be more comfortable to sit outside and watch.

We attended the memorial service of a family friend yesterday, I did not make a post because there was not time to read, comment and post.

We are fine, just busy planning a roofing job and creation of a nice storage building with a washer and dryer.  That will be a change from out little load washer/dryer.  We have the washer and dryer already.

We have touched base with a couple of the neighbors, all wondering how long we will stay.  Usually my answer is ‘we will hit the road as soon as possible.

Today is Sherry’s day for Hardees, and the old folk. She has a chance to visit her brother who is always there.  When possible I opt out now, due to my hearing.

She has already took care of the important stuff. Held Stella and had Stella's mama do her hair.

Thanks for dropping by the log.

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If at first you don't succeed, sky-diving is not for you.



In it’s day, this was a ‘very fancy’ paint job. A 1950 Ford Crestliner.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Right away you have some projects to do...roofing and ashed sounds like a job that may just keep you there for awhile. Hope Sherry has a great time with the folks at Hardies. I love your impromptu bird feeders. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

DD said...

I am sure it is nice to be home again, even if you do have some work to do. Love the bird houses and the 1950 Ford too. I had one once. It was not that fancy, was solid black. Nice post, as aways.

momto8 said...

I love watching my birds too!
have a great weekend!

Helen said...

I love watching birds. I see you are headed for some summer work. Hopefully before it gets to hot. I remember those Fords.

Anonymous said...

Opt out due to your hearing. Do you ever just use that ~evil grin~ to get out of stuff(cause I would)?

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful mean to feel time. I shall make usage of that as well. Please have you all a good weekend ahead.

Elizabeth said...

Love the bird houses! Thats what I have to put up here at our new home. I have never seen or heard so many birds as we have here!

Chatty Crone said...

It's always nice to touch home - unpack and clean - repack - say hello to the kids - and then take off again. sandie

Paula said...

The birdhouses are so pretty.


Sounds like HOME fits you well. Hope you get that washer and dryer installed. ENJOY your visit. Take care.

Ken Riches said...

Glad you have some projects to keep you occupied.

Sheila Y said...

Oh yeah, I forgot you had parking at your house...guess Shirl can rent to paying customers now... ; ) Don't work to hard! Take care, Sheila

Sheila Y said...

Oh yeah, I forgot you had parking at your house...guess Shirl can rent to paying customers now... ; ) Don't work to hard! Take care, Sheila