Friday, July 29, 2016

The beauty of the sky and What a man thinks....

(See this guy looking at his hand)
This year has been exceptional here, for cumulus clouds. We have seen so many giant fluffy dudes. WE have watched on out walks as they changed shapes for dogs to ducks to mushrooms etc. Beautiful. Now The Blue Ridge Boomer had a double rainbow on her blog and said she saw a ‘triple’ but did not have a camera handy. 

Rainbows too, have graced our skies lately, the beauty of the last one was breath-taking. (the double does not show but this was a double)
(Even the dark clouds were pretty)

Speaking of other blogs, Rick over at life 101 (He seldom says anything ‘good’ ;-) if you did’t catch it, that is a joke!) but the other day he was describing a time when he had hair and was a slender good-looking dude. (I did question the good-looking dude thing). He mentioned his sweet wife Jilda, in a picture earlier in their marriage over looking Mobile Bay. He said, “She looked like a model……. (and more mushy stuff)!”

(from the net but the one I saw was like this)
It got me to thinking, I have never known what girls think when they saw their sweetheart, but I can relate to exactly what Rick was saying, as a man.  My girl/sweetheart/wife was (and still is) the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Yep, she looked like a model! Like I said, Rick is a ‘word-master’ and knows how to put ‘em together.
I know, y'all don't remember the hair do! ('cept Paula, I saw a picture of her's)

I enjoy reading Rick’s stuff, I’d read it if for nothing more than his comparative descriptions the dude comes up with:  i.e. ‘The acorns hitting the roof sounded like an army or mice roller skating in the attic’. (Pa 60, of his book, ‘Life Goes On.’)

Oh, now back for a word on house hunting. Our realtor, Kathi, did it. She got an addendum added to the two page contract that declared: ‘There will be NO ADDENDUMS’.

The addendum states we will walk thru the house next Friday, to ensure we are buying a ‘vacated’ house. (Meaning Irene & Pit should be gone! I will continue to believe in miracles if it happens.)

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness remember that picture..When you look to the right you will
see a vacant church the wood turned dark. Mother would tell us the Church
was haunted so we wouldn't slip off and go up the next block to Uncle Oscars.
I talked to Cuz Betty last night and we were laughing about them telling us about the Church.

jack69 said...

Strange, I posted this entry last evening about 9pm. No alerts yet. ???

Lisa said...

You had me at "what a man thinks". I knew I had to check this post out. Ha. I see pictures of me and Nick in our twentys and think we look better in our 40's. Ok the 40's is me. Nick is in his 50's and I think he gets better looking every day but I have to say, I loved his dark beard when we met. He looked like a model to me.

Love the toddler photo.

betty said...

I too will be surprised if the house is empty next Friday, but miracles can happen.


Rick Watson said...

Thanks for your kind words Jack. Man the clouds have been remarkable this year. I could post a picture nightly but I fear people would tire of them.
I thought I posted a comment on your blog last night. I'm going to check to make sure it posted.

Mevely317 said...

Wonky blogspot ... your post only appeared on my dashboard this afternoon! :(

Even before reading your description, I looked at that first picture and thought of a french poodle with a book in its hand (er, paw).

PS. Sherry was (and IS!) a beautiful lady!


Sherry does look like a model in those pics. Mushy from a man is always sweet. Fingers crossed about the house. Keep us posted. Will check out Rick's blog.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always amazing to watch the skies and see the variety of clouds over head. We had some dark black ones roll in here yesterday bringing us some much needed rain. Hope the lady and her dog are gone. I'm thinking if she wants to sell her house, she will be. Meanwhile there is lots of beauty to enjoy all around us.