Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hotels and Motels

Hotels have been in the news in the last couple years. With our life style, living in a motor home, the subject seldom comes up. But having read about bed bugs I wonder why I never thought of things like that.

We stayed in motels and hotels and I never gave it a second thought. I never thought of catching something from a previous occupant. It was just a place to sleep for the night.

I really hesitate to stay in a hotel, because I am intimidated by the services and who and who & amt I am supposed to tip.  That is a small issue, but for a person like me, who hates to look ‘ignorant’ it bothers me.

Motels are not so much of an intimidation, I tip if I feel like it. I know the cleaning folk appreciate it, but is it expected in a motel? See, I don’t know.

Another thing is privacy. We stayed in a hotel in Dallas once for 5 days. The warnings were ‘please do not leave cash or items of value in your room, we can provide a safe for their security, see the desk attendant. Silly I thought.

Now picture this, we are young and on a shoe string budget. I have been known to be impulsive, so I put a $20 bill in my socks, in a dresser drawer. I cannot spend it that way. Hey that is pretty slick.  It was gone when we retuned that evening. HARD LESSON LEARNED. Maybe that is the reason I don’t like Hotels. Confused smile

I have known folks who took their own bed clothes to a hotel. I am too lazy for that.

I knew a wealthy couple who bought a very expensive Motor home for a winter near Miami, so the wife would have HER own bed.

I was a maintenance man in a large Hotel chain once for a short while, in another life. For some reason I never thought of looking thru anyone’s personal stuff if I had to make a repair in an occupied room.

Bed bugs have been in the news in the last couple years. Are they like chiggers? do they bite or just occupy space on your body? (I remember the line from my youth, “Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite?”

Anyway, we spend very little time in hotels and motels anymore. What about beds on cruise ships?

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Excuse my wandering, I was just thinking. Reminds me, in searching our ancestry, I am finding folks who lived in Bug Hill, NC,…. WHAT?



I haven’t done it in awhile, but his is two of my favorite cars in the world. The ‘55 Chevy and the 52 MG



Rick Watson said...

When we travel we usually stay at a Hampton or Holiday Inn Express, but we don't travel that often.
The only time we ever had an issue with anything going missing was once in California, someone took Jilda's red cowboy boots.
Can't imagine anyone being about to get a size 5 1/2 on their foot, but they took them.

shirl72 said...

It is sad in today's world people
will steal anything to make a buck
for drugs. It is sad. I missed
yesterday's blog. Speaking of
Mothers's Desert Rose China she
always thought that flower on the
china was a dogwood and I never
told her any different it did look
like dogwood because she like what
the dogwood stood for.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would think a cruise ship would be like one big hotel only floating on the water. When every I've stayed in a hotel, I always check under the sheets to see if there are any bugs on the mattress. Haven't found on yet, but then I've not stayed in many hotels either. You're blessed to take your bed with you wherever you go.

betty said...

I know someone on line who had to deal with bed bugs; they came from someone visiting them. What a pain! Almost like dealing with lice!

I haven't been in a hotel/motel in a long time, but I always bring my pillow because their's are so "fluffy" and I like a hard pillow.

I never know who to tip so I think I tip no one. I know there must be a guide out there though with what is right on tipping.


Paula said...

Those bed bugs worry me a lot not that I stay in hotels or motels but sometime people stay here who have stayed in one of those before they came to our house. I don't know what one looks like and I think it would be a headache to get rid of them. I sure would be teed off if someone brought them here.

Chatty Crone said...

I know they do steal, but I hate to think about it. We went to Ohio a few years ago and found a dead bedbug! Needless to say we moved!

Mevely317 said...

Boy, Jack ... I've been deep in thought since I saw this (on my phone) earlier today.
As you know, I work at a 'resort' in Phoenix; and yes, the topic of bed bugs arose like a tidal wave, what about 2 years ago? Like many folk, my first impression was, 'that place must be dirty.' But dirt has nothing to do with it! Travelers can inadvertently bring them with them from home, from another hotel, or even from their airplane seat. (Yikes, I know!)
Fortunately, our maintenance and housekeeping associates are well-trained to look for and identify bed bugs. IF something is found, that room (and the adjoining units) are immediately sealed until corrective measures are taken. Crazy world in which we live, eh?

I'm sickened to hear of the theft from your sock drawer. Some people are just not worth the oxygen that it takes to feed them! LOL.


My hubby and I have lived out of hotel rooms on and off for the past 28 years. They've always been our second home. We've never had any trouble with theft. but there is always a first time for anything.