Monday, April 16, 2012

Just a hello from the back yard

The roofing job is almost completed (didn’t I say that yesterday?). Oh well that is construction. I am preparing for our storage building out back. Today I emptied and moved the 10x12 storage bldg that was in my way . 

Sherry has already chewed me out for doing all that manual labor.  I guess it was a little too much for an old man. I moved the building about twenty feet down and 15 ft. over.  I think it was Archimedes that said, “Give me a lever long enough and I can move the earth.”  I respect the ancient, but I don’t know what he planned to use as a fulcrum!

Anyway it is done, while the tractor sat in some wooded area. I should have gotten it, but I didn’t. Sherry says no one can tell me anything.  She is usually right, but I give in grudgingly.

Sherry fixed pintos, cabbage, mac/cheese and salmon patties, great meal. We had a few stop by to eat. Mark & his family, Oh yes, Mary Ann dropped by from the mountains. Love that girl.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Why do "tug" boats push their barges?


1916 Packard

I feel this old tonight after working 12 hours!

1916 Packard!!!!


Paula said...

Had to look up fulcrum. Don't work so hard and mind Sherry.

Anonymous said...

I looked it up...from what I read I gather it gives the tug more control of the barge to push rather than pull! Learned a couple of things about tugs I never knew!

You should listen to Sherry! Are you in a permanent spot? Or just one where you stay a lot...since it seems a rather large space and you're now going to have 2 storage sheds!


Sounds like you are in your element back there at home. I'm aching all over just listening to what you did. That was alot of hard work, moving that storage shed. Don't you know Jack your wife is always right. LOL Rest, relax and ENJOY all your loved ones. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I sure have learned the hard way that there are somethings I don't do at all any more and I don't because I know the pain that will result. I got pretty spoiled when I had my strong boys at home to heft and lift what I couldn't. After they all left home, I tried a few things I shouldn't have and soon found out, it was better to wait for help to come along. Now that you've already gone and moved that shed, I hope you think twice about doing it again. Glad you are keeping busy I know you love doing all that kind of stuff. Sherry's dinner sounds wonderful. I love it all! She must have know that after all that work you needed a great meal. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday there!

Cher' Shots said...

LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!!!! Did I say that loud enough? lol
'love & hugs from afar'

shirl72 said...

I cannot believe you moved that
building. I do remember us moving our building in Charlotte. We were much younger and it was not as big as the one you just moved. "MERCY" I hope you are through moving buildings. Don't forget we are at that age and don't need any extra help with aches and pains. LOL.

Glad you got to see Mary Ann.


Louis la Vache said...

You KNOW «Louis» is always happy to see a Packard!

Ken Riches said...

Limits are important in all home projects...

Anonymous said...

Jack, I always knew you were alittle touched! But, honestly, have you lost more marbles? Now what is this about you moving a 'shed' . . . just a reminder that since you are and will always be the 'baby' of the family that father time still marches forward! Which means you ain't no spring chicken/roster! ;-) Of course we want you around a long time . . not straped to a chair. Hint, hint.
So, ask for help as I'm sure the list of folks is extremely long that are more than willing to offer you a helping hand.
As always, with love and best wishes from someone with a few more marbles than you. :OL