Monday, April 23, 2012

I was born really young and I fell in love very young.

I was more than likely an accident, but I am glad I happened. I am the baby of the family, there was a brother born after me, but he died in infancy. My Sister Shirl and I were the second family. We had two older brothers and an older sister. I can barely remember my older siblings at home.

scanoldpic7 026

(Me on my older brother’s lap)

Since my dad was a preacher we moved fairly often, so moving has always been in my blood. It never effected the other siblings , just me, the baby. As a child, during my first three years of school, I heard  Frankie Lane sing, ‘My Heart Goes Where The Wild Goose Goes’. 

It stuck, and my mind soared with every flock (or gaggle) of Geese seen flying in that ‘V’ formation, honking, come go with us.

I had a crush on Betty Carswell, but she never knew it. I dated Margaret Woods for a year as a teen ager (we went steady), BUT I FELL IN LOVE with the beautiful Sherry at 16. I am sure it was  Love (maybe in heat), but I wanted that girl.

Scanoldpic8 032

We were in the same High School, we only had one class together, French. Yeah, I ‘Je vous aime beaucoup’d’ her a lot. We double dated with Vondale and Martha. One trip was to see a friend of ours, Roger Slack.  He had just gotten married. On the 40 mile trip back home, I asked Sherry to marry me, she said YES!

Scanoldpic8 042 - Copy (2) - Copy

She loved me back as a Marine

I joined the USMC, and we were married the next year (1956), I was 17 then. She was Beautiful. Now over 56 years later, she is still beautiful, the love of my life, and in my eyes she is still ‘Sweet 17’. During our marriage we have been separated by cruises and military tours, since retirement, we are together 24/7, I cannot get enough of that girl.

Scanoldpic8 021

She loved me as a a skinny AF guy.

Scanoldpic9 053

Even as a preacher for a few years.


Oh, yeah, as a Sailor too.

jack wagon

As a Roach coach driver!

Scanoldphoto3 013

(She stuck with me and operated the remotes as I was trying to be a chalk artist!)

She has put up with a lot, a jealous husband in youth, following me around the world, changing jobs when I got orders, and helping me when I decided to go into business for myself. I studied and worked and became a licensed General Contractor.

scan1990-91 043scan1990-91 044

(I found my nitch in building, I love this)

001 - Copy

Now this is our home!


A view from our picture window. As we head


into the sunset of our lives. What a ride!

God has been better to me than anyone. I think I am his favorite. I was born very young, Loved very young, and still have a young bride after 56 years. Life is good!

Thanks for coming by the log, I apologize for the length, but I got Sherry on my mind!.

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PS: (Found in a church bulletin)

Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.


Most folk know we live in a Motor home, these are fore runners of ours.


Above is an A model conversion.


Above here is a 1909, motor home!


Fred Alton said...

Jack, you have led a very interesting life! You have accomplished much and you are still a very capable builder. Having Sherry to stick with you through it all is probably your main achievement, for sure. Of course you know that and readily acknowledge the important role she played in your success. I'm proud to call you my close friends.

DD said...

I wonder who is more fortunate, you or the beautiful Sherry! Your accomplishments are many, the two of you, but Jack, you do need help in the artistic field! ...judging by your chalk drawing. :)

Now I understand why you are roaming all over the world. Sherry, if you hear geese honking run and cover Jack's eyes and ears. ...and don't you don't look up!

DD said...

Nice pictures and lovely couple.

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful post for a husband to write about his life with his wife!
Too often we hear spouses complaining about each other. Very nice!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two are blessed for sure to have each other. Not many can celebrate 56 years together and love it all. I only had 27 wonderful years with my hubby but they were all good. He was called home to be with the Lord almost 20 years now. We met when I was 16 but we didn't marry till I was 21. By then he was out of the AirForce. Now 7 children later and life moves on. Even without him I still count my blessings too. You have a wonderful couldn't get much better. Hope your Monday is a great one. The sun just peeped out but the wind is roaring...more bad weather blowing in.

Anonymous said...

You and Sherry are the photos and the love story!

Anonymous said...

I think you've lived about 8 lives, Jack. . . & it also seems like you found more than one nitch. I'm sure many times the view was peerless. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

wow !

shirl72 said...

What I remember most is our
two brothers coming home with
their Navy Dress on. I always
like to see the two stars hanging on the door showing there were two boys in the Navy. The way mother
could know where they were stationed or shipped by giving the islands girl names. That
was neat. Mothers always know


Paula said...

I love your story and the pictures. Did Sherry ride in the Roach coach with you? I used to go on service calls with Mel in a panel truck without a passenger seat so I sat on a wooden box and put the baby in a wicker basket between us.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Funny Jack, you were born young and I started out as a child. Great pictoral!


Chatty Crone said...

I hope Sherry reads your posts - what a gift to her. You have led quite a life. Amazing. And you have always loved her. I love hearing your story and seeing the pictures - I learned a lot more ab out you. You are lucky. Have fun on the road. sandie


WHAT a LOVE story. What a LIFE. This journey/adventure you both find yourself on is unlike any other. 56 years. You are blessed, indeed. take care wherever the road leads you.

Debbie said...

I love all your pictures and how you proclaim your love for Sherry after all these years. Sherry may have put up with a lot but she did it out of her love for you. Love you guys!

Y said...

Not many people are so open about their love for their spouses. The world is a happier place because you share your feelings.