Sunday, July 31, 2016

Water is interesting, I have many questions? Where does it all come from?

 (Sherry says, okay we are home)
I mentioned the Cumulus clouds we have seen, I read where they contain a million pounds of water. We watched Niagara Falls for a few hours, just knowing it would run out of water (but it didn't!). We have sat and relaxed in hot springs in North Carolina and as far away as Big Bend Country in Texas and as far North as the Northern Yukon. All the time thinking, what makes this water HOT? (Sure I read the pamphlets, but it doesn't satisfy my mind for some reason)

This is our camp site at Wekiwa Springs State Park, nice and shady.

We drove and walked thru Yellowstone, steam coming out of the ground in thousands of places. Hot springs everywhere. Old faithful erupting hot water and steam. I said, if I had been an explorer I would have left FAST, this place is about to BLOW!

When we were kids Shirl and I spent time with big sister Kat and her new hubby Dick. Their house had no electricity nor running water. Shirl and I helped by carrying water from a spring. Shirl was very sweet, and taught me if I carried BOTH buckets it would be balanced and easier on me. (She didn't mention how easy it was on her! ;-)  ) The water was sweet and probably flowed at 2-5 gals a minute. (Shirl did her share, but she did teach me how to balance two buckets at a time)

All of my younger life when springs were mentioned I remembered Kat, Grandpa and Grandpa Page in Valdese, their house water was supplied from a spring. So to me, that was a spring.

We were in Del Rio, TX where I met The San Felipe Spring it produces 40-100 million gallons a day. WOW, THAT IS A SPRING!  So here we are camped at Wekiwa Springs. A little spring that produces 45 million gallons a day, and forms the Wekiva River, 60' wide and 5' deep.. All year round the temp is 72 degrees.

(This is the head waters of the spring)

Summer draws crowds so big that they have to close the gates, out first day here, they had to close the gates, and the park was flooded with visitors.  The water is a clear as a bell.

This dude we met on the way back from the spring.

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PS: This sort of thing keeps us on the road. we walked 3.5 miles to the spring and back. We met some nice folk.

AMC Rambler Ambassador Convertible 1970's vintage.


Terror is a form of warfare we citizens of the USA do not understand. As a nation of ‘mostly’ civilized folk, we cannot imagine strapping explosives to our body to kill ourselves and take as many other lives as possible while doing it. The thought is foreign to our thinking.
I was shockingly amused at the statement of the police chief in Munich lately who said:
Although the shooter was yelling ‘Alla Akbar’ he said: “This is probably not linked to ISIS.”
But isn’t that what the ISIS is calling for? Lone Wolves to attack using any means available.  It seems to be working. In many countries we are seeing common citizens ‘terrorized’.
I can somehow understand someone raised in the desert, who is scraping for food and owns nothing other than what they are wearing not caring for their lives. That person can be convinced to do things so he/she will have a great ‘after life’ as promised by ‘The Prophet’. Just wear the suicide vest, pull the cord, kill infidels and be in paradise.
BUT I cannot understand a person who has tasted freedom, a job to earn money for food and housing. One who is enjoying the amenities of a ‘civilized society’ killing themselves for a cause?
In the past few months, in an attack in France one suicide bomber was caught. He said, “I could not pull the ‘trigger cord’ on my vest, I wanted to live.”  My hope is many more start to feel the same.

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This is how I feel tonight. this is a cool 1955 Plymouth

Friday, July 29, 2016

The beauty of the sky and What a man thinks....

(See this guy looking at his hand)
This year has been exceptional here, for cumulus clouds. We have seen so many giant fluffy dudes. WE have watched on out walks as they changed shapes for dogs to ducks to mushrooms etc. Beautiful. Now The Blue Ridge Boomer had a double rainbow on her blog and said she saw a ‘triple’ but did not have a camera handy. 

Rainbows too, have graced our skies lately, the beauty of the last one was breath-taking. (the double does not show but this was a double)
(Even the dark clouds were pretty)

Speaking of other blogs, Rick over at life 101 (He seldom says anything ‘good’ ;-) if you did’t catch it, that is a joke!) but the other day he was describing a time when he had hair and was a slender good-looking dude. (I did question the good-looking dude thing). He mentioned his sweet wife Jilda, in a picture earlier in their marriage over looking Mobile Bay. He said, “She looked like a model……. (and more mushy stuff)!”

(from the net but the one I saw was like this)
It got me to thinking, I have never known what girls think when they saw their sweetheart, but I can relate to exactly what Rick was saying, as a man.  My girl/sweetheart/wife was (and still is) the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Yep, she looked like a model! Like I said, Rick is a ‘word-master’ and knows how to put ‘em together.
I know, y'all don't remember the hair do! ('cept Paula, I saw a picture of her's)

I enjoy reading Rick’s stuff, I’d read it if for nothing more than his comparative descriptions the dude comes up with:  i.e. ‘The acorns hitting the roof sounded like an army or mice roller skating in the attic’. (Pa 60, of his book, ‘Life Goes On.’)

Oh, now back for a word on house hunting. Our realtor, Kathi, did it. She got an addendum added to the two page contract that declared: ‘There will be NO ADDENDUMS’.

The addendum states we will walk thru the house next Friday, to ensure we are buying a ‘vacated’ house. (Meaning Irene & Pit should be gone! I will continue to believe in miracles if it happens.)

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Mama could do anything, she made my uniform.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Any day when you are healthy and above ground

IS GOOD<—>right?

A relaxed day here. I have a few silver dollars and also got some from Shirl. I put them in protectors and looked up the value. all of them are worth about $22 each now. I believe we have 12 of them now. I like old coins like I enjoy old cars.  Maybe It is just that I like old things, reckon?

I really do not have many old coins, none of them  in the hundreds of dollars in worth, but I just enjoy them. Shirl had a small collection and we bartered for them. I have an Indian head penny, a couple Mercury dimes and about 5 buffalo nickels.  Among Shirl's stuff I got 4 mint condition 1990 quarters and a Confederate $100 bill, I tried to spend it, the little girl said she thought it was counterfeit.  

When we were at the bank I finally replenished my gold dollars. I like to keep some in my pocket to give to kids.  I've been without for a long time.

We move Sunday, to Wekiwa Springs State Park near Apopka. It is closer to the area we are hoping to buy. Over there we will have to be aware of the Orlando traffic. We got caught in the evening traffic from Orlando yesterday.  State parks are more fun. Rustic and you can have a camp fire, well maybe one LATE at night. LOL

I enjoyed your comments on the last entry. I liked the idea of Irene moving in with Ray.  I didn't like the idea of Irene being ready to move, but the PIT not moving.

I have started doing some chicken/shrimp stir fry for my cooking days. Most of our cooked meals last two meals.
(The house we are looking at is about 25 miles from DAytona beach)
About house hunting. Kathi said I would get the instructions for wiring the earnest money on the house (I did), but  not to do it until she saw the signed contracts.  Evidently it will not be today. LOL

Another scatteractic post.

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Two auto pics set to me by Rose a couple years back

The ‘Different Sale’

Realtor, Kathi got this e-mail about a house we like:

I just talked to investor and she sent me an email. Here is what she said:
Yes, buyer pays all closing costs, MLS price $59k. …. No worries about taxes, any unpaid taxes are paid by "seller" at closing. No survey, no inspection, any liens or costs attached to the title are handled by seller at closing. Closing is on Friday, July 28th. We are an Investment Company on Contract with the owner. After the showing, if you want to move forward, we sign on ""our"" contract, a $2,500 escrow wire deposit to our title company, I will get you a HUD to reflect all closing costs

I had to ask specific questions because I have dealt with type of transaction before.
Let me see if I can nail down a time……….
***********   **********   **********
Keep in mind the 28th closing date would be 2 days after we look at the house. No survey, no inspections.


Okay to the house. Remember my new friend Ray, This is my new friend Irene. Not as talkative at Ray and not quite as much ‘stuff’ (but close). She also has a ‘Giant Pit Bull’. Imma thinking Irene isn’t getting ready to move. If we own it, she could stay there until evicted at ‘our’ cost.

House is okay and RV fits. House needs some work, it is a 3BR  1 bath (but I see where I can put a 2nd bath). Do we want it, Yes!

Kathi is good. The investor was wide open, on reasons to close immediately, but our lady stayed right with her……………. ½ hour later: Kathi finally cuts in: “I recommend the Darnell’s only purchase an empty house, the results are just too dicey.”  Kathi prevailed, and we signed a contract for $55K and we pay closing.  Irene and pit to vacate before next Friday and close then.

Not a super price, because it will take some work and the average house in this neighborhood is $70K, but it is in the money and house range we were shooting for.

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PS:  In my opinion, our new friend Irene is not about to move. She has signs outside to sell everything, but no effort to do so.  SO I have this brilliant idea. We will ask what she expects to get out of the sell of her ‘stuff’ if it is reasonable, we will buy it and discard it. The house is full, she will never move in 7 days with nowhere to go.
This house hunting is interesting.

Note: There must be a lot of hoarders in this USA! (At least we could walk into the bedrooms…)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sad but True Also

Some folk come to Florida, outlive their family and friends, and pass. A distant cousin or great-great grandchild in Minnesota is the beneficiary. BUT they cannot take off work to travel to Florida and handle the estate, so an attorney is told to dispense with everything. Cremate the remains, sell the house & belongings. Deduct the expenses and if anything is left, send the remainder to Minnesota (It could be any state of course).
(Many lives are like this road, too many ups and downs)
A few years ago we were looking for a home in Florida. We looked at places with clothes still in the dryer and dirty dishes from the last meal, in the sink.

We looked at one house that was decorated and painted with the black and white cow markings, inside and out. Refrigerator and stove also were painted the cow design. We have a niece who would have loved it, but……. we passed it up!

We went to a yard sale once in Leesburg, Florida a lady was laughing loudly and I had to know why. She had opened the dryer sitting in the yard for sale, and the last load was still inside. The seller said, “Grandma will never need them again, so they go with the dryer.”
(Many lives are over all, just beautiful)

Just a few days ago, we stopped by a house with a ‘Yard Sale’ sign out front, as well as a “House For Sale” sign. Three folk from Quebec were busily going through everything from the house and filling large black plastic bags. There was already about ten bags out by the curb. The sad story, a sister was ‘mentally deficient now’ and they came down to try to settle things. Sister was already back in Quebec in an institution, but did not know it. Facts are, someone will go thru all our things one day, trying to decide what is important and what is not.
(Some lives  have been quiet and beautiful)
Things that men and women cherished will be sold for 50 cents or thrown away. Pets will be given away or taken to the pound. When it comes down to it, unless it is money, gold or precious gems it means nothing to the person who doesn’t hold it dear.

My sister bought a throw pillow with a zip cover for 25 cents at a thrift shop in Parrish, FL. She knew she could wash the cover. At home she discovered a $100 bill inside.  Some old person had hid that money.

I have more to say, but I will quit this subject, you get the idea. If you are old and hiding money, hide it in your purse or wallet. Your loved ones will find it there. ;-)

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Some of the guys and gals who are checking out of their homes and into assisted living, drove and smooched in these vehicles. They were young and in love.  Many met married and  remembered the vows. Others made the wrong decisions. But they all lived with their decisions.  That is life, and always will be.

Facts of Life, Sad but true

Have you ever had a FACT slap you in the face? Stun you?  Just yesterday as we looked at prospective houses I realized this search was different. We bought our first house for $3,000. Then later we bought a trailer, then another trailer. Then after a long spell of renting we bought a home for $21,000. Following that, over time we built three beautiful homes.  Each one we planned to spend the rest of our lives in, I mean many years, you know, THE REST OF OUR LIVES (A lot of years). We bought a couple more homes with the same attitude.

We are in our late 70’s. It hit me. The average life expectancy in the USA is 78 and change. Florida longevity is 79.45.  Our health is above average, so figure if we are lucky we will beat the average by 8 years.  So this is what hit me, we are looking to buy a home for maybe 8 years. I have NEVER done that before.

Before you start saying folks live to be 100+, yep they do, but they are exceptions, definitely not the rule.  Some folk laugh at polls and averages, but they  hold true.  The day before any election,  if the major polls say ‘Joe Jones’ will win. You can take that to the bank. This is not 1948 Dewey and Truman, these pollsters will come danged close.

So I am a person who believes in averages, because they prove to be correct. Oh, I honestly think I will beat the odds, but that is my nature, I am an optimist.  But even optimists have to face facts, in this world not many folk are safe drivers after 88 years of age.

Florida is a great place, there's a lot of enjoyment here. BUT it can be a sad place. You may remember Rose, of 'Roses are Read'. She lost her hubby here in Florida. She wanted to move back to Boston, but could not get enough out of her condo to buy a place in Boston. I hope she made it back to Boston before she passed, but she probably did not.

Sherry and I are fortunate. That is if our sons out live us, they will make sure the one left makes it back to NC before passing.  (we hope we know that. ;-)

More tomorrow night.

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Ah that '49 Ford would nearly fly

Monday, July 25, 2016

Termites #2

(If you are from Florida you will know Truly Nolen Pest control. He was famous all over Florida for his antique cars parked 'everywhere', some featured here.)

After seeing the damage to the house I mentioned yesterday, I can see where in an area subject to termites a yearly checkup is wise.

Point to remember: A termite contract with repair clause WILL cost much more. Once you have the house treated, in 99.99% of cases you are good with only a yearly inspection with no ‘repair clause’. Like the pest control people I used, some do not have a 'repair' option.

At every construction site the ground will be treated for termites. At the foundation step of construction, the building inspector must see a certified stamp from pest control, before allowing any contractor to proceed. 

In the case of all the damage I mentioned yesterday, what appears to have happened, is a small wooden addition was added to the back of the concrete block home.  The addition may not have been treated.  It is obvious that the infestation and the building of a termite colony started there. That is where the door had fallen off.

Sherry and I do not have a pest control contract on any of our real estate (or wheel estate ;-) ), most folk do not because newer homes are treated well. However if you see any wood around your house, on the ground or out building with signs of boring insects, check around and find one of the boogers and see if it is a termite. Hey he ain't gonna tell you, but you can find his picture on the internet.

Imma tell you, if you go read about termites it will scare you. The pest control folk know what to look for and they know how to sell. For folk who live in areas of high infestations, a yearly contract is not a bad idea. Now there is something you should know. They ‘DO NOT’ treat your house every year, they will only treat it if they see signs of infestation. Too much of the poison (even under or around the house) ain’t good for you.

If you have lived this long without termite damage, you are probably good. This entry should not scare you as a home owner, but make you aware if you see a swarm of termites, catch one and ask it some questions. Then call the executioner.

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PS:  There are boring insects such as ants and the carpenter bee that will produce shavings/saw like dust, but can be controlled by across the counter purchases.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just thinking about termites!

Today we had a good trip over to the Deltona area to check out a couple places.  Main thing was the house on 9th street that had experienced a small fire. They had lowered the price into our limits.

But not to be, RV will not fit. Oh did I tell you about the beautiful house laid out perfect with master BR on one side of the house and the other two on the other? The back door had fallen off, inside I realize why, the termites had eaten the door frame away and the steel door had fallen. So inside we went.

 Today we had a good trip over to the Deltona area to check out a couple places.  Main thing was the house on 9th street that had experienced a small fire. They had lowered the price into our limits. 
But not to be, RV will not fit. 

Oh, did I tell you about the beautiful house laid out perfect with master BR on one side of the house and the other two on the other? The back door had fallen off. So inside we went. Inside I realized  the termites had eaten the door frame away and the steel door had fallen. 

As a builder I looked with amazement at the damage the termites had done. It made me sorta sick. The sheet rock had been removed in one area to show the studs completely eaten by the termites. I am saying to Sherry, this was done while some lived here and they did not even know it. This house is in a very nice neighborhood. Average home here would be about $165k.  This one eaten up, is $59K with no takers so far.

That hurts to see a once beautiful home destroyed. That reminds me of my only termite incident when building. I had a call, "Jack I have termites." The house was less than a year old. I checked and sure enough at the entrance of the house the hardwood was eaten away leaving only the Urethane (paint). The finger punched right thru.

I immediately called my termite man and he came over with his truck. He sprayed the house again and started to leave. "Hey, Albert, when can you  get back and repair the floor?"
"Jack we don't repair damage. I have been working for you for years and you haven't read the contract?"
 I said, "You don't fix it, you don't do any more of my houses."
He said, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but call any of my competitors and ask them about repairs."

He was right, the contract only called for retreatment if termites occur.  Ouch.   I continued to use him until I retired. I repaired the floor but I began to go back and check my houses after about 6 months. 

More tomorrow night.

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                                   1963 T-Bird
 1964 Corvair above and 1964 Pontiac Convettable below.
I loved that Corvair, I wasn't crazy about Ralph Nader. (I still think he worked for Ford! LOL)

Still Looking

(The pictures are supposed to cool you guys in the heat wave )

Here I am with not a lot to say, very unusual.  This house hunting is sorta fun, but frustrating also.  The aids for locating and looking at property are amazing.  The trailer we have been looking at fit the bill for what we want. One of the drawbacks of builders in Florida they build so close to the property line you cannot drive a vehicle beside the house.  It appeared the trailer had plenty of room.

So I searched the county maps and over laid the property lines on the trailer and it appears there is not enough room for the RV.  Shucks.  WE may drive over and check out the actual site since I now have the lot size.

Oh, that downer is matched by a piece of property that was out of our reach, price wise. It is back on the market with a price reduction that puts it at the top of our range to buy.  So we will have Kathi, our real estate lady check into it.  I cannot tell by the pictures if the motor home will fit so when we check the trailer again, we will look.  It is a fire damaged home, but I think we can handle the repairs.

We had a fall back property from the trailer, but while we wait, it is now under contract.  Property is moving here, it certainly is a seller’s market that is for sure.

Shopping is both fun and frustrating. Each day can hold a surprise, maybe tomorrow ours will jump into print!

From the world of the ‘cheap’ home shoppers……….

Nite Shipslog

PS: Rick over at Life 101 just published his 4th book, ‘Life Goes On’.  Rick is a professional writer, his works are ‘good reads’.

Ice Cream, something else to cool you off.
Lisa over at 'Life away from the Office Chair' Married into the Dimeo family. I tried to lift the picture from her blog, but my system locked up. I found this on the internet. I never had the pleasure, but I heard it ws great!