Sunday, July 3, 2016

Please, let me re-phrase that, 'SHUT UP!'

I am not able to talk 'constantly'.  I talk a lot, but when I pause to 'think'— anyone has a chance to insert their  thoughts.  As a public speaker I realized I needed help, so I added props. My first prop was chalkboard, then story and song illustration in chalk.  I studied and added ventrioquism and magic (sleight of hand). But I had to have help.

The props allowed me time to adjust my thoughts. BUT over the years I have met folks that knew the world was waiting for their opinions and could not stop talking. I often wondered how they talked without taking a breath.  99.9% of the time I listen and smile, down inside my mind wants to YELL, SHUT UP, PLEASE SHUT UP.

In school they were called 'motor-mouth'. 

I want to insert here, I AM GUILTY of monopolizing a conversation especially when I cannot hear, I have noticed I do that in self defense.  Self defense to keep from repeating phrases like: What?  I didn't understand that, huh? etc.

Imma shut up here,  I could go on for 2000 words, but my fingers would have to pause to think,LOL.

It is funny, if the motor mouth is a dear friend, your mind can allow it.  If the person is a great entertainer, story after story (and you like the dude) it is easy to handle. BUT if it is a person that grates on your last nerve you want to say, 'enough is enough,' or let me rephrase that, "SHUT UP!"

(Sorry MA, I just had to rant! I will get over it!)

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Paula said...

There are also those who talk so fast you can't keep up or understand what they are talking about. We know a lady who is educated and has an important position. It seems when she starts telling something she talks faster and faster like she is trying to beat her own words.


There is an art to conversation. Once you master it there is no stopping you. LOL


PS). Not to be wordy but I forgot to wish you a HAPPY 4th of JULY. ENJOY.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We all need a rant now and then. Hope you feel better for it and have a Happy Fourth of July !

Lisa said...

Im not a big talker but I do have a problem interupting someone elses talking. Im bad at cutting in sometimes even with different subject. Its like, if I dont say it right then, ill forget. Im working on that.

Keep rambling, im listening

Unknown said...

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betty said...

Its hard when a motor mouth is a member of your own family and they tell the same stories all the time. I like to listen more than talk sometimes. You learn more that way.


Mevely317 said...

LOL-ing over here!
My best friend in Florida used to call Tom, "Mr. Monologue" ... behind his back, of course!
I suspect his son is embarrassed by hearing the same old stories over and over (and over), but I predict there will come a day he'll miss it.

PS - I left a comment on your comment, but in case you don't see it ... wanted to let you and Sherry know, YOUR example's a big part of what got me through Tuesday morning on South Mountain!

Chatty Crone said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July too!

Hootin Anni said...

Hi...I had to come over from Paula's blog after I read her critique of your book.

It will sure be one I will read ... soon.