Friday, July 8, 2016

The first day, Not too good

We drove over to the Deland and Deltona areas, about 60 miles. First I want to say, we took a new road across, route 42 is a beautiful curvy road (In this area of Florida there are a lot of lakes (Lake County) so the roads weave in and out. I would bet cyclists and sports car drivers love this route.

It is beautiful country and borders the Ocala Forest on the north side of the road. The road was not real busy which added to the enjoyment.  Sherry and I enjoy talking now that I have the Cochlear implants.  The trip was pleasant.

There are times I have trouble with addresses I get from the internet, today, the first address did not show up on the  GPS (Paula calls it the lady in a box!)  WE really did like the area the GPS took us to, but not house by that number and no for sale sign.

Next was an address on New York Ave. It turned out to be a business zone.  So we headed from Deland down to Deltona.
First house:
Nice neighborthood, a fixer upper 3BR 2BA $69,900.  Shucks, under contract!

Next: Imma tell you, when you copy down the wrong street, it makes a place hard to find. LOL After we got it, 2BR 2BA

Nice place but the motor home would not fit with out filling in the inground pool which is inoperative anyway, and would be an option. It is a fixer upper at $66,500, BUT now under contract.

Also in a good neighborhood.
The last for the day :
My choice, corner lot, good neighborhood Two places for the motor home, nice palm out front, looks Florida-ee. Strike 3, UNder contract!  $70,000.

I am a firm believer, All things work together! This was the first day.  We drove around, started to love the area, lots of possibilities.

Nite Shipslog

 I really do like these cars.  The Nash Metropolitan up and the '53 MG below.  Funny thing I learned long after I was grown, the both have the same engine. The Nash had the MG engine.



Like that last place too. Corner lots are perfect. all this proves is that you both have good taste. Just a shame that in all three cases, someone was there first. Hang in there. Never know what tomorrow might bring.

betty said...

That was our problem too with the "under contracts." We would see them listed in the beginning of the week but by the end of the week when we could get back down to Phoenix, they were always under contract, especially since we were in the price range of 1st time buyers. I think some houses sold within hours of being posted, it was that tight of a market. The only reason we got the one we got was that it had been under contract but because it was being sold "as is" the people who originally had made an offer that was expected backed out (you can do that within 10 days in Arizona after the property is inspected) because of the work that needed to be done (new roof, etc.) I had liked it when we saw the pictures of it online but then saw a day later that it was under contract, but when we came down to look at another house, our realtor mentioned this house and said "the one on ___________ - the name of the street we live on --- is available." which is so funny because she, being a little scatterbrained, never kept track of stuff like that, that was my "job" to do, but she mentioned it, we went and saw it, and made an offer on it (one of several, not the highest one, but the one with the most earnest money and the highest amount down.) She also took it as a good sign in that when we were looking through the kitchen and she opened one of the drawers, there was a Bible in it. She said "this is the one" and she was right :)

You will find the right one. It just takes persistence. Took us 5 months :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lovely places all but the last one on the corner would be nice. Fixer uppers in the 70,000's sound pretty good to me. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Lisa said...

Hey its a start. I like the last one too. The palm tree sold me. Good luck tomorrow. I heard that in SC, Florida, and Texas, if your over 62 you do not have to pay property taxes. Not sure how true that is. Cant wait to see tomorrows finds.

Keep searching for your castle

Mevely317 said...

I like House #2 ... I think on account of those awnings. Reminds me of my mom's place in Port Charlotte.
Those prices are a pleasant surprise, for sure!

I've a hunch your hunt won't be long. :)

Rick Watson said...

The right place is waiting for you, Jack. Take your time and know that you'll find the place you need to be.