Friday, July 8, 2016

I must be getting OLD

I am beat.  I have a friend that is tired of setting up their motor home, so they rent/lease for the winter months and do not move.

I have always thought I liked to set up, but today, not so much.  hahahaha.

I was beat after completing the set up here in Florida.  We dd have a pleasant surprise, Mark and grandson Luke came by for supper. we had stew beef, gravy, greenbeans and mashed potatoes. Sherry did everything except the stew beef (my specialty).

We had a good time, walked a little and gave T-bones to dog Janie, from 4th of July (they had been stored in the freezer).

I have some addresses of houses for sale. we will start looking tomorrow.
Nite shipslog

Today one of these dudes passed me. I will have to dig up the picture. The one that passed was a tudor and very well done.


jack69 said...

We are in florida, house hunting tomorrow!

Mevely317 said...

That dinner sounds yummy!
... and I'm tickled to hear you included Janie-the-dog.

Hope today holds some pleasant promises!

Lisa said...

Its always a good feeling after its all set up and ready. Then there is tear down. uuugh. Hope you find what you are looking for but be patient.
I thought about you two while watching "House Hunters" last night.

Love From higher grounds

betty said...

Some whippersnapper should start a business setting up RVs for people who don't want to do it themselves or need help with it due to getting older etc (not that you are getting older). They might make a good business that way :)

Have fun house hunting!


Paula said...

I bet Janie likes to visit you and Sherry. Good luck tomorrow.


Now the real fun begins. ENJOY looking. I hope the RIGHT one finds you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I'm probably getting old. The summer heat zaps me and I don't do much at all. I'm looking forward to hearing about and maybe seeing what you look at. I pretty much think I'm staying put here and would hate the thoughts of a move. That is tiring too.

Rick Watson said...

Rest up Jack, the road is long :)