Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Hi, This is from Ron, Lucy’s son…. This is a Lucy UPDATE

(I suggest any comments be directed to Lucy’s last blog entry, and she will not miss them.

http://whatlifeisabout-lucy.blogspot.com/  )

Mother’s online friends mean so important to her, she speaks highly of you all. I tried to get into her blog but couldn’t for some reason. As an Update, if you could pass this along on your blog it would be very helpful.

Mom did fall on the way to the car to go to the hospital. Didn’t do any damage, luck has it.

She came through surgery well. They had he walking the same day. She spent the first three days in the hospital and now is in a rehab nursing home type estab, she will be there about another week. I talked to her yesterday (Wed) and she sounded good. She Joked about Joe could be colored blind with the pick of her clothing. Spunky and Joe are doing good but can’t wait for her to be home. Joe says that Spunky goes and waits for Mom to get out of the car. Sad to say he will have to wait a couple more days.

Lucy & Joe

Again, thanks so much for the card, you made her and my day. I am going to visit her again in the morning as I have a dental appointment there in Lincoln. Take care and bless you all for your care, prayers and thoughtfulness to mom.

Ron P.

There we have it, Lucy has a new wheel and is doing well! (Watch out Joe!!) LOL


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good news there! I have just gotten to Lucy by your blog but am glad to hear things are going well for her! Nice you could give a shout out to everyone.

Paula said...

I've been wondering about Lucy. Thanks for letting us know.


I have been so worried. I emailed her and left comments on her last blog post. Thanks for the update. Tell her we all MISS her and hope she'll be good as new in no time at all.

DD said...

Hi Jack, I had went into Lucy's blog to leave more good wishes and was very happy to see your notice of an update from Ron. Sounds great, doesn't it! Thank you for passing the message along.
Yes, everyone will now have to watch out...lol. I hope Lucy will be able to run races.
Thank you, DD

Forty Pound Sack said...

Thank you, Ron & Jack, for posting this. Great news!!