Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life, our style

I am very bad about seeing 'potential' problems.  I guess I do it so I can worry about them.  Son Mark has a closing in New Port Richey this week.  A closing is not a closing until the money changes hands.  I have been to many many closings and only one or two did not happen, I really want this to happen.  There have been a lot of unforeseen things on this house, I am just hoping there are NO MORE surprises.   Of course there won't be, and as sister Shirl says: worry about it 30 minutes then go on about your business.

(What the world needs is love!)
Today we drove down to see if there was anything we could help with. It is a good drive down and always good to see him and his son Luke who has been helping him on this one. We did a little cleaning and a small plumbing job.  The house looks great, Mark always does a good job remodeling.  He also has an eye for the 'now' colors and tiles. This will be his 3rd house to buy and sell in Florida and none of them have been on MLS more than a week.
(Comedians, while I am trying to get a great picture, Luke is raking , Sherry is hiding behid a post and son-Mark behind a bush!, Mark is selling this 3BR 2BA for close to 70K in great shape. A huge storage building out back,  I hope we dind as good a deal)

To me as a builder, that says you are very lucky, or you are selling too cheap.  LOL
Sherry and I learned that Pennsylvania and NY 'dellies ' are the best, while hiking the AT)

Sort of a celebration, and at the suggestion of Myra out in Arizona, we took the boys to the 'Lucky Dill Deli'(A NY Deli in Florida)
 (Myra, sweetheart, never send me to a place with thousands of selections, I am easily confused! LOL) 

The place was very nice  and everyone enjoyed their meal. I had a Philly Cheese steak, Sherry the Cuban Cuban, the boys got the Brooklyn Burger.  No one ordered 'The sandwich that ate NewYork', and  no one was disappointed.

Unless something unforeseen comes up we will not go down again.  We can focus on our search in Deltona.

Funny thing about city names. Some do not appeal to me. For instance we lived in Tavares, Florida for a few years and I never liked the name.
(Sis. Shirl would live in a town named "Kissapig") When we decided to look for a home it was between Daytona, Sanford,  Palm Bay, Melbourne, Deland, and Deltona. Which sounds like an address you would like?  I like Deltona for some reason.  Sanford is just a little south, but the notoriety of the last few years soured me.

I am sure it is a bedroom for Daytona and Orlando, but were we drove it looked fairly 'new'.  I-4 goes right through it also. In an emergency or just a 'trip' to Belmont, NC it would be interstate all the way. 510 miles and only 9 hours driving.

(Never forget the magic of the Rainbow!)
It don't seem to be a problem finding a house with room for the Motor home.  When we have the motor home near, we have an extra bedroom and bathroom, if needed.  We really do prefer two baths, but if we have to, I am qualified to install one. ;-).

I hope tomorrow we will be looking inside some of the latest we have picked. At least we will drive thru the neighborhoods.

Life is good.

Nite Shipslog

 This is one of OUR Metro, this was a Hudson.
 This is one of my tractors from years past, a Ford 8N
One of our campers, as a matter of fact This is exactly like the first one that a bear left her prints next to that backdoor window where Sherry was sleeping. LOL



Looks like a nice ranch for 70K. Investing in something you like and do well is the key. I wish your son continued success. And I hope Deltona has the house of your dreams.

Back Porch Writer said...

Love that pic of everyone hiding. I'm glad you told me they were there or I'd have missed it. lol Praying the closing goes as planned. I know what you mean. Hope you also find what you need. I will say a prayer that you do. Have a great day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad your son is doing well and has been successful selling those homes. Hope you are just as successful in finding a good one you two can enjoy.

Lisa said...

Your son seems to be a knock off the ole block. Smart and talented. Im sure the closing will be a breeze. The house looks cute and I giggled at sherry behind the bush. Good luck on the search today. Sounds like you kids are having a good time.
Im like you, If too many choices are before me, I get so indecisive.

Happy hunting

betty said...

Lunch sounded delicious! WTG to Mark with his ability to flip the houses like he is doing! I think a well priced house will sell quickly so he's doing something right! Hope all goes well with the closing!

I like the sound of Deltona; good city to find a home in and build the next chapter of your lives :)


Mevely317 said...

Giggle! I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the Lucky Dill, Jack! Obviously, when I lived there and they occupied a little 'hole in the wall' place on 19A, their menu wasn't very big.

Thanks for showing us Mark's latest 'baby.' I sure hope Tom and I are able to find something like that in a couple years.

Paula said...

Sounds like Mark is doing an A-1 job with his houses.

Rick Watson said...

When faced with too many choices, I can usually manage to choose the worst one :)

Annesphamily said...

Sounds like your family really knows their stuff with remodeling houses. Nice photos too. That Myra is always filled with great info! Glad you all enjoyed your lunch! I enjoy the vintage cars and such. Always a pleasure to stop by and say hello. Enjoy your week.