Saturday, July 9, 2016

Then and now

Real Estate like everything else has changed due to the internet. I was looking at a 'home flier' and I could not find an address for the realtor anywhere.

Sure enough, when Sherry called, the lady asked, what city?  I am learning more and more that folks like this lady is actually routing calls. She says, "I will have Kathi  get in touch with you." I am sure she has a list of local realtors in different cities and towns. 

Kathi called, then sent us a list of houses available in the Deltona area.  On our first trip, we preferred to drive around and see if the area appealed to us, and look at some houses I found on the net. We have only driven thru Deltona in I-4, never did any local driving.  WE do like the area.
(Pictures are our picks out of the suggestions by Kathi)
(Cute 2 BR 1 BA This doesn't appear to be a fixer upper, we like it, $54,000) Kathi is with her mother this weekend but will check on the houses we selected from the list.

Lisa touched on a subject  everyone is familiar with, TAXES.  Florida does have a good 'Homestead Exemption' Law. A Reader's Digest version is:

(This one works also, 2BR 1 BA, also a large lot $57,000)
Say your house appraises for $85K, if you are living in Florida full time, or 'homesteading', the first $25k is not taxed.  The second $25K is non taxable except for education taxes.  The final $10 k is taxable.  Yep, nothing simple in TAXES,

For example, the last time we bought ($80K value) the first year the taxes were  $850,  the second year with the homestead exemption they dropped below $500.  

Also Florida has no personal income tax nor auto inspections. As a traveler I like that.  (In the past few years studies have proven that inspections do not lower accidents or traffic deaths.) Florida did have some very stringent inspection rules. 

(2BR 2BA + Garage. Palm trees left and right prevent the Motor home from getting past the house, that hurts.$69,900)

You pay a sales tax when buying a car here, but you do not pay taxes on it yearly. The car tag, is $30. MH tag is about $60.  In NC the tax on the MH alone was over $500.

I am very pleased with the Florida DMV service. In NC, where I was raised, the DMV was the PITS. Many times I was sent away to fix something or get something I forgot. The attitude honestly was nasty (I hope it has changed!) Florida? The most pleasant experience. I don't care about my Driver's license pic, but they will shoot it as many times as you want, with a smile!  Problems with getting a tag, I have had none, but folks who have, the problems were worked out with a SMILE.

I have used the Florida DMV in 4 different towns, all were nice.

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PS: We are getting anxious ot find 'that home'.


Lisa said...

Thanks for that interesting information. (I took notes). As far as todays finds...I like the second one. Needs some added outside beauty but looks like a nice design and more room.

Enjoying following yall


That first place has my name on it if you do not want it. LOVE it. how is the lot? Hope the one that speaks to you the loudest gets the job of being your new home.

betty said...

Good that you are connecting with a realtor; I'd always go with the house that has 2 bathrooms but that is just me and my preference, LOL :)

I was very shocked when we moved to Montana and registered our vehicles. They don't have sales tax but they get a lot of taxes from vehicle registration. We were in New Mexico beforehand when it was $35 regardless of the vehicle. In Montana they based it on your vehicle, how old it was, etc. Let's just say "sticker shock." But we complied, because what else could you do?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you were able to find a realtor. I'm thinking that a hope that requires no fixing ups would be a wonderful thing. Then again, I know you love to do that sort of thing but regardless I'm sure you'd find something to make it just the way you'd want it. I'm enjoying seeing your search.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a house that requires no fixing up. Sorry for the typo. Auto correct does strange things to my posts sometimes!

Jean said...

Glad you were able to find someone to help you find a home. They all look nice and I do like the first one. I'm use to one bath it's ok with just Grover and me, a little less when we have company, but less work not having to clean two bathroom.:) I hope you can find what you are looking for. Take care, Jean

Paula said...

All three look neat and well kept but I like number three. I would paint the door to match the shutters but I know the red door is in style now. We have three houses near us that have a bright red door. Also my two cents worth is at least a bath and half plus the bath. From experience as you get older lol Good luck in finding just the one that fits and suits you and Sherry.

Rick Watson said...

I'd hate to be house hunting. I'm so wishy washy.

Mevely317 said...

My choice is House #1, as well. Cute!

All those years in Florida, I never knew you could have multiple proofs for a DL photo. THAT's a big departure from the surly, step-here-sign-here processes we've experienced in Arizona.

Woody said...

I found our first Florida Home in Punta Gorda on the Peace River, it was a Mobile Home, Paid $1500. for it, This was 1988, I went to the Bank and asked to speak to a Manager, told him I was looking for a place and he gave me a list and we bought it, sold it a year later for $2,000 and moved back to NY. I would love to find a place near Okeechobee, somewhere on a Canal, I love to fish, Love Specs!!! Hope you find your Dream Home.
sending down Love and Prayers for you 2 !
Gary & Anna Mae.