Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Sherry

(I am posting this early because we will be on the road tomorrow on her Birthday)

Sherry Lucille Harris was born to Wiley Aaron and Susie (Susan Geneva) Harris. Sherry discovered America on the Climax Mill Village in Belmont, NC Nov. 6th 1937. She had 3 brothers and two sisters. at the time. A little later Johnny came along and she was really outnumbered. She was the youngest girl.


Sherry had a beautiful mom and a handsome dad. So they therefore made beautiful daughters.



The Harris Clan missing Mother Susie and brother Tommy Joe.

She lived in Belmont all her life,in school she stayed pretty much with the same class members from grade school to graduation. She was very bright in school and was a member of the National Beta Society. I always knew she was a real catch, a princess. When I was researching her ancestors a couple months ago I learned her Great Grand Father’s name was King David Hawes, from the East, well Eastern North Carolina anyway.

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             (FRONT ROW, 2ND FROM THE RIGHT)

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I discovered her on the Imperial Mill Village and my life was forever changed. One of those things that makes your heart JUMP with JOY!

She has made my life happy and full. With her determined conservative spirit, earned from her mama (and dad) we have been able to enjoy a lot of good things. We are compatable in many areas especially our determination to be debt free. Saving until we could buy, rather than finance. We did finance one house, and she could not stand the idea of payments so she doubled the payments when possible. My friend Fred taught me to ‘Lean on my minister of Finance.’

We started off our marriage in a 26x8 trailer. We now live in a 38x8 motor home.  Hey, we have gained 12 feet in 58 years.

She is a good mother, wonderful wife and a great lover. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ROCK, SHERRY.

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Some of my favorite pictures of my girl. There is one more I shot last night……  V down there.

Nite Shipslog


There should be a time in every man’s life that he looks into the eyes of that special person, and after that nothing compares, forever! Imma thanking God I looked into Sherry’s eyes.


We never owned one, but this is her favorite classic car:


The 1948 Fleetline Chevy

Scroll for the picture I shot last night of my girl LAST NIGHT!:















Mevely317 said...

You're such a hoot, Jack!
Heck, from your hiking pictures, this body could well be your love's!

It's a privilege to read this lovely tribute.

PS - I especially like your line about Sherry first 'discovering America.' That's cool!

betty said...

LOL, Jack!

Hapyp birthday Sherry! What a wonderful tribute Jack did in honor of your special day! You guys definitely are a "match made in heaven."


Woody said...

Happy Birthday to your "Better Half" ! From all I have read about her for such a long time on your Blog she surely is a Lady with fine qualities, wit, wisdom and Beauty both inside and out, you are truly one lucky man, Happy Birthday Sherry from Gary and Anna Mae !!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sherry. May you have many more.

Glenda said...

Wishing a wonderful woman a heavenly birthday :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Sherry ! I hope you make it a special day for her Jack!

Sheila Y said...

I'mma thinking you gonna be in trouble for a certain picture. :-D Great tribute to your one and only! Enjoy celebrating, Sheila

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Sherry!! I hope you are blessed with many more.

salemslot9 said...

happy belated birthday, Sherry

hope you had fun!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Happy birthday Sherry and good report, Jack! 'Ya done good!

I have family in North Carolina and I've traced my maternal roots pack to Paris France. My paternal roots are also in North Carolina.

Gonna check my sources and see if any Harrises or Hawes are there. You never know


Paula said...

Had to come back to read your tribute to your beautiful wife. I hope her birthday was a nice one and I'm sure you saw to it that it was.

Chatty Crone said...

You are so funny - Happy Birthday Sherry!