Sunday, November 30, 2014

As We GET older….


All of us are getting older, the ones who are not  are on the dirt side of the grass.


Some folk get sweeter as they age, I like that.

We should be more patient as we age, but we are not always patient nor tolerant.

We should enjoy our memories with friends, but  also enjoy their memories, share the stories that bring you joy, even if they are repeated.


I say that and smile about one way conversations. Most every one knows  I am mostly deaf, I hear noises and voices, but do not understand them. So I never talk on the phone anymore. My Sherry does.


I can guess who she is talking to. If she talks and laughs, then listens and laughs, then talks and laughs or gets down the High School year book, I know it is Evelyn.  They share stores or tales.


However there are times I hear, what I think is Yeah (yes) then all is quiet for a few minutes maybe a laugh on this end, and uh huh, quiet on this end with an ‘Oh yeah I remember that.” . I could guess who she is talking to, or Actually Who is talking on the other end. Surprised smile

But she does enjoy all the phone calls and I am glad she can hear and talk. She is a good listener and sometimes that is what someone needs.


We never get too old to care or help. Thanksgiving day we drove  to Palm Bay to take Mark and William (who is down helping him work on the house)  out to lunch. Also Mark had run into a problem, no water.(the house is on a well)  Mark is a good builder and designer but not much on plumbing and electrical.


So during our visit I had a chance to help, it is good to be 75 years old and still be able to pull a well pump apart and repair it.  It wasn’t a technical job, the motor had frozen up, it was just  labor intensive (YOU like that? I learned that lately, ‘Labor Intensive’ that means it was hard work Winking smile).  When we left they had water and again my son took time to thank me, I liked that.


(Some of us remember this pump!)

Now they can flush the toilets without going to Home Depot Smile.

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3D truck paintings…

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our History is in pictures

I set in front of this computer and see such wonders in modern technology. In the quiet of our motor home, as Sherry sits and reads I see pictures as they pass by in a random slide show of the 36000+ pictures of our life, they are stored here. I smiled as I saw me feeding a deer in Texas:

Deer visit 013

Lake Medina, sorely in need of water has hundreds of these deer around.

And I thought about a Kiss on the San Antonio Riverwalk that Jack jr. caught.

014 - Copy

(We couldn’t kiss good without laughing that day! we were having a good time with our sons)

Naturally I  thought of Paula and John. It was our joy to meet just south of San Antonio. John is a very personable Rancher, they make a neat couple.


She is just as sweet in person as she appears on her blog . We wrote a book together, inspired by her relationship with a large Land Turtle she called Toby. The book is a Children’s book called ‘Toby’s Tales’.

At  Paulinescountrytales  she writes about life on the ranch. She also writes some cute poems, they are featured in the book.


scan1996-97 0401

(Shirl always make a booklet of pictures for all the family)

This pops up and I remember family, sister Shirl and Jim at one of our family Christmas times. Jim is easy to miss after his passing. WE were out of the news pretty well when we lived in GITMO. During that time Shirl sent Sherry the Magazine where Bert Reynolds did the nude centerfold (Of course I made her burn it! Surprised smile)

Next more travel pictures:

scan1996-97 0621

We made a trip to Dodge city (My fav. coffee cup came from this trip, yeah I am still using it chip and all)

scan1996-97 0651

Site of the OK City Bombing Not long after the debris was removed. Hundreds of Memorials attached to the fencing.

scan1996-97 0741

I first thought Nova Scotia, but this is Kennebunkport, in the distance is the Bush enclave. (You can no longer stop there and view, security doesn’t allow it.)

scan1996-97 0841

Then some trip to the North East, Sonny and I were sent to wash dishes in the creek. Then my mind goes wild, we made so many great trips with Sonny and Colette (Sherry’s sister).

Scan0022 - Copy

Me, sis’s Shirl, Kat and big brother Junior, Older bro Odis had passed at this picture.

Scan0045 - Copy

Sherry on the left, Sonny & Colette, (Their daughter Vickie and Hubby Jackie), came to visit when we lived in D.C. They toured the White house. I never did.

Scanoldphoto3 023

My home away from home for a couple years, the CVA-62 USS Independence.

It isn’t actually easy to look these pictures up after they pass. I have to make notes to find them.

But I am so happy to enjoy this technology, It keeps family, friends and travels fresh in my mind.

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I figure I will pass away, wondering what is over the next hill.



My first car, 1948 Chevy, I wouldn’t mention it, but we saw a Black one just the other day on our way to Melbourne. Lotta memories in that car…

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pickles, are they good for you?

I am sitting here trying to decide which subject I want to use, and every time I start to type, I seem to have to quit and have another pickle slice. these are called ‘Bread &Butter’ pickles. I do not know where the name came from, but mama used to put-up some that tasted just like them, I never heard her call them anything other than pickles.


Even as a kid, I think I could eat a quart of them while listening to the radio at night.

I like dill pickles also.  I never ‘put-up’ any pickles.  I only had one session of canning and that was green beans and they all soured. But one year we had a lot of squash and friend Evelyn gave me a recipe for  squash pickles and they were good.


Oh yes and my neighbor ‘Good old Mr. Wilson’ out in Kirksville, MO, had a Beagle named Pickles. I liked that dog. Speaking of Beagles, I wonder about Spunky, I have lost Lucy again.


Thanks for stopping by. Life is good, and Florida is a good place to spend the winter (and it isn’t winter yet).


Ending Thanksgiving week and Sheila and the girls will be doing the Black Friday thing!

I am thankful for all my friends, the ones I see and the ones on the internet.

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PS: (I read this somewhere)

Life is good when you give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully..



These 3D truck painting are good. Looks real doesn’t it?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mama was at home

I consider myself fortunate, my mama was a stay at home mama. I had a full breakfast every morning, dinner when it wasn’t school and supper every night.

old pic stuff  scan0011old pic stuff  scan0013

Mama was a joy to watch. Our eating table was in the kitchen and many days I sat at the table an talked to mama as she broke and strung beans. Cleaned a chicken or make a meat loaf. She threw together(her words) some chicken dressing.

In the middle of the meal prep she might starch some clothes and get ready to iron. She knew how to entertain, cook and clean house. I always thought my mama knew everything. I watched as she made tea. Sweet tea for us and some for dad that was sweet some way, but not with sugar.


Mama said dad had ‘sugar’ (meaning sugar diabetes), and she made sure she took care of him to keep him from having to take shots of insulinHe never did require shots.

My mama never had‘sugar’ but her mama (Granny Loyd) did, and gave herself shots.  I must have inherited my love for telling stories from mama, she didn’t seem to tire of me sitting and asking questions. At times she would just sit down and talk to me like I was somebody.


(I dearly loved to see mama ‘mess’ with a pie crust. trimming it and pinching it together.)

I cook some now, when Sherry lets me. Many times I think of mama, she could have potatoes boiling, be breaking beans,baking biscuits  and letting the tea ‘steep’. Nothing boiled over or got left behind. I CANNOT DO THAT. I lose track and forget something if I have too many pots on the stove.


Mama could answer the many phone calls that came to the parsonage and never miss a lick at what she had doing.


Sherry can fix several things at a time and I know most of you ladies do that (especially at Thanksgiving) YOU HAVE MY RESPECT.


If it was up to me we would probably eat Soup every meal.Winking smile(one pot).

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all. I read where Elizabeth and some of the rest of you are starting baking the pies and sweets early. You ladies are something else, more power to you.

From the World of Disney,

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Somebody said:

. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or

sleep all you want.  (I am not sure of the last part about sleep Surprised smile)



3D truck painting

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving for Busy Bodies


Granddaughter Sherece and Stella, I like ‘S’ girls. When we were working with Shirl and her estate, I referred to Sherry and Shirl as the  two Esses.

Jack & Carol gave us the first ‘busy bodies’ to be around our house in a long time. Ben and Corey.

scan1982-84 002scan1982-84 015 - Copy

Mark and Corinne gave us Sherece.

houses jack built scan0071scan1987 027

Jack & Cindy gave us Two at once, Stephen and Josh.

houses jack built scan0067

Then Corinne and Mark Gave us Matt

1993-94 025

Then the last of the Grandkids, from Corinne and Mark the one and only…Lucky Luke.

100_0090 - Copy

scan1996-97 035scan1996-97 0611

Now comes the new litter of busy bodies, the Greatgrands, Ben & Ashley gave us Elsie Mae.

Utah USAF HILL 002

We do not get to spend time around Elsie Mae, since she lives in Utah, but I bet she has been a busy body.


Then Sherece and Brandon gave us the latest..

Accord and Cedars 017

ME? a busy body!

Home and Stella 066Home and Stella 070

She has a ball driving and finding everything hidden.

Oh a new surprise,  there is now a boy of the way, compliments of Stephen and Jennifer. He will discover America in February, we will be in Florida, most likely, but they won’t need us.Surprised smileWinking smile

They have all been a joy, Even our two boys although we were too young to know what parenting was about.

Scan0011Scanoldphoto3 071

GITMO 2 scan0028img054 - CopyScanoldphoto3 030

Birthday 75 jack 009

But they both survived to bring us much joy.

Nite Shipslog


Traveling thru life, when you are 3/4 thru life’s journey, the Grands are a thrill and the Great Grands are such a joy. We are THANKFUL for a healthy family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and  to our family, especially:


OUR latest additions have been two wonderful Granddaughters-in-law, Megan and Jennifer, the icing on the cake you might say.



More 3-d painting of trucks. is this neat or what?