Saturday, November 22, 2014


Pecans specifically.  Sherry has a cousin (Chief Ralph Hawes) who has access to pecans in South Georgia. Every year we buy some ‘cracked’ nuts.  This year we bought 100 lbs and our friends Don and Evelyn bought 20lbs+/- some.

004(They are packed in brown paper bags, You can see the pecan oil bleeding thru on this last bag, we have stored in the basement)


(some of the bags on the couch with Mary Ann’s Afghan in the back ground)

Sherry enjoys picking them out  and bagging them(I help some). This is the results of 80lbs, 27 Quart bags of 4 cups each. 

After checking into this park and getting our site,  Sherry took a couple bags back inside to the ladies who work behind the desk and announced, ‘this is not a bribe, since we have our site already’, they were happy.


Now Sherry is making  candies using some of the nuts, along with pretzels and Rolo candies.


(The finished product, they are good!)

We eat pecans all year and they also make good Christmas gifts.

We laugh remembering an incident concerning the word pecan. Of course we Southerners pronounce words a LITTLE different, and then some Southerners pronounce words a LITTLE MORE different than other southerners (I know that makes sense.)


My favorite Blizzard at the Dairy Queen is ‘Tropical’, my girl’s favorite is the ‘Pecan Cluster.

In South Georgia she once ordered one.

“… and I will have a small Pe-caan’ cluster Blizzard.”


With a puzzled look he asked, “Do you mean a PEEE’ CAN cluster  Blizzard?” yep, that is what she ordered EXACTLY!


Once in the car we did smile a bit. You see we were both raised with ‘Pee cans or chambers’ for middle of the night use.

Now I hope you have a wonderful Nutty day!

Nite Shipslog


Most of us folk talk normal, “it’s ‘em furiegners that mess the English language up!”

Very few folk have that radio voice with NO accent.  Me? I love the accents we hear as we travel. I am especially partial to the North East.

Of course I love the English (UK) and Irish accents.


Nutty CArs



betty said...

However it is pronounced, pecan clusters are my favorite blizzards too! I would love those 80 pounds of pecans myself (though my waistline probably wouldn't). Those candies looked delicious!!

(Thanks for your kind words on my last post about moving; it will be a new adventure for sure :)


Rose said...

Those pecans look tasty as well as the Dairy Queen. I haven't had either for years! Making me hungry.

Sheila Y said...

As for those candies... It looks like you put one on top of the other and bake? What temp and how long. I would like to try them. Hope you are staying warm, I think winter has arrived early here this year. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

Love that kind of blizzard too. A squirrel has discovered John's two pecan trees this year. He didn't water them as he should have so they aren't too good.

Elizabeth said...

Those pecans look wonderful, especially since I cannot have them anymore! I do miss pecan pies!


Those homemade pecan candies look yummy. ENJOY!

shirl72 said...

Hard go believe it is that time
again. Better put them in the
refrigerator to keep them fresh When I have lots I put them in the refrig. and it keeps them fresh. I have walnuts and almonds in there now.

The sports car looks like it has
a 50's Studebaker front.

Jackie said...

My Daddy used to ship pecans all over the USA. Paul (hubby), Daddy, and I planted his pecan orchard when we first got married. They were just little switches when we planted them, and they are beyond huge now. When Daddy irrigated, sprayed, and tended his orchard, he had beautiful pecans. He doesn't harvest them any more...and he sold his shaker (I used to love to see that shaker take hold of the tree and shake the nuts to the ground....a sight for sore eyes.) He kept his cracker, though, and he cracks pecans for his neighbors and friends. Daddy always does things like that for no charge. That's the heart that my Daddy has for people. I don't think one can out give my Daddy. (Did I mention that I'm a Daddy's girl! :))
Your pecans are beautiful. They freeze wonderfully, as I'm sure that you already know. Enjoy....
Love to you and Sherry.
Hugs a bunch!

Mevely317 said...

Love them peh-caaans!
But darn, I've never heard of putting them in a blizzard.... this must change!

Looking at that treasure, all neatly arranged in baggies leaves me a bit wistful for West Texas -- darn how I used to take the abundance of pecans for granted.

PS - Tom's home now, but the brat is being a real handful -- NOT in a good way. Thanks for your well-wishes!

Jean said...

They freeze well and I have some in the freezer from maybe 2 years and they still taste good. Here most say Pe-cons, ha. It makes my hands cramp to hull and pick them out, but I do when I have them and just say ,Oh. It's been nice here today, but will be colder next week. Take care, and enjoy your pe-cons. the candy looks yummy. jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If I'd have to choose a favorite, pecans would be it as far as nuts go. Enjoy yours ! I had a piece of pumpkin pecan pie yesterday and also enjoyed a sweet potato casserole with pecans on top. They were both delicious. I agree there is a lot you can do with them and all the ways I've had them are delicious!

Unknown said...

Fantastic, fantastic.
I love pecans, too. I'm impressed with how many Sherry has picked out. Would love to know her secret for get out the goodie.
I've made the pecan, pretzel, Rolo treats before, and yes they are good.